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A replacement solid conservatory roof can transform your old conservatory into a brand new living space you can use all year round. Find your local conservatory roof installer or start your online quote today.

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Conservatory Roof

Solid Conservatory Roof Replacement

We also have a stunning range of glass conservatory roofs available, view our virtual reality tours on our conservatory roofing page today.

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Conservatory Roofing Replacement

Solid Conservatory Roofs

A hybrid conservatory design, the Livinroof combines the best elements of both glass and solid roofs. Extend your living space and create a comfortable room by replacing your conservatory roof with a new solid roof.

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tiled conservatory roof

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Ultraroof is the lightest and strongest tiled conservatory roof on the market. It is designed to sit on old or new window frames and doors; unlike other solid roofs, it never needs a tie bar. Your conservatory conversion will act as a long-term investment for your home.

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Do you need a new conservatory roof? If you have an older conservatory and want a roof replacement, our extensive range gives you the ability to upgrade and improve. Your tired polycarbonate system can be upgraded with one of our high performing, double glazed glass roofs or a solid conservatory roof.

Installing a conservatory replacement roof couldn’t be easier. Manufacturing technology has come a long way in the past 30 years. Homeowners no longer have to choose between a glazed or solid conservatory roof system – as the benefits of both conservatory roof conversions have been seamlessly combined into our Livinroof and Ultraroof systems.

Conservatory Roofs


Create a beautiful home extension the hassle-free way with a solid roof. Choose from high vaulted ceilings, low pitch lean-to’s, glazed panels and more! With an Ultraframe conservatory roof, your space can be revived into a living space.

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Although Livinroof and Ultraroof are solid roofs, their designs differ slightly. Both provide superb levels of thermal performance and block out unwanted noise while also letting in plenty of light. The Livinroof and Ultraroof will enhance your home by communicating outstanding visuals – inside and outside.

Solid Conservatory Roof Building Regulations

If you're looking for a solid roof replacement for your conservatory, you'll need to check that your proposed system meets Building Regulations. Our Ultraroof and Livinroof fall into the solid roof category, as they are not like normal conservatory roofs.

Your Ultra Installer will help with your design and liaise with your local authority or another relevant body to get Building Regulations approval.

Solid replacement roofs for conservatories will provide you with a comfortable space that's like an extension of your home and act as a long term investment. Find your nearest recommended Ultra Installer for conservatory roofing needs and reliable advice about your proposed design. 

Livinroof: Control Where the Light Falls

The Livinroof is a hybrid conservatory roof that allows shaped double glazed glass panels to be added into its framework, which means you’ll be able to focus the light where it’s needed. The internal ceiling pelmet included in this design can be fully insulated to make your new replacement roof more thermally efficient. It's also a good place to insert spotlights into the roof to add more light.

Ultraroof: Full Height Glazing or Windows

The Ultraroof is a lightweight, tiled, solid conservatory roof replacement. It can include glazed panels or Velux windows. When you choose this system, you’ll benefit from a plastered vaulted ceiling that will create a ‘real room’ feel. The Ultraroof can be customised using coloured fascias and modern or traditional tile cappings.


Whichever system you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible performance and outstanding aesthetics.

Enjoy all of the following benefits:


  • Grey aluminium panel matches contemporary aluminium or traditional leaded designs
  • Suitable for pitches as low as 5°
  • Specify the shape and place of glass for light exactly where you need it
  • Internal plastered vaulted ceiling to add spotlights or pendant lighting
  • Most configurable solid roof system


  • Internal plastered vaulted ceiling to add spotlights or pendant lighting
  • Full-length glass panels that flood the room with natural light
  • State of the art thermal performance
  • Lightweight tiled roof

Livinroof and Ultraroof are compatible with most building styles:


  • Victorian
  • Georgian
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • Lean-to
  • Gable


  • Double hipped with box gutter
  • Hipped Lean-to/Lean-to
  • Georgian
  • Gable
  • Tudor
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape

High performance glass is used in your replacement solid roof. Your conservatory or house extension will be cool during summer but retain heat during colder seasons.

Customise the appearance of your solid conservatory roof so that it ties in with your design scheme.


  • Contemporary grey


  • Choice of 3 tile colours to match house tiles
  • Exact match of roof tiles with the Ultraroof All Tile



All of our solid roof designs are accompanied with a comprehensive 10-year parts guarantee. Please check with your approved Ultra Installer to find out what warranties they include with your installation or conservatory conversion.

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Conservatory or Extension? The Choice is Yours with Livinroof or Ultraroof

Many scenarios could have brought you here today. Maybe you have an existing conservatory or extension that’s being let down by a poor performing roof. On the other hand, you may be at the planning stage. In this case, a solid conservatory roof conversion that’s also suitable for house extensions will be ideal.

If you’ve been researching house extensions, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Ultraroof extension will suit your needs. Using a more simplified design that’s suited to the shape of an extension, it also includes brick or super insulated columns and allows for the inclusion of stunning bifold doors.

The Livinroof extension is also worth a closer look if you want a solid roof that’s suitable for an extension. Super-insulated columns are included with this system too, which has been designed to make cutting through legislative red tape easy – so your new room should comply with building regulations.

Solid Conservatory Tiled Roof
Ultraroof L Shape

Benefits of a Solid Roof

Why should I replace the roof on my conservatory? 

A new solid roof will keep your home warm and comfortable. With a Livinroof conservatory, you’ll benefit from high-performing slab insulation and externally positioned composite panels. Its internal ceiling pelmet is filled with mineral wool insulation for your additional comfort and will help keep you warm during colder weather.

Similar thermal technology powers the Ultraroof, which means both these solid roofs provide low U-Values. In other words, the materials used in their design will be especially efficient at preventing heat loss. The high-performing glass in both blocks out most UV rays and improves heat retention.

A Compatible Roof Replacement

The Livinroof and Ultraroof have been designed to work with all existing window systems. This is especially important if you are about to replace your existing conservatory roof and want reassurance that your new roof replacement is compatible. No matter your current build, we'll be able to accommodate you.


Whatever the size or shape of your current conservatory, the Livinroof or Ultraroof will integrate with your existing system seamlessly and upgrade the performance of your new room. You'll be able to enjoy a standard of comfort and protection that can't be found in any other conservatory roof design. Don't settle for less when you don't have to!

Solid Conservatory Roof Gallery

View our beautiful images of solid conservatory roof designs


A roof replacement or addition to your new conservatory is a long term investment, especially with our renowned, market leading designs. Getting your conservatory conversion started is easy when you choose Ultraframe. So why not use our bespoke online tool to find an Ultra installer near you? They can help you determine the right solid conservatory roof system and match a cost that suits your budget.

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Tiled Conservatory Roof

A traditional solution for modern quality.

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Replacement Roof FAQ's

The cost of replacing a conservatory roof with a solid conservatory depends on the size and style of the roof, as well as whether you choose a glazed, solid or tiled replacement conservatory roof. Your local Ultra Installer will be able to advise on the best replacement conservatory roof for your project and provide a quote.

As long as your conservatory still meets the following criteria, you shouldn't need Building Regulations approval to replace the conservatory roof.

  1. Your conservatory must be separated from the main house with external quality walls and/or windows and doors that meet Building Regulation requirements.
  2. Your conservatory will need to have an independent heating system that has separate on/off and temperature controls to the main house’s heating system.

As long as your conservatory still meets these requirements after you have replaced the roof, you shouldn't need Building Regulations approval. However, it's always a good idea to check with your local building control department as to whether your home can be upgraded with a solid conservatory roof.

Whether you are replacing your conservatory roof with a glazed, solid or tiled roof, Ultraframe replacement conservatory roofs are the best on the market. This is because every single roof is designed to the postcode of the location where it will be installed for total structural integrity, as well as providing the best thermal performance and design options.

To replace your glass conservatory roof contact your local Ultra Installer who will be able to explain the options to you. Once you have decided on the replacement roof, your installer will remove the existing conservatory roof and the windows and doors if needed and replace with a new solid conservatory roof.

Replacing a conservatory roof can usually be done within several days. If you are replacing your conservatory roof with a solid or tiled roof, you will then need to allow for extra time for the interior to be plasterboarded and skimmed.

Yes, you can replace your conservatory roof with a tiled roof. This is a simple process and one that can be carried out by your local Ultra Installer. Your new room will be far warmer and feel more like an extension due to the beautiful internal vaulted plastered ceiling.

Whether you need planning permission to replace your conservatory roof depends firstly on what type of roof you are replacing it with. If you are replacing it with a glazed roof it is unlikely that you will need planning permission but your Ultra Installer will be able to confirm. If you are replacing it with a solid or tiled roof you may need planning permission. Speak to the planning officer at your local council who will be able to confirm this for you.

There are several options to insulate your conservatory roof but the most important thing is never to use conservatory insulation or cladovers as this process is detrimental to the performance and structural integrity of your conservatory.

Ways that you can safely insulate your conservatory include retro-fitting an Ultraframe insulated pelmet or replacing your roof with a solid or tiled conservatory roof such as Livinroof or Ultraroof.

There are several ways to make your conservatory roof warmer but the most important thing is to never use conservatory insulation or cladovers as this process is detrimental to the performance and structural integrity of your conservatory.

Ways that you can safely make your conservatory warmer include retro-fitting an Ultraframe insulated pelmet or replacing your roof with a solid or tiled conservatory roof such as Livinroof or Ultraroof.

An orangery roof is a flat roof which has one or more lantern roof windows to bring light into the room below.

Ultraframe conservatory roofs are the strongest on the market - in fact every one is designed for the specific postcode location where it will be installed to ensure it is strong enough to withstand the worst possible weather at the exact installation location.

Conservatory roof insulation does not work as it creates a room that may be warmer in winter, but that in summer will be unbearably hot.

Conservatory roof insulation or cladovers are also very damaging to the conservatory structure which could potentially compromise its stability and cause leaks. 

Glass conservatory roofs are very good if you are looking to enhance your living space with plenty of natural light and enjoy views of the sky above. There are many choices of high-performance glazing that can be used in glass conservatory roofs to ensure thermal efficiency, as well as providing other benefits such as self-cleaning.

It is not safe to stand directly on a conservatory roof. However, if you need to access it to carry out maintenance, special ladders can be hired to allow you to do so safely.

The bars on an Ultraframe conservatory roof are made from UPVC which on some systems is clad in aluminium. The roof can be glazed with either glass, solid panels or a solid roof system with tiles and glass. Some older conservatories may be glazed with a plastic sheeting material called polycarbonate.

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