Gender Pay Gap Statement

2018 Gender Pay Gap Report

To highlight the importance of equality, the UK government has introduced legislation that focuses on the mandatory reporting on gender pay. Therefore, for the second time this year all large UK companies employing more than 250 employees are required to publish a report on their gender pay gap.

All statistics were compiled using standard methodologies set out in the Regulations based on a “snapshot date” of 5th April 2018, with reference to the ACAS guidelines where appropriate.

As last year, we have a negative gender pay gap in our business which means that the average pay for females is slightly greater than that of males. This is due to the structure of our manufacturing business.

Males and Females are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business, and we value gender diversity.

Pay and Bonus Gap

  Mean Median
Pay -8.2% -20.2%
Bonus 1.4% -1.4%


The proportion of males receiving a bonus was 71%, and the proportion of females receiving a bonus was 72%.


Proporation of Males / Females in Each Pay Quartile

  Males Females
Upper 81% 19%
Upper Middle 84% 16%
Lower Middle 92% 8%
Lower 90% 10%


I confirm that the information in this report is accurate.


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