The Veranda is Strong and Flexible

Veranda uses the Ultraframe Classic Roof as the basis of its design, which means its powered by tried and tested technology that meets industry-leading standards. The main distinguishing feature of Veranda is its curved structural beam.

Because the Veranda’s beam is made of aluminium, it’s extremely strong. It also performs a dual function, in that it works as an integrated gutter and a beam that provides structural support. The entire structural support package comprises of posts, which come in two different formats, which have different functions and benefits.

Support posts come in the following two formats:

  • Oak. Choose this option to experience a product that is finished with gasketed stop ends and connects to the base of the Veranda via stop plates.
  • Aluminium. Like the Veranda beam, this type of post has two use values once fabricated – it performs as a structural post and a rainwater downpipe too.

Three Benefits of the Veranda Conservatory Roof

Suitable for Different Scenarios

The Veranda extension has the adaptability needed to create your preferred house extension style. It doesn’t matter whether your new room is to be situated between two walls of the same length or differing lengths – your extension can be modified to respond to these parameters.

As well as being able to adjust to the differing requirements imposed by varying wall lengths, the Veranda can sit on top of glazed side frames and is available in one of two pitches – mono or duo. Whatever your requirements, your Ultra Installer will be able to find the right design solution.

An Extensive Choice of Colours

The unmatched design of the Veranda conservatory will reward you with stunning sightlines. You’ll be able to customise your conservatory roof and frames by choosing from a range of foils – including sage green and anthracite grey. Different hues can be used internally and externally to ensure design continuity.

Our colours stand the test of time, allowing you to enjoy an appearance that lasts for many years. Cheaper colours can flake, peel or discolour when exposed to the elements, but ours are applied with a highly durable coating to prevent this happening. It's never been easier to enjoy better quality.

Open Out Your Space

The Veranda oversail provides a pergola style area, open to the elements, but protected from above – even when the weather stops you from enjoying your garden in full, you can add bi-fold or sliding doors and link your room to the outside.

Our Veranda communicates openness, creates a better sense of connection between your home and garden, and provides you with an interim space that sits between your two spaces – which means you’ll be able to relax or entertain friends, regardless of what the weather might be doing.


  • Uses the Classic roof as the basis for its design
  • Powder coated Veranda Beam
  • Oversailing glazing bars on the roof
  • Gasketed stopends
  • Splice plates
  • Lean-to
  • Gable
  • Ultra83B High Performance - the best UK roof glass
  • Performance Glass - self cleaning/solar control
  • Coloured uPVC or aluminium cladding
  • An extensive choice of RAL colours
  • Structural Goal Post (for wider spanning structures)
  • A choice of supporting walls – masonry or glazed
  • Aluminium downpipes or hanging chains

Our conservatory designs are accompanied with a comprehensive 10-year parts guarantee. Please check with your approved Ultra Installer to find out what warranties they include with your installation.

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5th January 2018
Veranda – Make the Most of the Outdoors

Connect your home to the outside with a new Ultraframe conservatory roof.


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