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A Closer Look at the Central Lighting Panel

An Electrical Housing System, the Perfect Addition

Our central lighting panel sits in the under-cladded section of your roof’s central ridge (if you’ve chosen a glazed system). It can be added to a lean-to conservatory or house extension where the roof meets the wall.

Stylistically, the central lighting panel will make an impact. It will also make your room more thermally efficient, as its fully insulated. You won’t need to worry about issues like heat loss and can instead relax in complete comfort.

Add Comfort and a Touch of Style to Your Design

Bring the inside of your new room to life with the central lighting panel, a practical and stunning feature that can be added to any conservatory or glazed extension that uses the Ultraframe Glass Roof system.

The central lighting panel is incredibly versatile, as it can accept the inclusion of pendants, chandeliers, spotlights and more. Create a room space that’s perfect for relaxing or entertaining in with this wonderful feature.

Create the Space You Need and Value to Your Home

Instead of moving to create the space you need, create a new room by building a new conservatory or replacing your existing roof with our Glass Roof system, into which the central lighting panel can be installed.

The light generated in your room will make it seem more spacious and improve its market appeal. When the time comes to sell, prospective buyers will recognise the expansion potential your home has to offer.

Conservatory Lighting

Three Benefits of The Central Lighting Panel

Compatible with the Glass Roof

The central lighting panel is designed to work with the Ultraframe Glass Roof. This means you won’t be restricted when designing your new glazed extension, orangery or conservatory because a range of styles will be available.

Victorian, Edwardian, Gable and more – the versatility of our Glass Roof means you’ll be able to customise every aspect of your room’s design, which will be completed by the cosy effect created by your central lighting panel.

Decorate Your Room Your Way

Once the central lighting panel has been fitted, you can bring your new room to life by painting it in a neutral or bold colour – or even leave it blank. Either way, this feature will complement your stylistic choices.

Your central lighting panel – when combined with the right choice of colours and furniture – will convert your space into a room that can be used to relax in on quieter evenings, or for entertaining friends.

A Product Designed to Last

The central lighting panel inserts seamless into our ever-popular Glass Roof – a system that has been thoroughly tested by third parties like Wintech and the British Board of Agrement (BBA) to ensure it meets a high standard.

The BBA estimates that our Glass Roof has a life expectancy of 25 years, which means your central lighting pelmet – of which it is a part – will continue to deliver long-term value and comfort for a very long time.


  • Allows for the installation of spotlights pendants or downlights
  • Painted to match rest of room
  • Insulates the roof ridge





10-year manufacturers guarantee, with your Ultraframe installer who completes the installation.

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