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15th April 2018

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The Importance of Glass When Designing an Extension

The home improvement landscape has changed a lot in the last few years, with homeowners favouring designer glass extensions that emphasise light and thermal efficiency.

Conservatories and orangeries have changed too; the boundaries between them have blurred. A conservatory or orangery can, in theory, look and behave a lot like a glass extension.

Orangery Roof Prices

Orangery Glass Extensions

Choose the Ultrasky Roof

Choosing the right roof is important if you’ve been looking for glass extensions that will let in lots of light. Our Contemporary Orangery uses the Ultrasky Roof as the basis for its design – a system that uses fewer bars to create outstanding views and fully illuminate the space below it.

The Ultrasky Roof works with our super-insulated columns, which can conceal an integrated structural goalpost – a feature that allows large spans of glass or doors to be installed into our glass extensions (which means you’ll have more design choices).

Design Ideas

Make the most of the full-height glazing that comes with this stunning entry in our orangery glass extensions range. Use bright and reflective colours to pick up the light, which could be offset by dark wooden flooring for contrast and to link your spaces.

Don’t forget that our orangery glass extensions can combine super-insulated columns with bi-fold doors.

With that in mind:

Choose the Right Colours

Why not choose a patio design that complements the colour schemes you’ve used? By doing this, your spaces will seamlessly connect, resulting in a more joined-up feel.

Make the Most of Your Patio

Our super-insulated columns look stunning. Make more of your patio area by framing it with plants and adding lighting and furniture to create a dedicated space for relaxing or entertaining. You can then enjoy views of your glass orangery extension from the outside.

We offer other glass extensions too, each of which can be customised. Contact your Ultra Installer for design advice.

Glass Room Extension

Performance Glass Extensions

Our Performance Glass Extension offers similar benefits to those found in our Contemporary Orangery. Again, you can opt to crown your brand-new room space with a light-giving Ultrasky Roof – but it’s also possible to fit our Classic Roof instead.

The Classic Roof is available in uPVC or aluminium. Roof systems built using this system are ideal if you want to fully illuminate your new room. Less aluminium is needed to create structural strength, which results in fewer bars and more light.

Design Ideas:

If you’ve decided that glass extensions are the way forward, you’ll want to make the most of your open-plan design. Glass extensions are all about light and dimension, so it’s important to make sure your spaces flow together.


Create a Boundary

Use a kitchen counter, or something similar, to create separation, but allow a wide gap for people to pass through. Contrast or continue the colours throughout, depending on how connected you want these spaces to be.

Make Your Room Cosy

Although your room will be mostly glazed, it should be somewhere you can relax. Your internal ceiling pelmet will create a ‘real room feel,’ which could be enhanced with our central lighting panel, into which lights and speakers can be fitted.

Bespoke Conservatory Prices

Conservatory Glass Extensions

Glass extensions to houses work well when built in a conservatory style. Conservatories normally feature a higher glass-to-brick ratio than orangeries – which means they’re designed to let in light.

Our Performance Conservatory is compatible with the Quantal roof. Built from aluminium, this system uses less glazing bars to deliver superior views and can cope with wider-spanning structures.

The Classic Roof also works with our Performance Conservatory, which can also be built out of aluminium to deliver the same light benefits included with our Quantal system.

Need Some Inspiration?

Use Colour Consistently

The Quantal roof can be colour customised, which means our glazed conservatory extensions can be designed to suit the existing themes and schemes you’ve used in your home.

Arrange Your Furniture

Full height glazing with bi-fold doors will connect your inner and outer spaces. Use furniture sparingly and mainly around the perimeter (if layout permits). By doing this, you’ll improve access into and out of your new room space.

Use Lighting at Night Time

Glass extensions don’t benefit from natural light at night – so think about how you could make the most of your garden. By adding outside lighting, you’d be creating a focal point for visitors or family when relaxing inside during those darker evenings.

The Next Step

We’re here to help. If you want to know how to add a glass extension to your home and create an outstanding design, use our free search tool to find an Ultra Installer in your local area.

There’s a lot to think about. For example, how much do glass extensions cost? A range of choices will be available when you choose an approved Ultra Installer to design your new room.

As you use our website to find ideas, add images that inspire you to our Scrapbook. You can also use our brand-new VR tool to look at our extension range without leaving your home.

Glass Extensions: FAQs

How Much Do Glass Extensions Cost?

Glass extensions vary in cost. Depending on the size of your new room and the materials, hardware and accessories you choose, your quote for the project could rise or fall.

What Are Glass Box Extensions?

Glass box extensions are frameless, built from structural glass, and normally built to suit individual requirements. They create superb views of the outside and let in plenty of light.

What Shape Are Glass Extensions?

The shape of glass extensions varies. Depending on the product you choose, your new room could be built in a lean-to shape (ideal for one-storey or smaller structures), T- or P-shape (compromising of two different spaces, which can be used as separate rooms), an Edwardian design and much more.

My Glass Extension is Fine, But My Roof is Failing. What Should I Do?

If the frames and foundation in your glass extension are sound, you could replace your roof.

Our Livinroof allows glazing to be fitted anywhere in its structure – and in any shape. Alternatively, our ever-popular Ultraroof can use full-height glazing or Velux windows instead.

Find A Glass Extensions Installer Near You

Use our free search tool to find an approved Ultra Installer near you. They will help you design your new room and can provide a glass extensions cost for your project.

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