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How Strong Are Conservatory Roofs?

8th January 2020

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How strong are conservatory roofs?

Many people wonder can you stand or walk on a conservatory roof? While your conservatory roof may be strong enough for you to stand on it and take your weight, Ultraframe would never recommend that you test this by climbing onto it or standing on it. It is extremely dangerous if you were to put your weight onto the glazed areas of your conservatory roof as this could lead to the sealed units breaking and serious injury.


Can a conservatory take my weight


How to safely maintain your conservatory without testing out ‘will a conservatory roof take my weight?’

Once you have added a conservatory to your home, regular maintenance is essential to keep it performing as it should for many years. As you start to think about maintaining your conservatory roof, you may be wondering will a conservatory roof take my weight, as climbing onto to the roof may at first seem the most obvious way of cleaning it properly.

While the glazing bars of a conservatory roof can take the weight of an average adult, the danger comes if you put weight onto the glazing as this does not have the same load bearing strength and could shatter.

Can a conservatory take my weight

Now that you know the answer to can a conservatory roof take my weight, let’s look at how to maintain your conservatory roof safely, without putting yourself in danger.

As a conservatory roof is not designed for people to stand or walk on, the safest way to get yourself into a position where you can review and carry out maintenance on it is to use a ladder that is specially designed for this purpose. This will ensure that you do not need to accidentally stand on any glazed areas. This will stop you needing to test out whether a conservatory roof can take your weight and will keep you safe.

You might want to buy your own ladder or they can be hired from various hire shops such as HSS. Click here to find out more about conservatory access ladders available to hire from HHS, which will stop you injuring yourself by testing out whether you can stand on a conservatory roof: https://bit.ly/2ZWOAln.

Further information about maintaining and looking after your conservatory can be found on our conservatory cleaning page here: https://bit.ly/37GypuY

Other reasons why you might wonder ‘will a conservatory take my weight?’

So far we’ve looked at the main reason why people tend to query whether a conservatory roof will take their weight, and that is for maintenance purposes. There are many other reasons though why homeowners might ask how strong is their conservatory roof and if their conservatory roof will take their weight and one of the most common is the weather.

Homeowners who live in areas which are subjected to heavy snow and wind loads often wonder about the strength of their conservatory roof and how it can withstand the worst of the elements. Some people think that if they can find out if a conservatory roof can take their weight or if they can walk or stand on their conservatory roof that this will answer their question. However, the answer is much more complex.

Firstly, as already stated, Ultraframe would never advise someone to test out whether their conservatory roof can take their weight or to stand or walk on their conservatory roof. During the design of every Ultraframe conservatory roof, the wind and snow loads of the specific postcode of where it will be installed are calculated, and the roof is designed to be able to withstand the worst that mother nature can throw at it.

While this means that the roof is engineered to be as strong as it needs to be for its specific location, this does not necessarily mean it is also strong enough to take the weight of an adult, all on one small section of the roof.

The moral of the story here is that regardless of how strong your conservatory roof is, you should never try to test out whether a conservatory roof can take your weight by standing or walking on it.

Will a conservatory take my weight

Can my conservatory roof take my weight?

Yes, your conservatory will be strong enough to take your weight, but If there is one thing that we’d like you to take away after reading this article it’s that you should never check whether your conservatory roof can take your weight by standing or climbing on it as this is extremely dangerous and could result in a large amount of damage to the conservatory glazing, as well as serious injury to yourself.

If you do genuinely need to access the roof of your conservatory, make sure you do so safely by using proper access equipment. Do not attempt to test out whether your conservatory roof can take your weight by climbing on it because no matter how strong your conservatory roof is, it is not designed for this type of load.

Hopefully, this has answered queries you might have about your conservatory, such as how strong are conservatory roofs, can my conservatory roof take my weight, can I stand on a conservatory roof and can you walk on a conservatory roof?

Ultraframe is the world leader in the design and manufacture of conservatory roof systems for over 35 years and our roofs are widely acknowledged as the most technically advanced and strongest conservatory roofs on the market – yet we would urge you not to test out whether your conservatory can take your weight by standing or climbing on it. This is not what the roofs are designed for and the safety of our customers means everything to us.

Thank you for reading this guide which explains how strong are conservatory roofs, can my conservatory roof take my weight, can I stand on a conservatory roof and can you walk on a conservatory roof.


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