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Ultraframe is the leading manufacturer of conservatory products in the UK. We have been at the forefront of innovation for 30 years and continue to strive to find new ways to improve our conservatories – not just for our customers, but to our Installers too. This means that our systems excel on every level: visually, practically and in terms of the strong levels of performance they deliver.

Our systems are designed, then tested rigorously to ensure they meet our high standards. Every conservatory, orangery, extension and replacement conservatory roof we install for our customers is built to last and add long-lasting value. And, with such a wide range of products to choose from, we’re able to respond to the changing trends of the market and respond to almost any requirements.

Independently verifying the quality of our conservatory products is important to us. That’s why we have gone to such great lengths to achieve accreditations from recognised industry bodies. Ultraframe is the only conservatory manufacturer whose products have been tested and approved by the British Board of Agrement (BBA).

Our ability to respond to the diverse needs of UK homeowners is made evident by our wide portfolio of conservatory products. From classic or contemporary conservatories, orangeries and extensions, through to bespoke designs, we can help. All of this is supported by our high-performing range of lantern roofs, replacement conservatory roofs and range of accessories and industry-leading technology.

Conservatory Planning Permission

The Quality and Range of Conservatory Products You Need


Ultraframe can offer its customers a wide selection of conservatory products. Explore our Classic design, which can reflect a contemporary or modern look by choosing a uPVC or Quantal Aluminium roof and changing other aspects of its design. Alternatively, add a touch of grandeur to your home with an Ultraframe performance conservatory with super insulated columns that thermally deliver.


If an orangery – rather than a conservatory – ticks your design boxes, you won’t be spoilt for choice. Create a stunning modern effect with our contemporary orangery, which features full height windows and bi-fold doors that open to near threshold length to provide near unbroken views of the outside. Explore our Lantern and Classic orangery designs for further inspiration for your new project.


Our extensions meet building regulations, so you won’t need to worry about compliance issues. Our Glass Extension cuts through legislative red tape by removing connecting doors from the design equation to provide an open plan layout that allows superb threshold access. The Ultraframe Livinroof Extension incorporates a hybridised roof that is solid and glazed to optimise light entry and thermal efficiency.

New Roof

Whether you need a new or replacement conservatory roof, we’re perfectly positioned to help. The versatility of our technology will be clear when you look at our Ultraroof, which provides all the thermal benefits of a solid conservatory roof, but can incorporate glazed panels or Velux windows into its structure. Our Livinroof adheres to similar principles, and we offer a glass replacement conservatory roof too.

Modern Orangery Ideas

The Technology in our Conservatory Systems is Adaptable

We are able to continuously adapt our range of conservatory products – and improve their range of application and performance – because of the high-performing technology that we invest in. Below are just a few examples of how Ultraframe seeks new and innovative ways to deliver industry-leading conservatory systems for homeowners throughout the UK.

Design Software

Your conservatory roof – whether it’s a replacement system or part of a new design you’ve instructed – will need to be the right weight to prevent undue pressure being applied to your frames. Our design software uses NASA data to anticipate snow and wind loading to your individual house and then factors this into the design of the roof system, so that its compliant with building regulations and won’t put you or your family at risk.

Insulated Columns

Our insulated columns function as a perfect accompaniment for roof range. Not only do they expertly frame and break up the glass, they also deliver thermal efficiency levels up to five times higher than a brick pier of the same size. Ultraframe insulated columns can be installed in a full height format or scaled back to accommodate a dwarf wall if a classic conservatory look is preferred.


Conservatories, extensions and orangeries need to be adequately ventilated to prevent condensation forming and damp problems. An Ultraframe conservatory roof will incorporate trickle vents as standard to filter out warm moist air; but our Eavesflow unit provides additional cross flow ventilation, and encourages convection to create a conservatory room that is a pleasure to spend time in always.


The performance glass used in our conservatories is designed to create a perfect environment – regardless of whether its summer or winter. Conservaglass can block out most solar rays, resulting in a conservatory extension that doesn’t overheat during hotter spells. During colder periods, this glazing will provide the reverse benefit by stopping heat from escaping, thereby keeping the conservatory, extension or orangery warm.

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