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19th June 2018

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Ideas for Modern Extensions That Work

Are you looking into modern extensions as part of a home improvement project? If so, you’ll be able to find some unique inspiration by exploring our range of products.

Whether you want to build a traditional house extension without connecting doors or extend your living space by adding a conservatory or orangery, we’ll be able to help.

The image below reveals our Livinroof Extension. Light is let in through the strategically placed glass at the top and the ceiling and columns are plastered for comfort.

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Our super-insulated columns look stylish and can be used as part of a contemporary or traditional modern extension design. Larger columns sit at the corners of the installation, while smaller inline ones complete the sequence in between.

Choose super-insulated columns for your modern extension, and you’ll enjoy thermal efficiency levels five times higher than a brick pier of the same dimensions. Your columns can even sit on top of a dwarf wall if you want a more classic look.

The picture below reveals how super-insulated columns add a sense of authority and style to our Performance Glass Extension. Light is allowed in through the glass conservatory roof and French doors, so that the room feels spacious.

Modern Extension Ideas

Modern Extension Suggestion:

  • Choose our Performance Glass Extension, which features our Classic glass conservatory roof. Include super-insulated columns to add a sense of presence and contemporary style to your room and use bi-fold doors to connect your room to your garden.
  • Internally, your plastered super-insulated columns will make your modern extension feel like a natural continuation of your home. An insulated perimeter pelmet will complete that ‘real room’ feel by allowing you to add lighting and speakers.
  • You can also clad your super-insulated columns by choosing from one of three standard colours or two shades of white. If you want your columns to match your frames, choose any RAL colour to ensure a design that’s sympathetic to your scheme.

As you can see in the image below, the inside of our Performance Glass Extension looks comfortable and appealing. The super-insulated columns blend in with the plastered insulated pelmet to create a living space suitable for year-round enjoyment.

Modern Extension Ideas


The outside of your modern extension is just as important as the outside. Our decorative cornice can be used as part of a conservatory, orangery or house extension design – so your design choices won’t be restricted when you choose Ultraframe.

Our decorative cornice will hide your guttering and rafter ends. Three flat designs are available and in different sizes, which means they can be used for large and small builds. We also offer a curved version that’s compatible with all roof shapes – and ever Ultraframe system.

Different conservatory roofs can be used with our Performance Conservatory. In the image below, a curved cornice works with our Classic roof to deliver an eye-catching exterior that is both modern and authoratitive. 

Modern Extension Suggestion:

  • If space is limited, why not build a Performance Conservatory that features super-insulated columns at the corners and uses full-height glazing and a Quantal aluminium roof to flood your room with light – meaning it will feel spacious.
  • Externally, your modern extension will benefit from fine sightlines created by your decorative cornice. Choose French doors to open your home to your garden; when its cold, close them and enjoy the warm space created by your insulated pelmet.

This stunning panoramic image shows how effectively our super-insulated columns work with French doors, which are sited at the edges of the installation. Light is let in from above and a tasteful colour scheme has been chosen to ensure design continuity.

Contemporary Extension Ideas


Light plays an important part in the design of any modern extension. Our Lantern Orangery is perfect for anyone who wants to illuminate their new room and create a focal point within their new space that’ll stand out.

Your Ultrasky Roof can sit on top of a deck or flat roof. It is installed at a pitch of 25° and features fewer bars – so you’ll benefit from clearer views of the sky. Multiple lanterns can be used, depending on your requirements.

When viewed from above, the benefits of the Lantern Orangery become clear. In this case, multiple lanterns have been used to maximise light entry and bi-fold doors have been used to open the structure to the garden.

Lantern Roof Prices

Modern Extension Suggestion:

  • Create a stunning Lantern Orangery and use the light to highlight an object of interest, like a dining room table or breakfast bar. Use masonry with full-height glazing to create a classic looking orangery extension that provides unbroken views of your garden.
  • The Ultrasky Roof used as part of your modern extension’s design is compatible with our structural goal post arrangement, which will lessen pressure on your doors and frames and allow you to install bi-fold or patio doors up to 6.5 metres in width.

The lantern is used effectively here to focus light centrally into the room below it. illumination is also provided by the bi-fold doors. Pendant lighting is used internally to ensure this stunning kitchen extension feels bright and spacious, even when the sun's gone down.


Will my modern extension need planning permission?

This will depend on whether your modern extension requires a structural opening or connecting doors that’ll separate your spaces.

Your Ultra Installer will answer your questions and work with relevant bodies - like your local authority – to ensure your design is compliant.

How long does it take to fit one of your roof systems?

Our roof systems are pre-fabricated off-site. This means they arrive in a condition that removes the need for messy and noisy cutting. The entire process is designed to minimise disruption and inconvenience to you.

Do I contact Ultraframe to arrange my installation?

You can contact Ultraframe directly with any questions. In some cases, we can even come and see you to discuss your requirements.

We also offer a search tool that customers can use to find approved Ultra Installers in their area – wherever they might live.

Find a Modern Extension Installer Near You

Use our search tool to find an approved installer near you. Members of our network have been assessed by our internal scheme.

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