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A beautiful, energy efficient Garden Room is a stunning way to create extra living space at home in your garden. It is the perfect way to create a quiet space disconnected from the house, making it an ideal solution for home gyms or garden office spaces. Ultraframe are proud to offer market leading Garden Rooms to homeowners throughout the UK.

Our Garden Rooms feature remarkably high thermally efficient components, meaning that your new garden space is ideal for use all year round, even during colder winter months. They feature Super-Insulated Columns, which are five times more thermally efficient than brick piers. All main components also comply with Building Regulations in terms of energy efficiency and ventilation, so you can rest assured that your Garden Room will be the ideal year-round space.

Finished in striking anthracite grey, your Garden Room will be low maintenance and fade-free allowing you to enjoy your new space for many years, which, unlike many cedar clad Garden Rooms, will stand the test of time.

Two Distinct Styles

The Studio Garden Room is a stylish, contemporary and compact design, ideal if you need a small room or have a smaller garden. The Studio avoids the need for planning permission even on a boundary, giving you one less thing to worry about. The Studio Garden Room has a height of 2500mm and is fully fitted with reverse lean-to Livinroof.

If you need a little extra height, for example if you are looking to create a home gym, The Tall Studio's 2900mm height is an ideal option for your new space.

The Pavilion is an orangery style Garden Room that provides a more spacious environment than The Studio. This larger style is ideal for a whole host of uses, including a home gym, garden office, children’s play area or a man cave! Enjoy plenty of natural light thanks to the four large integrated shaped fixed rooflights in the Georgian style Livinroof.

You can also opt for The Premium Pavilion, the most luxurious garden room in our range. The Premium Pavilion offers all the benefits of The Pavilion, with insulated inline columns to provide enhanced thermal performance and style.

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Versatile Garden Rooms

The two distinct Garden Room styles can be completely tailored with full-length windows, contemporary insulated side panels and large integrated fixed glass rooflights to create a space that is unique to you.

The excellent thermal performance benefits that Garden Rooms by Ultraframe provide make them the ideal solution for enhanced home living. Your new space can be used as a garden home office, a gym or yoga studio, children's play area, summer house or more!



Ultraframe Garden Rooms provide an unbeatable range of design options allowing you to customise your new space.

Compatible with a range of door styles, you may decide on traditional French doors or more contemporary bi-fold or sliding doors. Externally, choose a finish that’s right for you, whether that’s timber claddings or a more modern coloured cladding, you can make your Ultraframe Garden Room your own.

Regardless of the season, your Garden Room will be filled with natural light. This is because they are designed with large integrated fixed rooflights. Other Garden Rooms will generally charge a lot more money to have rooflights added to your design.

Rooflights are great for home offices, particularly if you are working at a computer all day. Plenty of natural light is much better for your eyes and wellbeing, helping you focus and really get the most out of your Garden Room.

Designed by experts, our Garden Room components are guaranteed for 10 years. Not only can you rest assured that your space will last for many years, but they will have a lifespan of over 30 years.

Garden Rooms by Ultraframe are designed in such a way that they are precision engineered off-site. This means that when your installer comes to construct your new Garden Room, everything fits perfectly when assembled. With shorter lead times than other alternatives on the market, your new space can be built in just 1-2 days, depending on the size you choose.

Garden Rooms by Ultraframe have been designed with components designed for use in home extensions and are Building Regulation compliant. Traditional Garden Rooms are not required to meet this high level of thermal performance and can be more expensive to heat in the colder months. This means that many Garden Rooms struggle to reach a comfortable temperature in the colder winter months.

Ultraframe Garden Rooms are twice as energy efficient as most other premium Garden Rooms on the market today. This is because they meet the thermal requirements for a home extension as standard, making them a more viable option if you want to use your Garden Room year-round.

Garden Rooms by Ultraframe
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Market Leading Components

All Garden Rooms by Ultraframe come with a Livinroof as standard which is a huge benefit. Livinroof is a market leading solid roof solution with U-Value of 0.16 and has been used hundreds of times on conservatory and extension projects.

The patented Ultrapanel walls provide better insulation than a typical house wall with a U-Value of 0.17 creating a cosy space that feels like part of your garden.

Large integrated fixed rooflights deliver an influx of natural light in contrast to alternative Garden Rooms where rooflights can often be an expensive addition.

Garden Rooms often don't allow for rooflights or can be very costly to add to the build. The Studio and The Pavilion include fixed rooflights as standard, so you can enjoy plenty of natural light throughout the year, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment, ideal for exercise or working. The Livinroof is pre-approved for Building Regulations by both JHAI and LABC, giving you total peace of mind.

The Studio Garden Room includes a reverse lean-to Livinroof and The Pavilion is includes a double hipped Georgian style Livinroof which provides an orangery-like design.

Garden Home Office

Choose a Garden Room for Your Home

Whatever reason you need your Garden Room for, Garden Rooms by Ultraframe are a fantastic option. We have been designing and creating market leading conservatories, extensions and replacement roofs for decades and are proud to introduce Garden Rooms as the latest addition to the Ultraframe family.

We work with leading installers who have been verified to install our products throughout the UK through our Ultra Installer scheme. This means that when we put you in contact with your local installer, you can rest assured that they have had full Garden Room training and know-how to professionally and correctly assemble our products, giving you complete peace of mind.

Get in touch today to start your Garden Room journey. Alternatively, find a local installer in your area to get your project underway even sooner.


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