What is a Livinroof?

13th June 2014

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Get the Best of Both Worlds with the Ultraframe Livinroof

Adding a conservatory to your home is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to extend your living area and let more light in. A traditional conservatory will tend to become cold in the winter, rendering it unusable. While in sunny weather, its glass roof is like a magnifying glass on the back of your head.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have the best of both worlds? With an Ultraframe Livinroof, you can. This is a replacement conservatory roof that looks like a solid roof to all extents and purposes. The aluminium tiles that characterise the design of a Livinroof can be replaced at any juncture with shaped segments of glazing. 

This means you’ll benefit from a tiled roof that keeps you warm without making your conservatory feel claustrophobic. Instead, a Livinroof will fill your new room with plenty of space and light – which means you’ll be able to use your conservatory as an all year round space.Ultraframe’s Livinroof features an internal ceiling pelmet that can include speakers and lights. This accentuates the idea of a room that’s more than an occasional space to spend time in during warmer weather. You can opt for a vaulted ceiling to create a sense of space or a suspended one to make your conservatory feel cosy.

The Livinroof:

  • Can incorporate our Classic cornice, which will improve the sightline of your conservatory by hiding your guttering.
  • It comes in an ever enduring urban grey that will complement the style of any house and imbue it with a modern effect.
  • It will arrive at your home in a pre fabricated format that will preclude the need for cutting and reduce installation time.


How Does the Livinroof Work?

The Livinroof combines traditional conservatory glazing with thermally efficient solid roofing. We use insulated panels and Kingspan insulation to allow the roof to lock in solar heat, making it suitable for use all year round.

How is it Installed?

Ultraframe’s Livinroof has been designed for quick and easy installation. Our engineers can assemble the roof and make it watertight in a couple of hours. The project will be finished within two days, ensuring minimal disruption to your home life.

What Does It Look Like?

How your Ultraframe Livinroof looks is entirely up to you. We offer a bespoke service where you can choose exactly how many glass panels you want to include in your conservatory roof and how the ceiling will appear inside. 

Smaller spaces may benefit from just one or two glass roof panels, while larger conservatory rooms may prefer alternate glass and solid panels. The Livinroof design can accommodate any shape and style you can think of.

Is it Energy Efficient?

The design of the Livinroof will conserve heat and light for far longer than most other conservatory designs. Not only that, but by making your conservatory more user friendly, you are reducing the formerly wasted space in your home.


Why Choose an Ultraframe Livinroof?


Adaptability and Performance

A Livinroof is a versatile replacement conservatory roof system that can be used to serve a range of purposes. Suppose you want to add value to your home by adding an extension or conservatory. In that case, the Livinroof will give you the design flexibility necessary to create an aesthetically and performatively outstanding product. 

If your existing extension or conservatory roof is no longer performing, your room will suffer from reduced functionality. It is probably too cold to spend time in during autumn and winter and may have already been relegated to a storage area. Installing a Livinroof will rectify this problem by providing you with a space that’s warm and comfortable. Livinroofs are standardly fitted on our range of Garden Rooms, delivering exceptionally insulated and cosy living spaces. 

Compatibility and Regulations

The Livinroof system is compatible with all roofing systems. This means you won’t have to worry about how compatible it is with your existing roof. It is also extremely light in weight so that it won’t place undue stress on your extension’s or conservatory’s frames – so you are unlikely to run into issues with planning permission later on.

To ensure your replacement conservatory roof is safe and complies with regulations, we use specialist industry software that will use your postcode to factor in issues like snow loading into its design. This means your Livinroof will be able to tolerate additional weight instead of collapsing due to the extra strain placed on its frames.


Find Your Nearest Ultra Installer

Use Ultraframe’s free search tool to find an Ultra Installer. You can also contact us afterwards to request further details about our products. We can call you with information about our replacement roofsconservatoriesorangeries and other high performing products. Need a visit? We can come and see you at your home too!



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