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Let the light flood in with an Ultrasky Roof Lantern. Find your local conservatory lantern roof installer or start your online quote today.

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Ultrasky Lantern Roof

The Ultrasky Lantern has been designed specifically for flat roofs. Contact your nearest conservatory lantern installer or view our stunning range of flat roof lanterns with our virtual reality tool.

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Lantern Skylight

Strong and Stylish Roof Lanterns

The Ultrasky Lantern has the flexibility to respond to your design requirements. Whether you are creating a new dining room or kitchen extension, this unique conservatory roof lantern will support your creative ambitions.

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Let the Light Flood in With an Ultrasky Lantern Roof 

With fewer and slimmer bars than other systems, the Ultrasky Lantern Roof has the flexibility to respond to your design aspirations. If you're building a flat roof extension with lanterns, such as a house extension or orangery, you are sure to create a sense of interior space.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a dining room, kitchen extension – or even a bedroom or bathroom; the Ultrasky flat roof lantern will support your creative ambitions and empower you to build a stylish room space that is perfect in every way.

Whatever style of property you own, the Ultrasky roof lantern will enhance it – meaning you’ll be able to create a traditional or modern effect. Your new flat roof extension will look exactly the way you had envisioned it and improve your home’s market appeal and value.

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Ultrasky Roof Lantern

Roof Lantern Specifications

The Ultrasky flat roof lantern includes the following:

  • Strongest ridge on the market means fewer bars for uninterrupted sight lines
  • Pre-manufactured to your design for less disruption during the build
  • Choice of uPVC or aluminium claddings
  • Reduced risk of condensation
  • No leaks – guaranteed

The Ultrasky lantern skylight has been designed specifically for flat roofs. Contact your nearest Ultra Installer for more information about our flat lanterns roofs.

Your new flat roof lantern will come equipped with extensive glazing that’s thermally efficient. You’ll be able to enjoy your new room during summer without feeling too hot; when the colder weather sets in, your roof will stop heat escaping.

Enjoy an orangery, extension or conservatory that behaves just like any other room in your home.

Your thermally efficient rooflight will produce the following rating:

'C' Rating

Your Ultrasky lantern will have been tested to withstand high wind speeds and tolerate local snow loading. Enjoy a rooflight that's built to last and reward you with strong performance for many years to come.

Your product will include a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty from Ultraframe for your peace of mind. Please speak to your chosen Ultra Installer before installation work commencing to verify your level of guarantee on your new lantern roof skylight.

A Stylish, Strong and Flexible Rooflight

Rest assured that our Ultrasky roof lantern can respond to your design requirements. Its rectangular shape is available in a range of bespoke sizes that extend from 1000mm x 1500mm through to 4000mm x 5850mm.

The Ultrasky’s structural strength makes the rooflight slimmer and creates a minimalist design. Its ridge is stronger than an equivalent product; it uses fewer bars and wider spans and returns an IXX value of 2,226Kmm4.

You can also choose between internal uPVC or aluminium under cladding, which is supplied in ‘white,’ or ‘grey’. Our aluminium top caps are available in ‘chambered white,’ ‘anthracite grey’ or ‘satin black’.

If you're looking for a full glass roof to further enhance the light flooding your home head over to our Ultrasky Roof page!

Ultrasky Kitchen Extension
Lantern roof

Add Value to Your Home

Your new room is a big investment; with an Ultrasky flat roof lantern, the money you spend will reap a range of rewards that’ll make you glad you chose Ultraframe.

Fill Your Room with Light

When extending your home, the amount of natural light flooding into the room is extremely important as bright spaces add much more value than dark spaces. The minimalist look of our roof lantern in conjunction with the optimal fixed 25° pitch is perfect for drawing in natural light over a kitchen island or dining table.

Long-Lasting Strength

Because it’s been thoroughly wind tested, you’ll be able to depend on your conservatory lantern skylight's triple layer storm shield protection and reduced bar frequency to resist harsh weather. The structural integrity of your roof will be underscored by outstanding heat retention thanks to its thermally broken components which eliminate the risk of condensation.

Thermally Efficient Design

When fitted in a 1000mm x 2000mm configuration, the Ultrasky lantern roof returns a U-value of 1.1. This is why the Ultrasky lantern roof is an enduringly popular choice for homeowners.

A Range of Other Options

Our Ultrasky roof lantern can be customised by adding a manual or automatic roof vent. This will allow you to control the temperature of your flat roof extension with a lantern skylight and filter out warm air that would otherwise convert into condensation.

Depending on your budget and design preferences, your rooflight can be clad in aluminium or uPVC – externally and internally. Whichever material you choose, you won’t need to compromise on performance.


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  • Sturdiest, most durable gaskets and glazing stops
  • Fewer bars, less potential points of failure
  • Triple layer storm shield at radius end
  • Watertight in winds up to 130mph
  • Bespoke colours to match doors, windows and decor
  • Available uPVC and aluminium inside and out
  • Unbeatable range of design options
  • Supplied with a range of high-performance glazing
  • Fully insulated aluminium undercladding
  • Thermally broken inside and out
  • Unrivalled thermal performance
  • Thermally insulated eaves rail
  • UK’s strongest ridge with an IXX value of 2,226kmm4 for fewer bars and larger spans
  • The strongest lantern on the market
  • Maximum size 4m x 5.85m
  • Superior bar and ridge strength for larger panes of glass
  • 25% fewer bars than conventional glazed roof lanterns meaning better views
  • No bulky radius ends
  • No drilling or cutting required
  • 25% fewer bars for a faster fit
  • Quickest assembly time
  • Easy and quick to glaze

Ultrasky Lantern Roof Gallery

View our gallery of beautiful lantern roof styles and designs.

Three Reasons to Choose the Ultrasky Lantern Roof

Uninterrupted Sightlines

Although looks won’t be your only consideration when seeking out a skylight, you want your new roof lantern to deliver outstanding aesthetics and market-leading performance. The Ultraframe roof lantern succeeds on both levels – and will bring any orangery, extension or flat roof to life.

The Ultraframe flat roof lantern uses fewer bars and more glazing. Not only does it produce stunning sightlines, but it also captures and focuses the light from above, which is then redirected into the space below. Because it can span wide areas, it’s the perfect accompaniment for homes with lots of space.

Comprehensive Guarantee

Your Ultraframe flat roof lantern will be designed to last. But we want you to buy your product with absolute confidence – so that, if the unexpected happens, you’re fully covered. That’s why your purchase will include a comprehensive 10-year guarantee as standard.

What does this guarantee cover? Your roof lantern will be protected against cracking, discolouration, component failure, cracking and shape deterioration. Please speak to your Ultra Installer to ensure they offer this level of guarantee for your lantern roof, for your peace of mind. -

Outstanding Glazing Range

Your new Ultraframe flat roof lantern will reward you with superb thermal efficiency. That’s because the glazing used as standard in our lantern roofs will deflect the sun’s rays during spring and summer while retaining heat when it’s cold – but without affecting light penetration.

This equates to a room that isn’t just lighter and brighter; it will also make your investment worthwhile because you’ll be able to rely less on your thermostat to stay warm during colder seasons – which means your heating costs are likely to reduce with the addition of a lantern roof.

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Still Looking for Inspiration?

Check out our beautiful image gallery of lantern roofs.

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Inspirational Projects

4th June 2018
Ultrasky Lantern Roof

View our latest video on our stunning Ultrasky Lantern Roofs giving your home extra light and space.

14th February 2018
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Roof Lantern and Orangery FAQ's

An orangery has a solid flat roof with one or more glazed lantern roofs. Orangeries often feature brick columns although it is the combination of the flat roof and lanterns that is the defining factor.

The cost of an orangery depends on many factors including the ground you are building on, the area you live in, and the spec you choose. To get an idea of how much an orangery costs on your home, contact your local Ultraframe installer.

It is difficult to say whether an orangery is more expensive than a conservatory as there are many options for both an orangery and a conservatory. For instance you may choose an orangery with a small lantern roof, or a conservatory with a solid tiled roof and the price could be very similar. High orangery prices would depend on the type of flat roof, the number and size of the lanterns and the amount of building work needed. High conservatory prices would depend on the amount of building work needed, whether the roof is glazed or solid/tiled and the spec of any glazing.

An orangery will not always require planning permission - it may be exempt under Permitted Development rules. To find out if this would apply for adding an orangery to your home, speak to the planning officer in the building control department of your local council.

In years gone by, orangeries did used to be warmer than conservatories. However, with the latest conservatory roof technology, this is no longer the case and a conservatory can be every bit as warm as an orangery. 

Whether an orangery is cheaper than an extension is dependent on many options - there are many options for both an orangery and an extension. Factors that would influence whether an orangery is cheaper than an extension include the base work needed, the builders/installers who carry out the work and the specification of the orangery and extension products used. 

Yes an orangery will add value to your home as it will not only add valuable extra living space, but an orangery is also a highly desirable home improvement. The amount of value it will add to your home will depend on a large number of factors such as the area you live in, your existing home, and the style and specification of orangery.

How long an orangery will last depends on many factors such as the quality of the installation and the products used. If your builder or installer is using quality orangery products such as those form Ultraframe, there is no reason why your orangery shouldn't last for many years.

The biggest factor in determining how long an orangery will take to build is the base work. The time to create an orangery base can vary dependent on the ground conditions and whether piled foundations are needed. Once the base is completed, an orangery should be able to be built within just a couple of weeks.

Your local Ultraframe installer can build an orangery for you. To find your nearest Ultraframe orangery builder click here

There are many orangery options which can be added to an orangery design so that it suits a modern home. These include flat cornices or parapet features externally to give strong, clean lines, as well as bi-fold doors. The colour of an orangery roof can also have a great bearing on whether it suits a modern home - anthracite grey is very popular right now for windows, doors and conservatory roofs and would be the perfect colour choice for a modern orangery.

To ensure your Ultrasky Lantern is compliant with Building Regulations, you will need to follow the below specification in regards to glass U-Values.

Please liaise with your installer for a confirmed U-Value of each Ultrasky Lantern.

<750mm (w)
If your Ultrasky Lantern is less than 750mm (w), glass with a U-Value of 0.9 or less is required.  

750mm - 1000mm (w)
If your Ultrasky Lantern is between 750mm to 1000mm (w), glass with a U-Value of at least 1.0 is required.  

>1000mm (w)
If your Ultrasky Lantern is larger than 1000mm (w), glass with a U-Value of at least 1.2 is required.  

The above U-Values do not include the eaves. 


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