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28th May 2024
What Is a Warm Roof Conservatory?

At Ultraframe, we have been manufacturing market leading replacement conservatory roofs for over 40 years. We offer homeowners a range of high quality systems, all of which provide excellent thermal performance and weather protection. Here are our recommended Ultraframe warm conservatory roof replacement systems.

17th May 2024
Conservatory Specialists - Why Does It Matter?

A conservatory installation is an effective way to expand your home and bring more natural light into your property. Your home is a cherished space, and an expertly built conservatory has many benefits, but poorly executed installations can be detrimental to your property’s performance and appearance. But why does it matter to get an installation from a conservatory specialist? Learn more.

15th May 2024
Glass Conservatory Roof Replacement – A Complete Guide

Should you choose a full glass or glass panels on your conservatory roof? At Ultraframe, replacement roofs for contemporary conservatories are available in a variety of styles and materials and with multiple roofing systems to choose from. Read on for our expert advice on the best ways to convert conservatory roofs.

8th May 2024
What Is the Best Conservatory Roof Material?

With so many choices available, what's the best one?

7th May 2024
What to do if you have a leaking conservatory roof

What can you do if your conservatory roof is leaking? Find out how to fix a leaking conservatory roof and what the best solutions are at Ultraframe.

3rd May 2024
Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof

Thinking of getting a replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof? Explore our range of market-leading tiled, solid, glass and hybrid conservatory roofs instead!

1st May 2024
Tiled conservatory roof prices

If your conservatory has seen better days or you’re wanting to transform it into a living space that is more like a home extension, then you might be considering a tiled conservatory roof and wondering about tiled conservatory roof costs and options.

22nd April 2024
What Roof Goes on an Orangery?

Planning your new orangery is an exciting process and there are many decisions to make along the way about how it will look. It’s important to research your options carefully to make sure that you create the orangery that is perfect for you and your home.

16th April 2024
How Much Does a Conservatory or Orangery Cost?

The price of your new orangery or conservatory will vary depending on the design choices you make.

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