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Bringing New Life to Older Builds

Is your conservatory looking tired? Want to bring it bang up to date with the latest in roofing design and technology? Our advanced roof replacements will improve both your conservatory and can add value to your home. Whether you’re looking for a thermally-efficient glass roof to let the light flood in, a flexible mix of both glass and solid panels, or a lightweight tiled roof for a more traditional finish, our range will breathe new life into your old conservatory; allowing you to enjoy your additional space all year round.

Our range of replacement conservatory roofs is the result of years of research and development of our products. Securing the very latest standards of performance, appearance and durability, you are sure to find the ideal home improvement solution for your property style and size. Internally, our replacement conservatory roofs are stunning. They can deliver a magnificent vaulted ceiling and incorporate an internal pelmet around the perimeter, where lights can be installed.

At the ridge at the top of the roof, you can insert or hang lights in a place where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to on a vaulted ceiling. If a vaulted ceiling isn’t for you, then the Livinroof offers the option of a suspended ceiling, allowing you to continue the ceiling height from an adjoining room or to give your room a more ‘cosy’ feel.

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Conservatory Roof Installation

Customisable Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Our high-performance replacement conservatory roofs feature an extensive range of customisation options, which allow you to get the perfect new addition to your home. From roof shape to colour options, your Installer will be on hand to ensure you get the perfect roof to suit both your property style and aesthetic.

Around the perimeter of the ceiling, you can opt for an internal pelmet which can be used to insert spotlights of speakers, and at the apex of the roof, you can choose to add a central lighting panel enabling you to insert downlights or hang pendant lights for main or mood lighting. It's never been easier for you to enjoy a personal touch in your home. Whether you're looking for a modern flair or traditional charm, we'll be able to offer a replacement conservatory roof that perfectly suits your property. All our Installers are well versed in ensuring your roof is fitted as you want and to an exceptional standard. You'll be able to enjoy complete peace of mind.

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Livinroof Film

Intelligent Glazing

Thermal Performance

For roof glass, the target is to have a ‘U’ Value as low as possible, typically as low as 1.0 is possible in double glazed units. This quality allows you to increase the heat retention of your property.

Solar Control

It is possible to exclude up to 83% of the suns energy with the correct specification, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable in the warm summer months, This means you'll be able to remain comfortable no matter what.


The best high-performance units use the energy of the sun to burn off organic deposits like bird droppings and fingerprints, while the smooth coating allows water to ‘sheet off’ the surface, cleaning the dust and debris as it flows.

Conservatory Installation
Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Thermally Efficient Replacement Conservatory Roofs

By choosing Ultraframe, you’ll be able to enjoy the most advanced replacement conservatory roof available on the market today. Our roofs overcome the twin issues of your old conservatory being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Moreover, they create a living area that you can use whatever the weather.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a solid roof, but without making concessions with light, we have the technology to help. The Livinroof is configurable, in that it can allow for the insertion of glazed panels that can be shaped to your liking and positioned anywhere, allowing you to control where the light falls.

You won’t need to sacrifice light penetration when you choose our Ultraroof either. This system will provide you with two choices – the installation of full length glass panels or Velux windows. This means you’ll be able to choose a style that suits your preferences while creating a room that's extremely thermally efficient due to their advanced design, our conservatory roofs are fully compliant with Building Regulations and have JHAI system approval, giving you peace of mind from the outset of your replacement roof project. This means you’ll be able to invest in the very best without the’s light and bright.

Find Your Nearest Replacement Conservatory Roof Installer

Our network of Approved Ultra Installers allows you to bring a new addition to your home with complete peace of mind. Assessed and vetted before they are approved, all of our Ultraframe specialists operate to the highest standards of professionalism, reliability, promptness and respect for your home.

You won’t have to settle for less when you find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer by using the tool below. All of our products are designed to offer unrivalled standards which, when handled by professionals, bring the peace of mind that only the highest standards can bring. We look forward to helping you find your ideal home improvement solution.

Help & Advice

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What is a Livinroof?

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Why Should I Replace the Roof on my Conservatory?

Save money and make space by replacing your existing conservatory roof.

Conservatory Clinic Regulations
10th January 2018
Do I Need Planning Permission for a Solid Roof?

Getting planning consent for a replacement conservatory roof isn't always necessary, but it's important to check the details of your design before instructing work on your property.


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