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With a vast number of options to choose from, Ultraframe conservatories give you the extra space you've always dreamed of, no matter what your conservatory design or style requirements might be.

Ultraframe conservatories are the perfect way to bring the outdoors indoors, providing an elegant focal point for get-togethers or a warm and welcoming place in which to relax and unwind.

For a cost effective bespoke modern conservatory design, look no further than Ultraframe. With an extensive collection of conservatories to choose from, you can be sure to find the right style to suit your home.

Choose from all glass conservatory to a more modern conservatory style and create your ideal living space. Or if you need to upgrade your existing roof, then we can help you with that too!

Design Options

The Ultraframe Cornice

The Cornice delivers an ultimate 'WOW' factor, elevating the overall look into something really special. Now available in 4 different design styles to create an orangery look, our Cornice allows you to bring a finishing touch to your glazed extension that exudes style and charm in a way that has been tailored to suit your home.

Choose a curved cornice for an elegant traditional look or a flat cornice for more modern conservatory designs. One, two or three tier flat cornices finish your structure in style while hiding the gutters.

Ultraframe Super Insulated Columns

Super insulated columns are designed to turn a simple design into something unique. Combining super insulated columns, a cornice, and an internal pelmet delivers a stylish yet, contemporary orangery aesthetic for your new room. Utilising contemporary techniques and premium grade materials, our super insulated columns are a cutting-edge option for your home.

These high-performance columns feature powder coated, coloured aluminium panels to reflect the look of the classic architecture found during the Italian Renaissance. This enables you to bring traditional charm to your home and glazed extension that has been updated to meet the expectations and requirements of the modern age.

Super insulated columns not only look stunning but they are also robustly constructed and will deliver a range of practical benefits. Each super insulated column is surrounded by an OSB board that is fixed onto the battens. Around the outside of the structure, a porous membrane is added, along with powder aluminium claddings.

Superb performance is delivered by our super-insulated columns, which can deliver up to five times the insulation level of a brick pier of the same size. A U-Value as low as 0.15 is achievable with Ultraframe's super insulated columns, which means your modern conservatory will be warm and comfortable.

Insulated Pelmet

The internal pelmet not only insulates the eaves but also creates the perfect housing for spotlights and speakers, enabling you to create an elegant and warm glazed extension for relaxing or entertaining. This completely configurable internal soffit allows you to capture an eye-catching 'room-like' feel for your modern conservatory that further enhances the heat retention potential.

This pelmet can be used to house a selection of lighting options, as well as speakers, to bring harmony between function and form. Featuring a high quality plasterboard finish, this pelmet will blend in seamlessly with your modern conservatory design to enable you to bring a new glazed extension to your home that exudes class.

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Classic Conservatories

The Classic conservatory style incorporates the latest technologies in roof and glazing design and can be complemented with a range of optional extras. Choose from traditional or contemporary styles and bring your garden into your home using full height glazing and French doors.

Our warm roof conservatory systems can cope with a range of shapes and building styles, so you won't have to compromise when designing your new room.

Compatible with the following conservatory styles:


Enjoy access to a stunning range of enhancements and enjoy many cost saving and value adding rewards:

  • Traditional or contemporary styling with a wide range of custom designs to suit your property
  • Structurally designed to your exact postcode for peace of mind
  • A made to measure state of the art conservatory
  • Choice of uPVC or aluminium glass roof
  • Thermally and structurally proven
  • Made in Britain

High performance glass comes as standard with our modern conservatories. Enjoy a glazed extension that's the perfect temperature all year round, leaving you to relax or entertain.

Your newly installed conservatory will retain heat and reward you with lower running costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Depending on your design choices, you could enjoy an energy rating of C.

Build a room that looks and feels the way you want it to by selecting from our portfolio of enhancements.

Enjoy a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee that you can refer to in the unlikely event of an issue. Your Ultra Installer can provide more details.

Performance Conservatories

The performance conservatory features the latest super insulated column technology which is five times more thermally efficient than standard brick columns. The inclusion of the decorative cornice gives a sense of grandeur to the conservatory externally, and internally, the plastered columns and insulated pelmet give a cosy room like feel.

Our roof systems are compatible with almost any building configuration, which means that you won’t be restricted by choice when designing your glazed extension.

Choose from the following conservatory styles and more with Ultraframe:


Design a stunning glass conservatory extension using our Glass Roof and fill your room with light. Enjoy all of the following features and options when you choose Ultraframe:

• Lower heating bills further with extra conservatory insulation in the perimeter pelmet
• Add spotlights or speakers to the internal pelmet for a room like feel
• Choose from the widest range of traditional and contemporary cornices
• Structurally designed to your postcode for peace of mind
• Retain the glass and be warmer with super insulated columns
• Choice of uPVC or aluminium Glass Roof or Quantal Aluminium
• Made in Britain

Complete your conservatory design by choosing high performance glass. Our glazing will stop your room from overheating during summer; it will also prevent it from getting too cold when winter arrives.


Keep your conservatory extension warm all year round by choosing Ultraframe. Features like our super insulated columns and internal pelmet will help keep your new room at a comfortable temperature.

Depending on specifications, our conservatories are capable of achieving an A rating.

Our conservatories can be customised to create stunning contemporary and traditional designs that deliver incredible performance across all important criteria.

• Available in any colour for a truly bespoke design
• Extra super-insulated columns - standard is two large corner and two large abutments
• Wider insulated internal pelmet
Central lighting panel

Our conservatories include a 10 year warranty for our customers' peace of mind. In the unlikely event that something is wrong, we’ll be able to put it right for you.

Conservatory Extensions

Incorporating the latest double glazing technology, this stunning conservatory extension will fill your home with plenty of natural light. The combination of walls and high performance glass means that this extensions design can be opened up to the rest of your home and retain the same temperature in every room.

We provide a range of choices so you can benefit from a fully configurable system that can cope with most building styles. Our roofs work with the following conservatory shapes and more:


Benefits and enhancements:

  • The variable width internal pelmet is ideal for spotlights or speakers
  • Extra insulation in the pelmet adds warmth for reduced heating bills
  • Decorative Cornice adds style and shape to the roofline and hides gutters
  • Choose from the widest range of traditional and contemporary Cornices
  • Structurally designed to your exact postcode for peace of mind
  • Choice of uPVC or aluminium Glass Roof
  • Made in Britain

Block out unwanted solar rays during summer to keep your conservatory cool. During colder weather, enjoy performance glazing that will stop warm air escaping.

Every entry in our range has been tested and designed to reward you with warm and comfortable glazed extension that can be enjoyed year-round.

Depending on your choices, your conservatory could achieve a rating of B.

To personalise and improve the performance of your new conservatory room further, choose from a range of options.

Available options:

Our designs come with a 10 year warranty that will cover our customers in the event of an unforeseen issue. Speak to your Ultra Installer for further details.

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Build a conservatory the modern way with hup!. Energy efficient walls and roofs combine to create your perfect glazed extension at home.

The better way to build
Conservatory Styles
Conservatory Designs

Conservatory Styles

Conservatories are the perfect way to bring the outdoors in throughout the year. This means that when choosing a new conservatory or a conservatory replacement for your home, it is important to consider the shape and style that is going to suit your needs and your property best. 

To make it as easy as possible, we offer a range of stunning conservatory styles across our three options so you can tailor your glazed extension to your home. Whether you are looking for a modern conservatory or a more traditional appearance, all of our glazed extension designs offer the same performance benefits with the aesthetics to suit your property. 

One of the most popular styles is the lean to conservatory. This simple yet well loved design is characterised by its rectangular shape, which ‘leans to’ your UK property, usually with a slanted roof. It is incredibly flexible, and it is increasingly popular among traditional and modern homeowners alike.

Another endlessly popular choice is the Victorian conservatory style. Rooted in the Victorian era, this faceted design is distinguished by its beautiful ornate roof and rounded appearance. 

Edwardian style conservatories are also popular. Also known as Georgian conservatories, these glazed extensions' designs offer a rectangular shape with a sloped roof from each edge, creating a sense of grandeur.

Gable End, P-Shaped, T-Shaped, bespoke options and more are also available from Ultraframe. To find out all the options that are available to you, it is best to contact your local Ultraframe conservatory installer to get a better idea of what is best for your home.


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An Exceptional Home Improvement Solution

Adding a conservatory to your home will not only give you the extra space you have always dreamed of, but it will also bring the outdoors into your home to create a unique living area that can be enjoyed all year round.

This means that you'll be able to invest in a new addition to your home that continues to bring value throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a replacement conservatory roof or starting from the beginning, our Ultra Installers are on hand to help you through the whole process.

Our conservatories are designed to overcome planning permission and building regulation issues. This means they can be installed without fuss, so you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of your new room sooner rather than later.

Glazed extensions will provide a versatile space. We offer designs that can be anything you want them to be - a relaxing living area; a dining room perfect to entertain; a play area; an office or luxury kitchen.

We also have a range of orangeries, extensions, replacement roofs and Garden Rooms if you're looking for something different.

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Glass conservatory roofs are very good if you are looking to enhance your living space with a modern glass extension that gets plenty of natural light for you to enjoy the views of the sky above. There are many choices of high-performance glazing that can be used in glass conservatory roofs to ensure thermal efficiency, as well as provide other benefits such as self-cleaning.

An orangery has a solid flat roof with one or more glazed lantern roofs, while a conservatory roof is pitched and can be glazed with glass, polycarbonate, solid panels, or a solid tiled roof. Orangeries often feature brick columns, although these can also be used on a conservatory. The roof is the key feature that sets apart an orangery from a conservatory.

Yes, by adding a glazed extension to your home you are adding extra living space, and so this will certainly add value to your home. The amount of value a conservatory will add to your home depends on various factors including the quality of the products used, the size of the conservatory, and how well it complements your home.

How long a conservatory will last depends on many factors such as the quality of the installation and the products used. Factors that may indicate that it's time to think about upgrading or replacing your conservatory include leaking, condensation, damage, and big variations in temperature throughout the year.

The guarantee on your conservatory will be provided by your installation company and so the length of the guarantee varies from company to company. It is important to ensure that you have an insurance backed guarantee too - this will protect you in the event of having a problem with your conservatory and your installer having ceased trading.

It is difficult to say whether a conservatory is cheaper than a glazed extension as there are many options for both an extension and a conservatory. For instance, you may choose an extension with a small lantern roof or a conservatory with a solid tiled roof, and the price could be very similar.

Yes you can put a kitchen into a conservatory but you would need to mention this to your installer during the design process to ensure that adequate ventilation is included in the design. This is to allow any moisture vapour from cooking to escape to the outdoors and ensure that condensation does not occur.

Yes you can remove the doors between your home and your conservatory but doing this means that you will need Building Regulation approval.

Yes, you can put a hot tub into a glazed extension, but you would need to mention this to your installer during the design process to ensure that adequate ventilation is included in your conservatory design to allow any moisture vapour to escape to the outdoors.

It is not safe to stand directly on a conservatory roof. However, if you need to access it to carry out maintenance, special ladders can be hired to allow you to do so safely.

Conservatory roof blinds do provide shade but of course, they also block out the views of the sky above and natural light. A better alternative to conservatory roof blinds is to ensure that your conservatory roof is glazed with high-performance glass that will control the amount of solar heat that enters the room.

Conservatory roof insulation does not work as it creates a room that may be warmer in winter, but that in summer will be unbearably hot. Roof insulation is also very damaging to the conservatory structure which could potentially compromise its stability and cause leaks. 

Ultraframe conservatory roofs are the strongest on the market - in fact every one is designed for the specific postcode location where it will be installed to ensure it is strong enough to withstand the weather at that location.

The bars on an Ultraframe conservatory roof are made from UPVC, which on some systems is clad in aluminium. The roof can be glazed with either glass, solid panels or a solid roof system with tiles and glass. Some older conservatories may be glazed with a plastic sheeting material called polycarbonate.

We offer conservatories in all of the standard window colours so that they will match the windows on your home. We can also create conservatories in ANY colour or style so if you want something a bit different, just ask. 

Conservatories often fall under Permitted Development, which means you can build them without Planning Permission. As long as the conservatory doesn't exceed four metres in height and is no higher than your home's roof you should be able to build it without Planning Permission but you should always check with your local building control officer at the local council for the rules in your area.

Yes, it will always need foundations to create a solid base structure on which to build the conservatory and ensure it is structurally sound.

There are 4 main steps to building a conservatory: 1. Preparation of the foundations and base. 2. The building of any brickwork such as dwarf walls or brick pillars. 3. Installation of the windows and doors. 4. Installation of the roof.

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