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Ultraframe Offer a Choice of Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Is your existing solid conservatory roof letting you down?  If you have an older conservatory and want to replace your conservatory roof, our conservatory roof range gives you the ability to upgrade and improve. Your tired polycarbonate system can be upgraded to glass, high-performance glass, or one of our solid roofs.

Changing conservatory roof couldn't be easier. Conservatory roof manufacturing technology has come a long way in the past 30 years. Homeowners no longer have to choose between a glazed or solid conservatory roof system – as the benefits of both have been seamlessly combined into two of Ultraframe’s most popular products: the Livinroof and Ultraroof, a conservatory with tiled roof.

Because each solid conservatory roof built by Ultraframe is designed to comply with building regulations, your revised system should be compliant – but it’s always best to speak to your chosen Ultra Installer first. They will always be on hand to ensure our solid roof conservatories are right for your home.

Ultraroof and Livinroof in Focus: Making Your New Room Brighter and More Comfortable with Solid Roofs

Although the Livinroof and Ultraroof are both solid roofs, their designs differ slightly. Both provide superb levels of thermal performance and block out unwanted noise, while also letting in plenty of light. The Livinroof and Ultraroof will enhance your home by communicating outstanding visuals – inside and outside.

How are these two systems different? The Livinroof is a hybridised design that allows glass panels of any shape to be inserted into its framework, which means you’ll be able to focus the light where it’s needed. The internal ceiling pelmet included in this conservatory roof can be vaulted or suspended – depending on what effect you want to achieve.

The Ultraroof, a lightweight conservatory roof replacement, also allows the inclusion of glazed panels, but you can use Velux windows instead. When you choose this design of conservatory roof, you’ll benefit from a plastered vaulted ceiling inside that will help create a ‘real room’ feel. The Ultraroof can be customised using different coloured fascias and modern or traditional tile roof capping.



  • Grey aluminium panel matches contemporary aluminium or traditional leaded roof
  • Specify the shape and place of roof glass for light exactly where you need it
  • Internal plastered vaulted ceiling to add spotlights or pendant lighting.
  • Most configurable solid roof system
  • Suitable for roof pitches as low as 5°


  • Internal plastered vaulted ceiling to add spotlights or pendant lighting
  • Full length glass panels that flood the room with natural light
  • State of the art thermal performance roof
  • Lightweight tiled roof





  • Gable
  • Georgian
  • Lean-to
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • Victorian


  • Gable
  • Georgian
  • Double hipped with box gutter
  • Hipped Lean-to/Lean-to
  • Tudor
  • Performance Glass - self cleaning/solar control
  • Ultra83B High Performance - the best UK roof glass


  • Contemporary grey


  • Choice of 3 tile colours to match house roof


  • Super-insulated columns
  • Choice of 4 cornices


  • Choice of 3 tile colours to match house roof
  • Velux roof windows can be used
  • Super insulated columns
  • Curved cornice

All of our conservatory designs are accompanied with a comprehensive 10 year parts guarantee. Please check with your Approved UltraInstaller to find out what warranties they include with your installation.

Conservatory or Extension? The Choice is Yours with Livinroof or Ultraroof

Many scenarios could have brought you here today. Maybe you have an existing conservatory or extension that’s being let down by a poorly performing roof. On the other hand, you may be at the planning stage – in which case a conservatory roof conversion that’s also suitable for house extensions will be ideal.

If you’ve been researching house extensions, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Ultraroof Extension will suit your needs. Using a more simplified design that’s suited to the shape of an extension, it also includes brick or super insulated columns and allows for the inclusion of stunning bi-fold doors.

The Livinroof extension is also worth a closer look if you want a conservatory roof that’s suitable for an extension. Super insulated columns are included with this system too, which has been designed to make cutting through legislative red tape easy – so your new roof should comply with building regulations.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation
House Extensions

Livinroof and Ultraroof: How to Comply with Building Regulations

Before committing to your purchase, you’ll want reassurance that your solid conservatory roof complies in full with existing building regulations. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the important rules:

  • If you’re adding a solid roof to a conservatory, 75% of it should be glazed using translucent or transparent materials. This standard is recognised by most UK Local Authority Building Control Bodies (LABCs).
  • We’re pleased to inform you that all solids roofs manufactured and installed by Ultraframe – or any of its registered Ultra Installers – will have been tested to ensure compliance with existing building regulations.

Benefits of a Solid Conservatory Roof

Comfort Guaranteed

A solid conservatory roof will keep your home warm and comfortable. The Livinroof system benefits from high-performing slab insulation and externally positioned composite panels. Its internal ceiling pelmet is filled with mineral wool insulation for your additional comfort and will help keep you warm during colder weather.

Similar thermal technology powers the Ultraroof, which means both these solid conservatory roofs provide low U-values. In other words, the materials used in their design will be especially efficient at preventing heat loss. The high-performing glass included in both will block out most UV rays and further improve heat retention.

A Compatible Replacement

The Livinroof and Ultraroof have been designed to work with all existing conservatory roof systems. This is especially important if you are about to replace your existing roof and want reassurance that your new system is compatible, no matter your current build we'll be able to accommodate. This means that you'll be able to find your ideal option sooner.

Whatever the size or shape of your current conservatory, the Livinroof or Ultraroof will integrate with your existing system seamlessly and upgrade the performance of your new room. You'll be able to enjoy a standard of comfort and protection that can't be found in any other conservatory roof design. Don't settle for less when you don't have to!

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