Orangery Designs

Orangery Designs

Add light and space with a beautiful orangery.

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Orangery Extensions

Orangery Extensions

Perfect your home with an orangery extension

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Light, Space and Style

Ultraframe orangeries come in a range of traditional and contemporary designs to suit your home. Each of our orangery extensions has impressively high ceilings to maximise space and thick pillars that provide both grandeur and privacy.

Cutting edge thermal technology in your roof will reward you with all-year-round comfort. So, whether you opt for our traditional or modern orangeries, your brand-new room will stand out for all the right reasons.

A Little Bit of History

Orangeries have their modern roots in 17th century Holland. The concept, though, may be much older. There are records of buildings similar to orangeries in 14th-century France, and the Romans had built glorified greenhouses many years before that.

The word 'orangery' comes from the 16th century. Initially, these orangeries (as the collection of trees was known) stayed in the gardens. But, with the introduction of plant pots, they were brought indoors.

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Design Options

Structural Goal Post Arrangement

Our structural goal post arrangement works closely with the roof beam in the Ultrasky Roof to take pressure off your frames and doors. This technology is hidden within the roof system to ensure the wonderful sightlines communicated by your Ultrasky Roof aren’t diminished while at the same time maximising light penetration.

The structural goal post is light in weight, easy to install and can be concealed within brick piers or Ultraframe super-insulated columns. If you want to include wide spanning bi-fold or sliding patio doors, our technology will let you do so – because the structural goal post allows for widths of up to 6.5m.

Super-Insulated Columns

Add super-insulated columns to communicate a sense of grandeur and style. Our columns are aluminium cladded and flat or fluted. Small columns sit at the corner sections of the structure; the larger ones work best when used inline.

The Ultraframe roof sits on the columns and is insulated using enriched expanded polystyrene and styropor carbon, delivering U-values as low as 0.16 (the thermal performance of our columns is five times higher than that of a brick pier of equivalent size).

Decorative Cornice

A decorative cornice will enhance the look of your new room by hiding your guttering and delivering improved external sightlines.

Our cornice can be fitted in one of three flat tier formats. They look modern, sit at 90° angles, and can be used on large, normal or small builds. We also offer a curved cornice that is compatible with all orangery styles.

The Beautiful Ultrasky Orangery

Ultrasky’s revolutionary roofing system puts warmth and light at the heart of your orangery design. Guaranteed for ten years, the market’s strongest glazed roof is designed to flood your new room with light. This way, you'll be able to enjoy a bright and spacious feel, no matter what time of the year it is.

The strong thermally insulated ridge at the centre of every Ultrasky design reduces the need for multiple bars to maximise the amount of glass, creating the perfect living space whether you’re entertaining, relaxing with your family, or having a cosy night in.

Market-Leading Technology

Similarly to our conservatories, the careful selection of high-performance glazing ensures that your orangery is a versatile living space, which can be used all year round and can be combined with further finishing touches, such as underfloor heating to create extra luxuriant comfort for your living space.

Ultra Installers, who specify and select Ultraframe's roof systems, can design and install orangeries of the highest standards and take care of any 'red tape' in the form of planning permission or building regulations that may be required.


Orangeries add a definite wow factor to any style of home and are much more affordable than they used to be – often costing the same as a conservatory!

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Contemporary Orangeries

Stylish contemporary orangeries that offer maximum light, yet feel solid, warm and cosy even throughout the colder winter months. They combine the Ultrasky roof, super-insulated columns and a hidden structural goalpost. Proving to be a worthwhile investment for any property, the contemporary design of our orangeries offers a modern flair. This design combines bi-fold or sliding doors with full height windows and an unrivalled choice of modern finishes. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a new addition to your home that allows you to benefit from heightened standards of accessibility and practicality. The super-insulated columns mean our orangeries will deliver comfort and style in equal measure. Adding solidity to a modern design, while delivering thermal efficiency levels five times higher than brick.

Build a stand-out orangery extension that’s packed full of features designed to make your room cosy and stylish.

Your new orangery will include the following:

• Super-insulated columns ensure the room stays warm with large areas of glass in windows or doors

• The perimeter ceiling can be sized up to 1.2m wide for a cosy 'room like' feel

• Spotlights, speakers and corner heaters can be easily integrated

• A Cornice in 1, 2 or 3 tiers adds style and shape to the fascia

• Integrated structural support for doors spans up to 6.5m

• Made in Britain

Your new space can be built to conform to different styles, so you’ll be able to ensure our orangeries meet your design specification.

Choose from the following roof options:

• Double hipped Georgian with box gutter

• Georgian

• Fixed 25° Pitch

Your modern orangery roof will be fitted with high-performance glazing that will limit solar ray penetration during summer but stop warm air from escaping when it's needed at all other times.

The technology used in your roof will create a space that is efficient at retaining heat, resulting in a lower U-Value and lower running costs.

Your new installation will – depending on your chosen specification – reward you with an energy rating of A.

Tailor the look of your new construction to suit your tastes and the architectural style of your home by choosing from the following upgrade options:

• Available in any colour for a truly bespoke design

• Wider insulated pelmet

• Add an interior set of bi-folds to create a flexible space

• Central Lighting Panel

Ultraframe roofs are meticulously designed and tested to ensure lasting quality. A 10 year manufacturer warranty will come with your purchase for your peace of mind. Ask your installer for further details.

Traditional Orangeries

Our traditional orangeries combine solid brick pillars, a performance glass roof and a range of traditional finishing touches. This option is the perfect way for you to bring a beautifully charming period look to your home. Combine a glazed roof, traditional brick piers and a decorative cornice to create the look orangeries are famous for. The insulated internal pelmet adds thermal efficiency and provides a useful place for lighting and speakers.

Ultraframe orangeries include a range of features designed to enhance your living experience and improve performance.

Your new installation will include:

• Available in any colour for a truly bespoke design

• Wider insulated perimeter pelmet

• Central lighting panel

You’ll be able to choose your preferred design, resulting in a tailored construction that is appropriate to your requirements.

Our range of orangeries can be built as follows:

• Double hipped with box gutter

• T-Shape

• Georgian

We use high-performance glass in our roof systems, so that our customers can relax in comfort in a space that’s the perfect temperature all year.

Our orangeries are designed to meet – and wherever possible – exceed thermal recommendations.

Your installation will produce an energy efficient rating of C.

Improve the already superb performance of your new room by choosing from a range of exciting enhancements.

Your new orangery could include:

• Available in any colour for a truly bespoke design

• Wider insulated perimeter pelmet

• Central lighting panel

We strive to meet the highest standards with our market-leading orangeries. A 10 year manufacturer guarantee is included to cover you in the event of something unexpected happening. Ask your Ultra Installer for further details.

Lanterns Orangeries

Lantern orangeries use a lantern roof light to sit on a flat roof or deck. This floods your home with natural light, creating a stunning focal point of your home. Operating as a cutting-edge home improvement solution, these orangeries are a high-performance choice for any home. A traditionally built design featuring the Ultrasky lantern comprises an elegant 25° pitch designed to flood your home with light, the Ultrasky lantern creates a focal point be it over a table or kitchen island.

Every product we offer is unique, and our Lantern orangeries are no exception to that rule. Yours will be packed with lots of exciting features that will enhance your experience.

Your new room will include:

• Ultrasky lantern has fewer bars for uninterrupted sightlines

• The flat roof provides ample areas for spotlights and ceiling speakers

• Design your own roof locating multiple roof lanterns as you wish

• Structurally designed to your own postcode for peace of mind

• A flat system provides a solid roof that feels like an extension

• Choice of uPVC or aluminium Ultrasky lantern

• Made in Britain

In this instance, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of square/rectangular lantern with a flat roof.

Enjoy a warm and comfortable room, thanks to the market leading glass used in all of our systems. The glazing in your orangery roof will limit solar entry and stop warm air from escaping, making our orangeries extremely heat efficient.

Depending on the options you choose for your new installation, the thermal performance of your new room could vary.

You should be able to achieve a rating of B.

Customise the appearance of any orangery by choosing one of the following colours:

• White

• Grey

• Black

10 year manufacturers guarantee, with an installer who completes the installation

Contemporary Orangery

Find Your Nearest Orangery Installer

To ensure a stress-free, smooth, and efficient orangery installation, all of our Ultra Installers are assessed for their competency. This means that you won’t have to settle for anything less than the highest standards of professionalism, reliability, efficiency and promptness across the board.

You'll be able to enhance your home with a standard of orangery that excels in all areas of performance and design. We invest heavily in the research and development of our products to ensure we only offer you the very best that the industry has to offer. Install excellence in your home, with ease.

If you're looking for something a little different for your home, why not browse our range of conservatories, house extensions or Garden Rooms?

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Orangery FAQ's

Orangery prices depend on many factors, including the ground you are building on, the area you live in, and the spec you choose. To get an idea of how much a fully fitted orangery costs, contact your local Ultraframe installer.

It is difficult to say whether an orangery is more expensive than a conservatory as there are many options for both an orangery and a conservatory. For instance you may choose an orangery with a small lantern roof, or a conservatory with a solid tiled roof and the price could be very similar. High orangery prices would depend on the type of flat roof, the number and size of the lanterns and the amount of building work needed. High conservatory prices would depend on the amount of building work needed, whether the roof is glazed or solid/tiled and the spec of any glazing.

An orangery has a solid flat roof with one or more glazed lantern roofs. Orangeries often feature brick columns although it is the combination of the flat roof and lanterns that is the defining factor.

An orangery will not always require planning permission - it may be exempt under Permitted Development rules. To find out if this would apply for adding an orangery to your home, speak to the planning officer in the building control department of your local council.

In years gone by, orangeries did used to be warmer than conservatories. However, with the latest conservatory roof technology, this is no longer the case and a conservatory can be every bit as warm as an orangery.

Whether an orangery is cheaper than an extension is dependent on many options - there are many options for both an orangery and an extension. Factors that would influence whether an orangery is cheaper than an extension include the base work needed, the builders/installers who carry out the work and the specification of the orangery and extension products used. 

Yes an orangery will add value to your home as it will not only add valuable extra living space, but an orangery is also a highly desirable home improvement. The amount of value it will add to your home will depend on a large number of factors such as the area you live in, your existing home, and the style and specification of orangery. 

The biggest factor in determining how long an orangery will take to build is the base work. The time to create an orangery base can vary dependent on the ground conditions and whether piled foundations are needed. Once the base is completed, an orangery should be able to be built within just a couple of weeks.

How long an orangery will last depends on many factors such as the quality of the installation and the products used. If your builder or installer is using quality orangery products such as those form Ultraframe, there is no reason why your orangery shouldn't last for many years.

Your local Ultraframe installer can build an orangery for you. To find your nearest Ultraframe orangery builder click here. 

Yes an orangery can have bi-fold doors. In fact, orangeries with bi-fold doors have become very popular over recent years and are a great option for a modern orangery.

There are many orangery options which can be added to an orangery design so that it suits a modern home. These include flat cornices or parapet features externally to give strong, clean lines, as well as bi-fold doors. The colour of an orangery roof can also have a great bearing on whether it suits a modern home - anthracite grey is very popular right now for windows, doors and conservatory roofs and would be the perfect colour choice for a modern orangery. 

An orangery roof is a flat roof which has one or more lantern roof windows to bring light into the room below.

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