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The Ultimate in Orangery and Extension Design

Ultrasky roof combines fresh modern styling with natural light to create a beautiful warm glazed extension with the style and grandeur of a traditional orangery. Engineered by Ultraframe, strength is the secret is the secret behind Ultrasky's success. A stronger, thermally efficient ridge means less bars are needed drawing more light into the room.

The Ultrasky roof maximises light by extending to the eaves beam rather than using a flat roof and uses the internal pelmet and the external cornice to create a beautiful orangery roof style. The optional integrated structural goal post, enables the design of large spans of glass or doors, for uninterrupted views and a stunning design.

Features & Benefits

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  • Unbeatable range of design options
  • Available in uPVC and aluminium to suit any budget
  • Bespoke colours to match doors windows and décor
  • Add shape and elegance externally with a choice of 4 unique decorative cornices
  • Create thermally efficient, cosy and stylish rooms with super-insulated columns
  • Insulated internal pelmet available in any size up to 1200mm wide
  • Least bars for better views
  • Integrated structural goalpost for large spans of bifold or sliding doors
  • Superior bar and ridge strength for larger panes of glass
  • 25% less bars than conventional glazed roofs
  • No bulky radius ends
  • Unrivalled thermal performance
  • Thermally broken inside and out
  • Thermally insulated internal pelmet as standard
  • Designed to work with super-insulated columns
  • Fully insulated aluminium undercladding
  • The strongest glass roof on the market
  • UK’s strongest ridge with an IXX value of 2,226kmm4 for fewer bars and integrated structural goalposts to support spans up to 6.5m
  • NASA satellite data used to precision engineer every roof for wind AND snow loads
  • Super strong eaves beam, ridge, and jack rafter
  • Can be used for builds up to 8x5m
  • Watertight in winds up to 130mph
  • Sturdiest, most durable gaskets and glazing stops
  • Triple layer storm shield at radius end
  • Less bars, less potential points of failure
  • Fitted twice as fast as a traditional Orangery roof
  • No need for a flat roof
  • Eliminate brickwork required by integrating super-insulated columns.
  • No structural support required
Orangery Roof Installation

A Better Orangery Roof Design

Light and style are perfectly embodied in our Ultrasky roof. The bars extend all the way down to the eaves beam, rather than sitting on a flat roof like a traditional lantern roof. The Ultrasky roof is designed to have the minimum number of bars to let the maximum amount of light to enter the room. A decorative cornice is used outside to hide the guttering and create beautiful sightlines.

The internal variable insulated pelmet comes as standard with the Ultrasky roof and will enable you to enjoy better lighting and thermal performance with a seamless, room-like feel. You can even opt for integrated speakers to enhance your experience. This will be a comfortable space you can live in all year round.

Your new Ultrasky roof will also deliver a range of other welcome benefits, including:

  • Incredible weather protection. The triple-layer storm shield fitted into the radius ends of your orangery will prevent water entry – even when environmental conditions are severe.
  • Wide span and structural strength. The Ultrasky roof’s ridge is stronger than any other UK system and has a IXX value of 2,226kmm4 to deliver incredible spanning performance for your orangery.
  • Precision engineered. With access to geographical data from a NASA database, we’re able to use our in-house software to anticipate snow and wind loadings based on your postcode.
  • A choice of materials. Whatever your budget might be, we’ll be able to help. Choose between a uPVC or aluminium Ultrasky roof, both of which will provide stunning visuals and performance.


  • Strongest ridge on the market means less bars for uninterrupted sight lines
  • Pre-manufactured to your design for less disruption during the build 
  • Choice of uPVC or Aluminium finishes
  • Reduced risk of condensation
  • No leaks – guaranteed


  • Double hipped with box gutter
  • Georgian
  • Ultra83B High Performance - the best UK roof glass
  • Performance Glass - self-cleaning/solar control
  • Available in white or grey as standard with an option to bespoke
  • Insulated perimeter pelmet
  • Super-insulated columns
  • Choice of 4 cornices


All Ultraroof products come complete with a robust up to 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. This covers a range of eventualities – including discolouration, componential failure and much more. This means you’ll be able to depend on your new orangery roof to deliver superior performance. Ask your installer for further details.

A Closer Look at Ultrasky Orangery Roof Styles

Choose our Contemporary orangery if you want to create a design that’s fresh and modern. Sliding or bi-fold doors combined with full-height glazing will open your new space, while the perimeter ceiling will help create a room like feel. Overall, you’ll be able to enjoy better access, better comfort and a room that feels continuously connected to the outside.

When you choose Ultrasky, you’ll benefit from a high-performing roof system and much more. If you add super-insulated columns, they will deliver thermal efficiency levels five times higher than brick. These will work in tandem with the insulated internal pelmet to create a cosy place and keep you warm.

To make the most of your Ultrasky orangery roof, consider introducing bi-fold doors into the design mix. The invisible structural goalpost within Ultrasky roof is designed for use with bi-folds and eliminates any deflection on large spans of doors. Combine super-insulated columns and a decorative cornice – which is available in either a 1, 2 or 3 tier format in a bespoke colour to create a unique and inviting design that communicates openness and style. Visually and practically, the Ultrasky orangery roof will add long-lasting value to your home.


Three Reasons to Choose the Ultrasky Orangery Roof

The Perfect Partner for Bi-Fold Doors

When used with our structural goalpost system – which can be sited within the Ultrasky roof – it is possible to achieve a span width of 6m. The goalpost is completely hidden inside the roof for minimalist sightlines and the glass-to-frame ratio is low with this type of design, which optimises light entry into the designated area with splendid uninterrupted views. This type of door perfectly suits homeowners who want to achieve a contemporary look.

Our Ultrasky orangery roof responds to the needs of homeowners with modern design aspirations. The frame type used in this system is extremely strong and works in close cooperation with our structural goalpost technology to lessen pressure on the doors, which means you won’t have to worry about technical problems later.

Transform Your Roofline with a Decorative Cornice

Our Ultrasky roof includes a decorative cornice as standard. Hiding your guttering from view and concealing the rafter ends is easy with this innovative roof system, which will communicate stunning sightlines when viewed from the outside. Inside, an insulated ceiling pelmet will add further visual style and comfort.

Our decorative cornice can be used to create a specific look. A curved option is available, which looks outstanding when used in conjunction with brick piers and will add a traditional look to your completed design. The absence of bulky radius ends means your decorative cornice will complement your slimline roof and deliver superb aesthetics.

Ultrasky: Suitable for Orangeries and Extensions

How should you classify the Ultrasky roof? It communicates the timeless grandeur of a traditional orangery – yet, in many ways, its style is uncannily modern. It can accommodate contemporary-looking bi-fold doors, for example, which will add a modern touch to your design, while also optimising light entry and improving ventilation and access.

Ultrasky is an orangery roof that perfectly harnesses the stylistic tendencies of a conservatory. Its flexible design means that its application can be extended to suit the needs of almost any homeowner looking to create additional space. Create a new living room, kitchen or dining area quickly and easily – the choice is yours with Ultrasky.

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