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A Conservatory is a Great Place for Parties

4th January 2018

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Conservatory For Bungalow Extension: A Short Case Study

Helen lived in a 2-bedroomed bungalow and decided to add a conservatory to provide extra space for entertaining while enjoying the scenic views to the rear of the property at any time of year. She decided on an Ultraframe gable-fronted conservatory, which used a box gutter to affix to the low eaves on the bungalow and provided an amazing amount of roof height from the inside.

The bungalow extension featured a glass roof to flood the adjoining rooms with light and allow uninterrupted views of the sky. A thermostatic roof vent maintained a constant flow of air within the conservatory - all Helen had to do was choose the temperature she wanted to roof vent to open at. A sensor on the outer casing ensured a speedy automatic closure, should it start to rain when the vent was open.

A comfortable sofa and a large dining table ensured there was plenty of space in the bungalow extension for entertaining visitors and family in comfort and style. The contemporary neutral colour scheme was complemented by an Ultra Select internal fascia trim, which is unique to Ultraframe and could be changed quickly and easily should Helen want to introduce a new internal colour scheme in her bungalow extension.

Helen commented: "My conservatory has been a fantastic addition to my house. Because the bungalow is quite small, this extra room has made a huge difference to the amount of living space I have and allows me to enjoy the views of the countryside. I use the area for dining, relaxing and entertaining - in fact, as these photographs show, I have even hosted a hen party in here!"

How to Make Your New Conservatory Perfect for Entertaining

Although your conservatory may also double up as a living room, lounge or study at all other times, you’ll probably want to use it as an entertainment area that can be used all year round – to host dinner parties during cold winter nights, for example, or BBQs during balmier weather.

The good news is that it’s easy to turn your bungalow extension into a versatile space that can perform more than one function. What follows is a short guide that will help you make the most of your new space and turn your home into a place that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Choose the Right Doors for Your Bungalow Extension

Opening your home to the outside will be easy when you choose bi-folding doors for your new conservatory. This style of door collapses into vertical panels that stack to the side and almost to the threshold length.

The aperture created when your bi-fold doors are fully open will enable people to leave and enter your conservatory fluidly. They will also let in lots of cool air that will ventilate your bungalow extension, making it more comfortable for visitors.

Ultraframe conservatory roof systems are incredibly versatile, which means they will, in most cases, be compatible with bi-folding doors. Whatever your design plans are, an Ultraframe conservatory system will help you achieve your dream extension.

Include High Performing Glass

Whatever time of year it might be, you want your conservatory to be the perfect temperature. Otherwise, guests who come to visit might feel uncomfortable. The high performing glazing in our conservatories will make sure this doesn’t happen in your new extension. 

The glazing used in Ultraframe conservatory designs blocks out most solar rays, so you won’t need to worry about your room overheating on hot days. During colder weather, the glass will stop warm air from escaping and prevent you from reaching for the thermostat.

Optimise the Layout of Your Conservatory

It’s all about the design. Choosing a conservatory that will provide you with a layout that’s optimised for entertaining is important. You will need to consider:

  • Size. If space is limited – perhaps because your home is small –  you should opt for a lean-to conservatory design. Its square or rectangular shape won’t waste a single square inch of space, which means you’ll be able to make the most of your room.
  • Purpose. What can you achieve with the space available? If your conservatory is P- or T-shaped, you could divide it into two areas: a dining room in the narrower section and an adjacent lounge or play area for the children to use after everyone’s eaten

There will, of course, be other important issues to consider. Your approved Ultra Installer will be able to help you make the right choices.

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