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Add That Perfect Finishing Touch to Your Conservatory Roof

If you’re researching a new conservatory roof, you may not be familiar with the terms ‘crestings’ and ‘finials'. These items are decorative in nature – and you’ll be able to select from an extensive range when you choose an Ultraframe conservatory. Our range comprises of four finials and five crestings, so you’ll be able to personalise the design of your conservatory roof to ensure the right impact.

Whatever combination of finials and crestings you choose, they’ll be elegant, long-lasting and weatherproof. Because these products have been designed for our customers and installers, they are easy to fit. This means your conservatory roof will be fitted without unnecessary delay – meaning you’ll be able to enjoy its many benefits sooner than you’d expected.

The finials and crestings supplied by Ultraframe will not incur any additional charges either – as they will be included in the quote given to you by your installer. To ensure continuity of design, your finials and crestings can be manufactured in your preferred colour and a diverse range of styles. For peace of mind, a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty will be included too.

Traditional Conservatory

Crestings and Finials for Your Conservatory Roof, Whatever the Style

The new cresting design snaps on to the extruded ridge of the conservatory roof, ensuring a swift installation procedure. Each cresting features a male and female end to allow the cresting to ‘slot-in’ to the wall and offers a secure fix from wall to finial. You'll be able to enjoy consistent peace of mind, every time.

Easy shape, a new Ultraframe tooling process, has produced a more streamlined shape in both the cresting and finial. The designs have been optimised to facilitate rainwater run-off from the conservatory roof and eliminate potential dirt traps. This means you'll be able to enjoy a clean and crisp finish.

With the new roofline designs, you can be confident they’re ordering stylish and durable conservatory roof products that offer value and unequalled refinement. Our crestings and finials will add that essential magical touch to your new extension. Your nearest Installer will help you to make the right choice.

Be Bold or Keep a Low Profile: A Conservatory Roof That’s Built Your Way

To what extent should you decorate your conservatory roof? Overpopulate the ridge with too many crestings and finials, and it could look fussy. Dial down the aesthetics too far in the other direction, and your structure could look bland in comparison with the other design choices you’ve made. Getting the right balance is important.

How do you achieve this all-important balance when designing your conservatory roof? Think about the type of effect you’re trying to achieve. Is your orangery or conservatory going to be built in a traditional or contemporary style, for example? This will influence how you use cresting and finials in your design.

If you’re adding a traditional orangery to your home that features a high brick-to-glass ratio, classic finials will suit your design best. Consider including coronet or renaissance cresting to the ridge in your conservatory roof. A low-profile ridge – which is bereft of any decorative elements – would work well if a modern look is desired.


Three Benefits of Crestings and Finials

Easy to Install

We want to provide you with a conservatory roof that will meet your design requirements, but also minimise disruption to your routine. That’s why our installation process has been streamlined to ensure rapid completion – but without compromising on the quality or longevity of the product you’ve purchased.

The crestings and finials snap directly into the ridge of the conservatory roof, which means that no messy cutting is involved on-site. The roof systems we manufacture have, similarly, been built with convenience in mind. This makes the entire process easier for our installers and our customers at the same time.

Minimal Upkeep

Our range of uPVC crestings and finials require virtually no maintenance. Even when exposed to severe weather, little or no intervention will be needed on your part to keep them clean. Our Pikestaff finials and Renaissance crestings allow water to run off them easily, so they’ll reward you with a beautiful roofline.

We understand that bringing a new addition to your home shouldn't be a chore. Premium grade materials ensure all of our uPVC crestings maintain an 'as new' appearance even when exposed to the elements. Not only will this make life easier for you, but it also means that they will be a worthwhile investment.

Universal Style

Whatever your home improvement aspirations might be, our range of finials and crestings will bring your conservatory roof to life. Our decorative range can be used sparingly or widely to bring almost any orangery, conservatory or extension to life – if the roof has a pitch, our finials and crestings will fit easily into the ridge.

The versatility of our crestings and finials range means our customers don’t have to make concessions when choosing how to extend their home. Instead, they’ll be able to browse our range of high-performing products – leaving them to customise their conservatory, orangery or extension the way that suits them best.


  • No extra charge, included in the conservatory roof price
  • Simple snap and fit design that fits into the ridge body
  • Streamlined shape to allow easy water run-off
  • Simple to clean, minimising upkeep time


  • Renaissance
  • Elizabethan
  • Low Profile
  • Coronet
  • Baroque
  • Classic


10-year manufacturers guarantee, with the installer who completes the installation.

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