Are orangeries cold in winter?

7th November 2019

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Are orangeries cold in winter?

No - orangeries are not cold in winter, in fact they are very warm. Orangery roofs are highly thermally efficient, meaning that orangeries are warm and comfortable, whatever the time of year.

If you’re thinking of installing an orangery onto your home, you may be wondering if orangeries are cold in winter. In short, the answer is no - orangeries are not cold in winter, in fact, orangeries are actually very warm in winter. Read on to find out the reasons why an orangery is a great way to extend your living space at home, giving you a new room that is warm and cosy, even on the coldest of winter days.

orangery with flat skylight

So why do people sometimes wonder if orangeries are cold in winter? This is possibly down to old, dated conservatories having a poor reputation for being cold in winter, but with the latest conservatory and orangery technology, this is not something you need to worry about. Modern orangeries are as warm as any other room in your home – even in winter.

Top 5 reasons why orangeries are not cold in winter

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why you do not need to worry if an orangery will be cold in winter:

  1. Orangeries tend to feature a certain amount of brick or solid wall areas, and so there is less chance of the space becoming cold through poor quality glazing. Old, poorly performing sealed units in the windows or doors of an orangery are one of the main reasons why your orangery may be cold in winter. By designing an orangery which features columns, or solid walls/areas, this will greatly improve the thermal performance of your orangery – meaning that it will be warm even on the coldest of days.
  2. The lanterns and flat skylights that are used to bring light into orangeries are now highly thermally efficient. For instance, the Ultraframe Ultrasky Lantern is the warmest lantern roof on the market thanks to the thermal breaks throughout the roof. These thermal breaks mean that the lantern provides unrivalled thermal performance, meaning you don’t have to worry about your orangery being cold in winter. The same is true of Ultrasky Flat Skylights – another popular roof window glazing choice for orangeries, and another one that will ensure that your orangery remains warm, even in winter. 
  3. While orangeries typically feature brick-built columns, Ultraframe has designed a product to replace these that is five times more thermally efficient! Ask your installer about Ultraframe’s super-insulated columns. Not only will they mean that your orangery can be built much quicker, but they will also improve its thermal performance, meaning you won’t have an orangery that’s cold in winter – it will be warm and toasty, no matter how cold it is outdoors.
  4. The windows and doors that are part of any orangery design are advancing in technology and thermal performance all the time – ensuring an orangery that isn’t cold in winter, but that is a room like any other in your home – suitable for use on any day of the year. When speaking you’re your installer about the design and specification of your orangery, make sure the windows are doors are high performing, to make sure they retain the heat you put in from radiators etc. Ask your installer to make sure the windows and doors in your orangery are ‘A’ rated – these are the best windows and doors available in terms of keeping a room or orangery warm.
  5. As an orangery features areas of solid wall, it is very simple for your orangery builder to include heating in the design, just as you would in any other room in your home. The easiest solution is to extend your central heating system and have radiators installed. This is another sure-fire way of making sure you don’t have an orangery that is cold in winter.

orangery with lantern roofs

How important are the rooflights in an orangery to make sure it's not cold in winter?

When designing your orangery, its vital to choose the right rooflights/skylights/lanterns to make sure that your orangery won’t be cold in winter.

Many people overlook the glazing in the roof of an orangery when considering the thermal performance, but they perform a vital function in terms of ensuring that your orangery will be a warm and inviting room to spend time in and so choosing the best ones available is very important.

The Ultrasky Lanterns and Flat Skylights are a fantastic choice for the roof of your orangery. Not only do they look stunning, but they also offer incredible thermal performance, so that your orangery will be a comfortable temperature and won’t ever be cold.

Here are the key benefits of Ultrasky Lanterns and Flat Skylights and why you should use them on your orangery:

  • The Ultrasky Lantern is thermally broken inside and out. This means that cold air from outside cannot travel through the materials of the lantern to the inside of your room, which would make it cold. The thermal breaks have been designed into the Ultrasky lantern to ensure that it provides a highly thermally efficient orangery glazing solution – one that will mean that your orangery is warm even on the coldest days, just like any other room in your home.
  • The Ultrasky Flat Skylight features Warm Frame technology. This means that the Ultrasky Flat Skylight is unrivalled in terms of thermal efficiency amongst the other flat skylights on the market. This means it is the very best choice you can make if you are adding flat skylights to your orangery and want it to be warm and cosy, all year round.
  • The Ultrasky Flat Skylight can also be paired with an optional kerb to sit atop. The kerb is also highly thermally efficient and so is an excellent choice to further boost the warmth within your orangery.

orangery with flat skylight

Find out more about making your orangery warm

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will no longer have any worries about your orangery being cold in the winter, and you should also understand more about choosing the right products to make your orangery as warm as possible.

To find out more about the Ultrasky Lantern and Flat Skylight and how they can help to make your orangery warm and cosy, visit this page.

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