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Add Style and Comfort to Your Conservatory, Orangery or Extension with Super-Insulated Columns

Super-insulated columns (formerly known as Loggia columns) will add a touch of style to your conservatory, orangery, house extension or Garden Room. They provide more than just decorative value, though; they also deliver superb comfort – because they are five times more thermally efficient than a brick pier of equivalent size.

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, these columns exude a traditional charm that has been brought into the modern age. They achieve a standard of quality and performance that matches modern demands, capturing a timeless aesthetic that can be installed to suit a wide range of property styles.

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Your Choices When Considering Super-Insulated Columns

Super-insulated columns are easy to install compared to brick piers of the same size. They are pre-fabricated off-site at our dedicated factory, which means they arrive in a format designed to minimise inconvenience – both to our fitters and our customers. Benefit from less mess and a faster installation time when you choose our super-insulated columns.

Colours and Panelling

You’ll easily be able to tailor the appearance of your super-insulated columns. Choose from a range of stunning aluminium cladding panels that are available in 3 standard colours and two shades of white, which can be flat or fluted. This won’t just improve the look of your new structure externally – it will also contribute to better comfort internally, thanks to the insulating properties of your columns.

If you want to add that personal touch, you can choose to have your super-insulated columns in any RAL colour to match or contrast your existing window frames and give that 'wow' factor.

Column Sizes

There are two sizes of super-insulated columns to choose from, each of which suits a specific function. Large super-insulated columns are typically used at the corners of the structure, while the smaller versions work best inline – so that they form a regular and decorative sequence that will add aesthetic value to the design.

Super-insulated columns can also sit on a new or existing 'Dwarf Wall' or wall around the bottom of your conservatory, orangery or home extension. A mixture of full height columns and columns sat on a dwarf wall can be a great design feature and something to ask your chosen installer about.  


Your chosen roof will sit on top of the super-insulated columns, which are fitted internally with an insulator core comprising enriched expanded polystyrene and styropor carbon, making the column extremely thermally efficient.

Each super-insulated column is enclosed by an OSB board that affixes directly to the battens. A porous membrane is then wrapped around the structure, and powder coated aluminium claddings are added.


  • Pre-fabricated to ensure fast installation
  • Full-height columns or to sit on dwarf walls
  • Can be placed anywhere in the design of your home extension perimeter
  • Clad in powder coated aluminium
  • Can have a flat or fluted panel to give you a modern or more traditional look
  • Available in 3 colours and two different whites as standard
  • Available in any RAL colour to match your building
  • Lower heights available to sit on dwarf walls
  • Small or large width
  • Fluted infill panel
  • Flat infill panel
  • U-value of only 0.15 W/m2 degree C

10-year manufacturers guarantee, with the installer who completes the installation.


Three Benefits of Super-Insulated Columns

Brick vs Super-Insulated Columns for House Extensions, Conservatories or Orangeries

An extension that lets in the cold detracts value from the property it’s attached to. Our super-insulated columns will stop your conservatory, orangery or house extension from becoming too cold to use during the winter months, while also providing a range of other benefits.

Your super-insulated columns will produce a low U-value score – in other words, they’ll retain heat more efficiently than a brick pier of equivalent size. Your new room will be warmer because of this, resulting in potentially lower running costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Create Outstanding Contemporary Designs with Super-Insulated Columns

Your new orangery – or whichever of our stunning house extensions you’ve chosen – will benefit from a modern design that’s appealing. By choosing super-insulated columns over brick piers, you’ll be creating an exciting range of design options that’ll ensure your new room stands out.

Regarding how you can capitalise on the aesthetic benefits of your super insulated columns, you could consider adding bi-fold or sliding doors. The wide entryway created by this threshold-spanning feature would be beautifully framed by your columns, which would also improve access.

With or Without a Perimeter Ceiling, the Choice Is Yours Entirely

Our super-insulated columns can – when added to a house extension – be used in conjunction with an internal perimeter ceiling, which will help to create that much-coveted ‘real room’ feel to the design, enabling you to insert lights and speakers and your room to be even more thermally efficient.

It’s also possible to use our super-insulated columns without an internal perimeter ceiling by fitting a special cap to the top on the inside. This means that you’ll have complete control over the final design of your house extension.

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