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Kitchen Extension Ideas

19th April 2018

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Inspiring Kitchen Extension Ideas

Whether you’re planning on adding a kitchen extension, conservatory or orangery to your home, you’ll be able to find what you need here to create your perfect scheme.Kitchen Extensions Need Light

If you like kitchen extensions like the one in the picture above, you’ll need to think about how your spaces will flow. Light will play a vital part in your design strategy – as it will connect different areas of your home together.

Get Better Views with the Ultrasky

Our Ultrasky Roof – which fuses the classic style of an orangery with the those of a glazed extension – uses fewer bars in the roof and extends to the eaves beam, which means it lets in more light and provides better views of the sky.

Kitchen extensions built using the Ultrasky roof also benefit from better access and unbroken views of the outside. This roof system can incorporate a structural goalpost that remains hidden while allowing bi-fold doors with a span width of up to 6m to be fitted into its structure.

Create Space with Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors open fully to create an almost threshold-wide access point that will come into its own when you’re entertaining, while also letting in more light. Your kitchen, extension and garden will feel connected, and guests will be able to flow through your newly-created space with ease.

Create Your Perfect Space with Our Veranda

Is a standard or open-plan kitchen extension best? With Our Veranda conservatory, you can have both.

Then take a closer look at our Veranda. If you want a space that is multi-functional and designed to suit any occasion – not to mention any weather – this is a conservatory that will provide a solution to your kitchen extensions dilemma.

Kitchen Extension Ideas

Two Spaces or One

Our Veranda conservatory creates two distinct spaces that could be used separately or flow together. The oversails in the roof create a sheltered pocket, which could be used for entertaining or relaxing during the evening or rainy weather.

Bi-fold doors could be used internally and externally, which means you could separate your kitchen from your conservatory – and your conservatory from your garden.

When fully opened, your doors would connect all three spaces together. You could use your garden to host a BBQ, then head back inside for some drinks and relaxation.

If you want to let more light in, glazed side frames can be added to your design. The roof and frames can be colour-customised to ensure continuity. Our Veranda kitchen extensions stand out for all the right reasons!

Veranda Conservatory

The Ultrasky Lantern Creates Incredible Views

Bigger kitchen extensions (like the one pictured above) connect with other areas in a home when light entry into the room space is properly enabled. Our Ultrasky Lantern uses slimmer bars than other lanterns – and fewer of them. Better internal and external sightlines and improved views come as standard with the Ultrasky Lantern.

As well as allowing light to be focussed centrally – on a breakfast bar or dining table, for example – the Ultrasky roof is the perfect accompaniment for kitchen extensions for a different reason. Spotlights or hanging lights can be fitted into the ceiling to make your space warm and cosy when the sun’s gone down.

Choose the Right Colour

Kitchen extensions need more than just light if a sense of space is to be achieved. This is a room you will spend a lot of time in, and visitors will pass through it on their way to your garden. Choose white as your primary colour and use reflective glass to decorate notable features – - like your breakfast bar – to create a bright and welcoming environment.

Kitchen extensions like this might also benefit from:

  • Fully glazed patio or bi-fold doors that will open your new room space to the garden
  • The use of a consistent theme throughout, like wooden flooring, to create a sense of unity
  • Customised frames that match the internal scheme used in your kitchen and elsewhere

Ultrasky Roof Prices

Orangery Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen extension pictured above features an Ultrasky roof that will add even more light to your new room. You can also add super-insulated columns to improve thermal efficiency and improve external sightlines.

Add Bi-Fold Doors for Better Access

Extra-wide bi-fold doors – which can achieve a span of up to 6m – could be used to introduce your orangery kitchen extension to your garden.

Connect the Inside and Outside

To link your interior and exterior spaces seamlessly, you could use the same tiles – which would allow your kitchen space to blend in with your garden.

Renovate Your New Roofline

Externally, the inclusion of a decorative cornice would add a modern touch to your orangery kitchen and hide the gutters in your roofline – further improving its external appearance.

Ultrasky Roof Cost

Kitchen Extensions: FAQs

If you’ve been looking at kitchen extensions and had some questions, keep reading.

Do Kitchen Extensions Need Planning Permission?

Kitchen extensions need planning permission under certain circumstances. If your room design is going to be open-plan, then consent may be needed – plus, your structure will need to comply with Building Regulations.

Orangery or Conservatory – Which is Best?

An orangery or conservatory could be ideal for your kitchen extensions project. Orangeries tend to use more masonry and feature a lantern roof, whereas conservatories are heavily glazed. But contemporary or traditional designs can be built in either case, depending on your preference.

How Much Do Kitchen Extensions Cost?

Kitchen Extension costs vary. The size of your proposed structure and the materials you use – as well as any optional extras you decide to include – will influence the final price.

Explore and Save Your Ideas

Once you’ve finished exploring our suggestions for kitchen extensions and are feeling inspired, you can search for your nearest approved Ultra Installer and ask their advice.

As you review the kitchen extensions in our blog, you may want to save the images for reference. To do this, create a Scrapbook – it only takes a couple of minutes.

Our orangeries, conservatories and extensions can be explored by using our brand-new VR tool. This means you can ‘step inside’ your dream room for a closer look.

Find Kitchen Extensions Installer Near You

Use our approved Ultra Installer search tool to find reputable kitchen extension installers near you. They will be able to discuss your ideas and offer advice on our complete range of products.

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