8 out of 10 Consumers Prefer Ultraroof!

8th April 2019

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8 out of 10 Consumers Prefer Ultraroof!

The Ultraroof tiled roof system from Ultraframe, which is the ideal choice for home extensions or replacement roofs, has been declared the consumer’s favourite, with 8 out of 10 UK homeowners saying they would choose to buy Ultraroof ahead of leading competitor brands of tiled roof*. This is the striking finding from recent research carried out by conservatory and extension pioneer, Ultraframe.

The reasons why Ultraroof appeals to homeowners are clear. During our research the homeowners we spoke to told us that they expect a solid tiled roof to feel less like a conservatory and more like an extension, and unlike other tiled roofing systems, which are based on conservatory technology, Ultraroof has a 380mm wide box beam which is so strong that it never needs a tie bar – ever. The box beam is a large key component of this type of roof, bringing strength and stability to the whole structure. Many of the homeowners that we spoke to told us that when creating an extension using a tiled roof, they would not expect the interior to have a tie bar, as this is a feature that they associated more with a conservatory. Tie bars run from one side of the roof to the other on the interior and so break up the roof space somewhat. It is a huge benefit of the Ultraroof system that a tie bar is never required, meaning that the roof space is always an open vaulted space – providing a great sense of drama and making the space feel even bigger thanks to the uninterrupted height of the roof.

The capabilities of the Ultraroof tiled replacement roof system have recently been extended, so it can now be used to create any shape or size of conservatory or extension. While many tiled roof extensions and conservatories are in an angular Edwardian or Georgian shape, it is also possible to create L-shapes, P-shapes, lean-to’s at high pitches and more. Speaking to your local Ultra Installer will allow you to discuss your ideas for size and shape and they will offer advice and inspiration to help you create your dream tiled roof extension or replace your existing conservatory roof to create a beautifully warm new living space that can comfortably be used all year round, no matter what the weather. 

Ultraroof shapes

The Ultraroof shown in an L-shape with Carbon grey tiles and full length glazing. 

These are just a few of the reasons which saw Ultraroof declared the homeowner’s favourite tiled roofing system, with 8 out of 10 UK homeowners saying they would choose to buy Ultraroof ahead of leading competitor brands of tiled roof. These results were largely based on the beautiful aesthetics of the Ultraroof tiled replacement roof and one of the features which we found to be very popular during our research was the internal pelmet option. This gives an additional spacious vaulted feel to the room, as well as providing the ideal space to locate spotlights or speakers. An extended soffit option also allows for an external soffit to create the extension look from outside and again, house lights to create a stunning effect that can be enjoyed when sitting in your garden on summer’s evenings.

Ultraroof also features full-length glazing panels – not just smaller Velux-type windows. These full-length panels not only look stunning from inside and out, but they also ensure that the interior is flooded with natural light to ensure a feeling of space.

Ultraroof internal

Aside from the many aesthetic features which made it the consumer’s preferred tiled roof, Ultraroof is also the fastest replacement tiled roof to fit, meaning that your installer can create your dream living space for you in much less time than if they were using an alternative system or building a traditional tiled roof from timber and slate. Not only does this mean you can enjoy your new tiled roof extension sooner, but it also means that the amount of disruption to your home and family life is minimised when choosing the Ultraroof tiled replacement conservatory roofing system.

Of course, one of the main reasons that homeowners choose a tiled roof is to benefit from the outstanding thermal performance that this kind of roof can offer and Ultraroof boasts unrivalled thermals, with a U-Value of just 0.15. It is also the strongest tiled roof on the market, with unsupported spans of up to 4m possible – ideal for bi-fold doors. While it’s the strongest tiled roof on the market, it’s also the lightest, which again makes it even easier for fitters to handle on site and the perfect choice for replacement conservatory roof projects.

While all of these features make for an outstanding system in terms of performance and aesthetics, these mean nothing without safety. Learning’s from the Grenfell Inquiry stress the importance of testing full systems, not relying on individual part certificates. As you’d expect from Ultraframe, that’s what we’ve done and to our knowledge, Ultraroof is the only replacement roof with a full system fire certificate.

As an innovation-led company, research is a crucial part of our product development pipeline, both for our new and existing systems. We’re absolutely thrilled that 8 out of 10 homeowners prefer Ultraroof over leading competitor brands of tiled replacement conservatory roofing systems.


*Based on roof appearance & aesthetics (Independent market research study conducted during February 2019 amongst 64 UK homeowners)

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