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A Conservatory to Dine and Entertain

5th January 2018

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System: Conservatory

Mr & Mrs Bird are the owners of this magnificent T-shaped Ultraframe conservatory, which they had installed to their modern detached home. The Ultraframe conservatory is white uPVC and complements their existing windows and doors and has an opal/white polycarbonate roof.

The conservatory is split into 2 separate areas - an informal sitting area and a formal dining room. The windows are dressed in white drapes and give an elegant and relaxing feel to the conservatory, while a selection of plants help to make the whole space feel like part of the surrounding garden.

A decorative Ultraframe ceiling fan (with lights) and roof vents help to keep the conservatory cool in summer and a radiator (concealed behind a decorative cover) makes it cosy in winter time. This is an extension that can be used at any time of the year – whatever the weather might be.

Mrs Bird is delighted with her conservatory: "With two grown-up children and their partners, we needed more room and space but didn't want to move from this house. Our conservatory gives us the room to dine, entertain family and friends, and is generally an extension of our home."

Creating a Communal Space: What You Need to Know

Home owners are often keen to add a conservatory to their home with the outlook of creating more space. Mr and Mrs Bird used their new room to great effect, by splitting their space into two distinct areas that were ideal for entertaining and relaxing.

Building their new conservatory was also a less expensive exercise than moving – and meant that they could stay in the home they loved. Their new extension also added a different kind of value to their property, by making it more marketable to future buyers.

What follows are some conservatory design ideas that attempt to respond to the architectural demands of different homes.

Open Plan Conservatory

When planning a family space, you may prefer the idea of an open plan design that will allow for better integration and connect your conservatory to your home. You’ll need to check whether your plans comply with current Building Regulations; and, if they do, a wide range of possibilities will be available to you.

Lots of Room?

Then an open plan design that allows for the creation of two distinct areas will be possible. The two sections can function as a dining area and lounge that blend together or, if you prefer, are screened off by French doors.

When you’re not entertaining, you may desire privacy. Screening off your dining room/lounge area will be easy if you use bi-folding doors to separate the spaces. That way, the rooms function becomes interchangeable.

To create a cosy effect, install our Livinroof. It combines the benefits of solid and glazed roofs and can be vaulted or suspended. Either way, it will keep you warm and contribute toward the real room feel of your conservatory.

Livinroof Conservatory

Limited Space?

Even if room is limited, you’ll still be able to get the most of your available space. Lean-to conservatories are ideal for small and/or one-storey homes and are either square or rectangular in design.

Not a square inch will be wasted with a lean-to conservatory. You may not have room for a dining room and lounge, but if you use wall-to-ceiling glass and an Ultraframe Livinroof, you’ll benefit from lots of light.

Lots of light creates a great impression of space, which you could capitalise on by including bi-fold or sliding patio doors to open your space to the outside, which would be of great benefit when entertaining.

Use furnishings sparsely and bright colours to capture the light. Instead of using a door to separate your conservatory from your home, use your kitchen’s breakfast bar to create a boundary and connect your rooms.

Two Separate Spaces

If an open plan conservatory isn’t appealing, you can follow the same guidelines above, but fully separate your two spaces by using French doors. This will ensure your extension complies with Building Regulations.

Keeping your conservatory and home separate won’t limit the scope of your design. You’ll still be able to use your new room as a dining area, lounge - or even a playroom – as an access point will still be provided.

Dining Room Conservatories

Use your conservatory as a beautiful dining room with views of the garden. What better way to relax and eat than in a tranquil conservatory

A new conservatory can create a beautiful, elegant and stylish dining room for entertaining, in surroundings that you and your guests will find both inviting and relaxing. 

Using our homes to entertain friends and family is becoming ever more popular and whether it be throwing formal dinner parties, summer BBQs, Christmas festivities, birthday celebrations, or simply enjoying fun everyday meals, a conservatory offers the perfect solution for a spacious and pleasurable dining area.

A comfortable and peaceful environment, an Ultraframe conservatory offers a whole new perspective on dining with a difference. A place to sit and enjoy your garden and exterior surroundings, a conservatory allows you to eat, relax and chat in light and airy spaces – offering you the feeling of al fresco dining whatever the weather!

As an addition to your home, a conservatory can be built as an extension to your kitchen, creating a beautiful and spacious dining-kitchen where the family can gather and enjoy an evening of light chatter and food. And with all the extra space, an Ultraframe conservatory enables you to furnish your room as you wish, with a dining table and chairs, even a comfy settee for after dinner coffee and chocolates, allowing conversation to flow freely throughout the evening.

Conservatories are so versatile that by using them as a dining room you can use them all year round. In the summer months, use the adjacent patio for outdoor post-dinner drinks and once the temperature starts to cool later in the evening, escape to the warmth of your conservatory whilst still enjoying the garden and peaceful night sky.

Even through the winter months when the nights start to draw in and become cold, you are able to sit in the warmth of your conservatory and snuggle under the stars with a hot drink. With our specially designed Ultraframe Conservaglass you will be able to entertain your guests in comfort, no matter how frosty it may be outside.

As in any room, the lighting is of the utmost importance, but more so in a conservatory where it is essential to create the right ambience. Dine in soft lighting under the sky’s natural glow or maybe use candles to illuminate the space around you for an intimate atmosphere. Whatever you choose, our team of Ultra Installers will advise you on the best lighting to complement your room.

So, whether it is an intimate dinner for two, a grand dinner party for friends or simply a place to relax at the end of the day, you can be certain that everyone will have a wonderful time in the spacious luxury of your dining room conservatory.

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