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8th May 2018

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Orangery or Conservatory?

Orangery extensions are growing in popularity. Traditionally, they featured a high brick-to-glass ratio – resulting in a room space that felt private and like a natural extension of a property.

The rise of designer orangeries and conservatories has changed the home improvement landscape. Homeowners want orangery extensions that are extensively glazed and thermally efficient.

Orangery Extensions: What’s Your Intention?

Before considering the finer details of your design, it’s important to think about how you’ll use your new space. Orangery rooms can be used to perform many functions. A new dining area, lounge or study are just some of the possibilities.

Our orangery extensions can be built in different configurations, depending on which building style you prefer.

Georgian Orangery Extension

Georgian Orangery Extensions

Because the Georgian style comprises a flat front and is either rectangular or square in shape, every inch of its space is used effectively. Its distinctive sloping roof creates a vaulted effect.

Our Georgian orangery extensions can be double hipped if needed, which means all angles of the roof would slope down – instead of connecting flat to the wall of your property. The following Ultraframe orangery extensions can be built in the Georgian style:

• Contemporary Orangery

• Traditional Orangery

T-Shaped Orangery Extensions

If you have more space available, a T-shaped building style might suit you better. This design compromises a Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian orangery - then adds an additional projection.

T-shaped orangery extensions are ideal if you want to create two distinct spaces - a lounge attached to a narrow dining area, for example. Your Ultra Installer will be able to help with the design.

The following Ultraframe orangery extensions can be built in the T-shaped style:

• Traditional Orangery

Orangery Extensions: Design Ideas

Choose from three different market-leading orangery extensions to achieve a modern or classic design.

Orangery Lantern Roof Prices

Contemporary Orangery: Overview

This stunning option includes our Ultrasky Roof as standard, which means your new room will be fully illuminated – thanks in part, also, to the full-height glazing used in your windows.

Outside, super-insulated columns will give your room a sense of authority and communicate contemporary style. They will also deliver thermal efficiency levels five times higher than brick.

Design Ideas

Ultrasky Roof with Bi-Fold Doors

The Ultrasky roof can conceal a structural goal post that allows bi-fold doors up to 6m in span to be installed. Bi-fold doors open almost fully and are a great way to create a seamless link between your orangery and garden.

Make the Most of your Ceiling Pelmet

Orangery extensions need to look stunning inside, too. The inclusion of a ceiling pelmet – which can be extended if more space is available – will help your new space feel and act like a continuation of your home.

Add speakers and lighting to your pelmet to make it feel like a living room and contrast earthy shades with reflective colours to ensure your space is cosy but never too dark.

Link the Inside to the Outside

Continue the style and colour of your orangery floor outside to unite your interior and exterior spaces. By using patio paving of a similar shade to the flooring inside your extension, your orangery and garden will seamlessly connect and come into their own when you’re entertaining.

Classic Orangery Designs

Traditional Orangery: Overview

If you prefer seclusion, traditional orangery extensions will appeal to you. This building style will reflect your ambition through the inclusion of brick pillars that will lend a sense of strength and permanence to your design.

The glazed roof will stop your traditional orangery from feeling enclosed. When spending time in your new room, the insulated internal pelmet will make your new installation feel more like a lounge.

Design Ideas

Use French Doors for Privacy

Include French doors if you favour orangery extensions that feel private. You’ll be able to open your room up to the elements during warmer weather but create a warm and cosy space during the evening or colder weather.

Use Matching Colours Throughout

Our traditional orangery extensions can be fitted in any colour, so you’ll be able to match your frames and roof to suit the décor of your home. You could use different shades inside and outside to create the best effect.

Create a Private Area Outside

If separate spaces matter to you, create a paved area outside your orangery and make sure it’s a different shade to your floor. Use pots, plants and other such herbage to create a boundary and improve privation.

Orangery Lantern Roofs

Ultrasky Lantern Orangery: Overview

Rectangular in shape, our Ultrasky lantern roof can be extended from 1000mm x 1500mm through to 4000m x 5850 – so you won’t have to compromise on the design of your new room.

Our Ultrasky lantern orangery extensions are weathertight and can withstand wind speeds up to 130mph. Ideal for flat roofs – but also able to fit onto a standard orangery deck – this roof will illuminate and connect your spaces.

Design Ideas

Use Bi-Fold Doors and Lighting

As with our other orangery designs, bi-fold doors can be added to improve access and reveal wide panoramas of your garden. Why not use lighting externally to light up your garden and create a focal point for visitors when you’re entertaining at night?

Arrange Your Furniture Effectively

Arrange the furniture in your new room to make the most of the light from above. Why not position your breakfast bar centrally if you’re building a kitchen orangery extension?

Make Your Room Private but Bright

Using curtains or blinds will give you the option to screen off your living area if you don’t want to be overlooked and will also add decorative value.

To stop your orangery extension from becoming too bright, contrast your room using darker colours – this will also help to unite your space.

Your Next Step

Have a look at our orangery extensions and, if you see something you like, save the image to your Scrapbook. That way, you’ll be able to review your ideas later – and can even step through your favourite images with your approved Ultra Installer.

In many cases, you can use our VR tool to take an online tour of the product you’re interested in. By clicking on hotspots within each image, you’ll be able to explore the features of our orangery extensions in more detail. Why not start your journey now?

Orangery Extensions: FAQs

Will My Extension Need to Meet Building Regulations?

Your extension will only need to meet Building Regulations if you want to connect it to your home without using any doors. Otherwise, your new room should satisfy relevant requirements.

What Size Can Orangery Extensions Be?

Your orangery extension can’t occupy any more than 50% of the land around your home. You’ll need to account for any existing outbuildings, like sheds or greenhouses, when running the numbers.

Do Ultraframe Orangery Extensions Come with A Warranty?

Ultraframe orangery extensions include a manufacturer’s warranty. You will need to speak to your approved Ultra Installer to verify the level of cover.

Contact Your Nearest Orangery Extensions Installer

Our nationwide network of approved Ultra Installers has been audited by us to ensure the highest standard.

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