The Original and Most Loved Glass Roofs

Tried, tested and trusted, the Ultraframe Classic roof has been manufactured in Britain for over 35 years with over 2 million roofs produced. Configurable to any shape and any size, Classic roof will provide you with the flexibility you need to design your new conservatory. Industry-leading technology and extraordinary quality components will ensure your new roof is an investment worth having.

Available with many performance glass specification and sizes from 24mm through to 35mm, you’ll also be able to customise your new roof by selecting from a beautiful portfolio of colours, including ‘white,’ ‘mahogany’ and ‘grey.’

  • Watertight in winds up to 130mph
  • Unique top caps and adjustable speedlocks designed to optimise glazing bar compression
  • Sturdiest, most durable gaskets and glazing stops
  • Triple layer storm shield at radius end
  • The most configurable roofing system available
  • Advanced software to instantly validate structural requirements of any large shape and complex designs
  • Low pitch eaves beam and variable ridges for pitches from 2.5 to 40.9°
  • Integrated structural solutions for large spans of bi-folding doors.
  • The original and most loved glazed roof
  • The first roofing system to be approved by BBA
  • Made in Britain for over 35 years
  • Over 1.5 million roofs installed
  • Specialist software engineers every critical element of the roof for optimum deflection, compression and tension
  • NASA satellite data used to calculate the maximum wind AND snow load requirements
  • Super strong eaves beam, ridge, valley and jack rafter
  • The only roof engineered to postcode
  • Unbeatable range of design options
  • Add shape and elegance externally with a choice of 4 unique Cornices.
  • Create thermally efficient, cosy and stylish rooms with insulated pelmets and columns
  • Bespoke colours in painted aluminium or foiled
  • Finishings and crestings to suit all tastes and budgets


  • The simple and most intuitive to fit
  • Click-fit speedloks and top-caps
  • Loaded with features for a fast fit, first time, every time.
  • No cutting or drilling on site for less mess
Conservatory Installation

Conservatory, Orangery or Home Extension? The Choice is Yours

Whether you want to add your new Classic roof to a conservatory, orangery or home extension, you’ll be able to achieve your design aims with this system, which uses the latest roof and glazing technology to deliver results that are both aesthetically and practically outstanding.

When added to a conservatory, the design of the Classic roof can be further complemented by adding toughened or performance glass. Creating stunning external sightlines will also be possible when you add a decorative cornice to the outside of your new room, which will hide the guttering.

Build a traditional-looking orangery easily by using the Classic roof in tandem with a plastered pelmet, pier and dwarf wall. Alternatively, if you want to add our system to a house extension, you can use it in conjunction with super-insulated or brick columns to achieve a modern or classic effect.


  • Engineered  to  reduce  condensation  and control temperature better than the nearest competitor
  • The most thermally efficient conservatory roof system on the market for lower heating bills 
  • Less mess and disruption – consistent quality whoever fits it.
  • Peace of mind – it will withstand the most severe storms
  • Choice of uPVC or Aluminium
  • No leaks guaranteed
  • Any shape, any size, anywhere
  • Gable
  • Georgian
  • Lean-to
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • Victorian
  • Performance Glass - self cleaning / solar control
  • Ultra83B High Performance - the best UK roof glass
  • Available in any colour for a truly bespoke design
  • Insulated perimeter pelmet
  • Super insulated columns
  • Central lighting panel
  • Crestings and Finials
  • Choice of 4 cornices


All of our conservatory designs are accompanied with a comprehensive 10 year parts guarantee. Please check with your Approved UltraInstaller to find out what warranties they include with your installation.

Buy with Confidence and Stay Protected When You Choose the Ultraframe Classic roof

The Ultraframe Classic roof is designed to suit the geographic area in which it will be situated. Snow that accumulates on your conservatory roof will apply additional pressure to its frames and foundations and wind can have a great impact. Ultraframe's unique software calculates the extreme wind and snow loads for your postcode and engineers the roof to withstand these conditions which means your roof will be able to handle any additional weight.

You may be replacing your conservatory roof – or adding one – with the view to selling your property. The Ultraframe Classic will be delivered to the site with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity that confirms your product is genuine. This will give you, and any potential vendor, additional peace of mind during the selling stage.

Accreditation and testing form the cornerstone of our business. The Ultraframe Classic – like all our other products – is subject to a rigorous testing regime. Although the British Board of Agrement approves our systems, we conduct independent tests in-house – which means you’ll be able to buy your conservatory roof with confidence.

The structural integrity of the Classic is achieved in part through rigorous wind testing. Wintech – a leading global organisation specialising in testing services – subjects our conservatory roofs to a range of conditions to see how they will perform when exposed to certain weather conditions, such as winds of up to 130mph.

Conservatory Roof Installation

Three Reasons to Choose the Classic Roof

Thermally-Efficient Top Caps

Your new Classic conservatory roof will keep you warm, even during the most inclement weather. This is all thanks to the clever chambered top caps included as standard as part of the Classic’s design, which simultaneously provides structural strength and prevents unnecessary heat loss.

The honeycomb centre in the chambered top caps helps ensure structural rigidity and stops warm air escaping through the bars. Twin wall chambered tops caps further contribute to thermal efficiency and prevent the build-up of condensation, which might otherwise lead to the development of mould.

The chambered nature of the cappings also acts as a security measure too, because they are impossible to remove unlike other 'single-skin' cappings.

Let in the Air with Trickle Vents

Trickle vents are included as standard with the Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof. The purpose of this feature is to induct a continual flow of air into your room to prevent moisture accumulating, while also regulating temperature – which will be important on hot summer days when your room could overheat.

The trickle vents are built into the ridge of the Classic, but can also be included at eaves level if required. They can be opened or closed manually, depending on your requirements. When activated, warm moist air will filter naturally outside, instead of landing on a warm surface where it could turn into condensation.

Patented Speedlocks

The best thing about our Classic Roof is the unique Speedlock system at each radius end. It quickly and easily clicks everything into place, and because each clip can be adjusted to account for slight tolerances in pitch it ensures every glazing bar fits snugly and securely. This, combined with the three layers of storm shield protection in the Speedlock hood, means the roof is secure, structurally sound and completely leak-proof.

Our Classic Roof Performs on Every Level

The Ultraframe Classic will add long-term value by:

Preventing structural issues. That’s because the Classic roof attaches to the ridge by way of our innovate Speedlock system, which permits the introduction of up to 15 bars. This feature provides better resistance against issues like compression and torsion to deliver superior performance.

Holding the glass in your roof in place. This is thanks to our robustly designed glazing stops, which are stronger than any other product available on the market. Additionally, because the pitch of the Classic can be adjusted from between 2.5-40.9°, it can be tailored to suit the scope of your project.

Allowing you to customise your roof. Adding a touch of style to your new room will be easy, as you’ll be able to select from 4 decorative cornices and a range of painted aluminium or foiled colours. You can also add finishes and crestings, and explore our range of super-insulated columns and pelmets.

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