Energy Efficiency Ratings Explained

14th February 2018

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Understand Energy Ratings and Start Saving Money

An energy rating is a score that explains how efficient a home is at retaining heat. It also identifies how environmentally friendly it is likely to be -  after all, a property that produces less energy will have a lower carbon output.

Energy efficient homes are less expensive to heat. If the double glazing in your extension or conservatory roof is locking in the heat during winter, and limiting solar ray penetration in summer, your home will be cheaper to run.

Homeowners want to be savvy about energy efficiency ratings but often refrain from researching the subject because they think it’s too complicated. In fact, reducing your bills and carbon footprint is much easier than you first thought.

Energy Efficiency Made Simple

Here are a few terms you may encounter during your research into energy efficiency, along with a short overview of their meanings.


The more effective your doors, windows – and other household products – are at insulating your home, the lower their U-value will be. Poorly fitted double glazing will, therefore, produce a higher score – as cold air will be able to escape and enter in through gaps in the installation.

SAP Calculations

This is a requirement that falls under current Building Regulations, which is used to assess new builds, conservatories and extensions. It assesses the energy rating of a structure and attributes a score to it. If the fuel costs and carbon output of the home are low, the SAP score will be higher.

How Can Ultraframe Make Your Home More Thermally Efficient?

We offer a range of high-performing products designed and tested to ensure our customers’ homes are as energy efficient as possible.

Super Insulated Columns

If you want to spend lots of time in your extension or orangery, while also staying warm and lowering your heating costs and carbon footprint, our super insulated columns will ensure you achieve your aims. Five times more thermally efficient than a brick pier of equivalent size, they will turn your brand-new extension or orangery into a comfortable room that you can enjoy all year round.


Our double glazing is extremely thermally efficient. It will deflect heat away from your orangery or extension during summer but retain heat at all other times. Conservaglass is cavity-filled with Argon gas and includes a black warm edge spacer as standard. High-performance will be guaranteed, although our Aqua option provides a marginally higher level of UV protection.

Insulated Internal Pelmet and Central lighting panel.

Choose an internal pelmet around the perimeter of your conservatory roof for a room like feel and extra insulation. Filled rockwool and combined with an insulated central lighting panel at the ridge of the roof heating costs can be reduced significantly. Both the pelmet and the lighting panel can house lights so you can have the right amount of light where you need it during the evening hours.  Think gorgeous pendant light over a dining table....

Solid Roof Systems

Enjoy all the benefits of a light-filled room without having to worry about your new room overheating. Our Ultraroof and Livinroof solid roof systems combine the thermal benefits of a solid roof with integrated glass panels roofs to deliver plenty of natural light for a warm space that feels open and positive.

Find Your Nearest Ultra Installer

Ultraframe offers a wide range of products designed to make its customers conservatories, orangeries and extensions as energy efficient as possible. For further advice, use our free search tool to find an Ultra Installer in your local area.

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Are orangeries cold in winter? No - orangeries are not cold in winter, in fact they are very warm. Orangery roofs are highly thermally efficient, meaning that orangeries are warm and comfortable, whatever the time of year.

FAQs Thermal Efficiency Design

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