How to Revamp Your Conservatory for Summer

29th June 2020

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How to Revamp Your Conservatory for Summer 

Looking for a way to revamp your conservatory to make the most of the warmer summer months? A conservatory roof replacement is the ultimate way to transform the appearance and feel of your conservatory and create the perfect indoor and outdoor environment!  

When considering a replacement conservatory roof, there are so many avenues to explore with a lot of information to take in, and this can make the decision process quite time-consuming and leave you unsure of the next steps to take. 

Luckily, Ultraframe has a comprehensive range of conservatory roof replacement options which are perfect for revamping your conservatory with either a new glass, solid or tiled roof, changing the glass, bringing the outdoors indoors and furnishing your conservatory. 

Conservatory roof replacement options for revamping your conservatory? 

Replace the roof:

Replacing a conservatory roof is a cost-effective way to revamp a room for use every day. Conservatory roof replacements options are glass, solid or tiled roof.

Glass conservatory roof replacement:

Our Classic conservatory roof is the result of over 35 years of engineering and innovation and, as the UK’s favourite conservatory roof, an option you’ll want to explore. The glass replacement roof can block out as much as 83% of solar rays, thanks to the high-performance glazing used in its design, making it ideal in the summer months.  

Tested to ensure water tightness, and built to anticipate snow and wind loading, this is a system is built with performance in mind. You can also customise your replacement conservatory roof by selecting from a portfolio of colours and by upgrading to cornice to hide the gutters. The internal pelmet is a great way to add insulation plus you can add downlights and speakers to create an orangery feel. 

Glass Conservatory Roof

Solid roof, Livinroof Conservatory Roof Replacement:

Livinroof has been designed to mix solid and glass roof panels to create a modern conservatory look externally. Livinroof is perfect for conservatory roof replacement as it weighs only 31kg/m2 (including plasterboard). Whilst this weight is around the same as a glass roof, it is much lighter than other replacements roofs. Therefore, it can usually sit on the original window frames (if the frames are structurally ok). 

Livinroof has a vaulted plastered ceiling and is available with shaped or rectangle glass panels - allowing for natural light to enter into the room below where needed. Livinroof is constructed from insulated aluminium or composite panels and has a distinctive contemporary design in anthracite grey.

Solid Conservatory Replacement Roof

Tiled Roof, Ultraroof Conservatory Roof Replacement:

Ultraroof can be configured into any style or shape.  If your old conservatory had tie bars – you won’t need them with Ultraroof as it never needs a tie bar. The beam also creates a pelmet around the perimeter lifting the roof into a flawless vaulted ceiling. These details set Ultraroof apart from its competitors. This makes your new room feel less like a re-vamped conservatory and much more like an extension.

Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof replacement features full-length glazing panels or Velux-type windows. Full-length panels not only look stunning from inside and out so you’ll have control over the design and how you introduce light into your new room space. Ultraroof has been fire tested by Warrington and meets fire regulations – B-roof, according to EN 13501-5:2016; and AC, according to BS476-3:2004.

Tiled Conservatory Replacement Roof

Change the glass:

An important area to focus on is glazing and insulation. If your conservatory glass is not performing how it should or leaking, then one conservatory roof replacement option is opting for glass panels to replace the current glass to increase the thermal performance and life of the conservatory. 

Modern glass helps retain heat whilst reflecting the UV rays and heat away, much more effectively than panels installed 20 years ago. Modern glass can improve thermal performance by up to 33% - which is a worthwhile investment which can help to reduce your energy bills.

Bring the outdoors indoors:

Conservatories are the perfect way to bring the outdoors indoors, especially during the warmer summer months. 

To open up the space between your home and garden why not add bi-folding doors, French doors or sliding doors as these can make your conservatory feel bigger and brighter, by providing an elegant focal point for family time, or a place to relax and unwind.  

Furnishing your conservatory:

When furnishing your conservatory for summer, the key is to not overdo it. Use furniture which brings space, light and colour to the room, something large heavy and dark may make the room feel dark and be subject to fading. You can, however, avoid furniture fade if you replace the glass with glass with a high UV filter. 

Tiled Conservatory Replacement Roof


Can I customise my conservatory roof for summer?

Yes, all the Ultraframe conservatory roofing systems can be customised to suit your requirements. Your Ultra Installer will be able to talk you through the conservatory roof options to revamp your conservatory. Why not find your nearest installer today?

What types of replacement conservatory roof options are there?

There are several replacement conservatory roof options: polycarbonate, glass roof, tiled roof, solid roof. 

Do I need to replace my entire conservatory in the revamp?

Not always. If your frames and windows are still looking great and performing well, then replacing the roof only will have a huge impact on the energy efficiency and appearance of the room. 

As long as the existing base, windows and doors are structurally sound then you can just replace the conservatory roof. However, older UPVC or timber frames can start to look dirty and worn if they’ve not been cared for properly. Modern uPVC is now much more durable than it was in the past – and offers improved thermal efficiency. To achieve a modern look, grey or powder-coated aluminium frames might hold more appeal.

How quick can my new conservatory roof replacement be fitted?

Products like Ultraroof and Livinroof are pre-fabricated offsite to minimise disruption and can be fitted and watertight on the first day and finished in just a few days. 

A glass roof normally takes around 2 days to fit. Your Ultra Installer will be able to explain your conservatory roof options and the estimated installation time.

Do I need planning permission for a replacement conservatory roof?

For replacement conservatory roof planning permission is not normally needed because the previous structure would already have planning permission. 

However, if you are replacing an existing conservatory with a solid or tiled roof then Building Regulation may be required. Your Ultra Installer will be able to advise on planning permission and building regulations. Why not find your nearest installer today and conservatory replacement?


Conservatory Roof Replacement

How to Revamp Your Conservatory for Summer? Your Nearest Ultra Installer Has the Answer.

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