Ten Uses for Super Insulated Columns, A Different House Extension

12th September 2014

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Super Insulated Columns

If you’re considering having a house extension, super-insulated columns allow you to enjoy an extra living space that doesn’t require a full extensions process. What’s more, you’ll stay warm in winter and cool in summer. In fact, the only problem could be deciding what to do with the extra room!

Effortlessly capturing the charm of the Italian Renaissance, our super insulated columns capture all the benefits of traditional charm with modern performance. These columns allow you to enjoy a house extension that offers generous amounts of glazing whilst still meeting building regulations.

super insulated house extensions

Making the Most of Your House Extension

Here are some house extension ideas on how to enhance your home with these high-performance columns:

Breakfast Room

Especially if it is joined to your kitchen, our super-insulated columns can create wonderful additional dining space for informal meals. Your kitchen will also be filled with more light. What better place to enjoy a leisurely weekend breakfast in the summer? It’s never been easier to bring a breath of fresh air to the start of your day with this house extension option.

Dining Room

Create a light, informal space where you can retreat from the garden if it rains during a barbecue. You’ll also have a great spot for dinner parties all year round. This means that during gatherings, parties and family meals, everyone will be able to enjoy a comfortable, bright and spacious house extension whatever the weather.

Sleeping Space

You may not have thought of your super-insulated columns as an obvious place for a bedroom, but with the right blinds or curtains and heating, it could be an ideal spot, especially if you are putting up people temporarily. Wake up in a house extension that has been made bespoke to you, and all the benefits that it brings.

Exercise Room

Public gyms don’t always appeal, and you may not even have one near you. So, use our super insulated columns instead, and save on travel and membership fees. You’ll find the light, airy space perfect for your daily workout. This house extension can be installed with blinds or curtains for added privacy, allowing you to exercise in peace.

super insulated column house extensions

Kids Playroom

Children seem to have more toys than ever these days. Our super insulated columns offer a house extension that gives you somewhere to store them tidily. They also offer a safe, comfortable place for the kids to play – it’s on the ground floor after all. As your youngsters grow into teenagers, your super insulated columns can create a great games room.

Sitting Room

You’ll love the extra seating space the super insulated column design affords, especially if you have lots of visitors or a large family. This house extension option allows you to extend your home comfort without having to compromise on quality or safety. All super insulated columns are built to last the test of time.

Sun Room

This is one of the most popular options for our super-insulated columns. The house extensions that they create is an ideal halfway house between being indoors and out and means you can enjoy the sun’s rays even if it’s not that warm outside. Don’t forget it’s also a great place to grow plants, especially if you don’t have a greenhouse.

Home Office/Study

Whether you run a small business from home or just want somewhere for the children to do their homework in peace, your Thermally Efficient Extension could provide an excellent, separate workspace that encourages productivity. You won’t have to clear the dining table when it’s time for dinner! With all these ideas for using your house extension all year round, there’s no reason why yours should be under-used.

Thermally Efficient House Extensions

Due to the latest innovations and British engineering, super insulated columns deliver five times the insulation properties of their traditional brick counterparts. This means you’ll be able to reduce on bulk whilst still enjoying leading standards of heat retention, security and durability. There is no reason to settle for anything less.

A heightened degree of heat retention will allow you to not only enjoy a more comfortable living space in the colder winter months, but it could also see you benefiting from reducing heating costs and a lowered carbon footprint throughout the year. This is made possible by lowering the amount of heating need to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Find Your Nearest House Extensions Installer

Our house extensions benefit from our substantial investment in research in development, allowing us to offer a super insulated column design that stands at the forefront of home improvement performance anaesthetic. We are proud to offer a system that stands as one of the most technologically advanced on the current market.

Finding your nearest Ultra Approved Installer will enable you to enhance your home with complete peace of mind. All installers are vetted and approved to ensure their professionalism and reliability, which means you’ll be able to enjoy a new house extension in a shorter period of time without having to compromise.

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