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What are the Options for Upgrading My Conservatory?

5th January 2018

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What are the Options for Upgrading My Conservatory?

Conservatories should be the best room in the house, they are light, bright and allow you to enjoy the view and the joys of nature when you don’t want to be outside in the elements. However if you’ve inherited a conservatory you don’t like or you’re conservatory has become a no go zone you’ll recognise that older conservatories can be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

Don’t worry, help is at hand… there are many options for many budgets when it comes to reviving your space. Due to advances in glass technology and conservatory roofs you can bring your conservatory back to life, even link it seamlessly to the house be removing internal doors and transforming it into a beautiful warm, bright extension.

The three questions below will help you determine the right solution for your conservatory. Follow this three-step process to plan the transformation of you conservatory.

1. How much of the conservatory you want to change?

This will largely depend on your budget but essentially you have 4 options listed in order of cost with the cheapest first.

  • Re-glaze: Changing the glass on your conservatory can have quite an impact if you opt for performance glass. Advances in glass technology mean you can now significantly reduce the solar glare, reduce fabric fade, block the sun’s heat and retain more internal heat. The option of re-glazing is only likely to be possible if you’re going back to the original installer.
  • Re-roof: Given the roof has the most impact on thermal performance, it may actually be wiser to replace the roof on your conservatory. There are many choices of roof outlined below that can really transform your conservatory into a cosy space from performance glass roofs, to hybrid systems like Livinroof to tiled solid roofs like Ultraroof.
  • Re-place: Replacing windows, doors and the roof will make your conservatory look like new. Maybe choose a different colour, add a decorative cornice or install bi-fold doors and to create a truly modern conservatory design.
  • Re-build: If you want to change the footprint of the room or dramatically change the window and doors configuration, you may want to re-build the entire structure. This will allow you unlimited design options.

2. What type of roof do you want?

The roof is the most important thing to consider when transforming your conservatory for two reasons. Firstly, because heat rises, the roof is the area where most of the heat is lost, a new more thermally efficient roof can significantly reduce heating bills. Secondly a roof lets in three times more light than the windows. Even if you’re installing a solid roof, its important to include glass in the roof design to avoid the new room (and sometimes the rest of the house) becoming disappointingly dark.

You have 4 options for your roof design

  • Performance Glass. Advances in glass specifications mean that performance glass can now make your conservatory much more comfortable all year round.
  • Performance Glass with insulated pelmet and central lighting panel: Adding a plastered and insulated perimeter pelmet around the bottom of a performance glass roof creates more of a room, making the room cosier than before, especially if you add spotlights. Significant heat is lost from the ridge of the conservatory, so why not add an insulated central lighting panel where you can add a pendant light to light a dining table or create a real style statement.
  • Livinroof: This solid roof system has a hybrid design combining urban grey and glass panels to create your own unique design.
  • Ultraroof: The lightest tiled solid roof on the market that is so strong it never needs a tiue bar and always has a beautiful vaulted ceiling.

3. Do you want to open up the room to the rest of the house?

Older conservatories usually have separating doors between the conservatory and the rest of the house, this was because they were not thermally efficient enough to be classed as habitable living spaces and demanded a separate heating source so as not to be a drain on the central heating.

Now thanks to advances in technology, it is possible to have a glazed extension that can become open plan to the rest of the house. You will need to discuss this with your installer, however if you choose a thermally efficient design you maybe able to create an open plan extension. This will add far more value to your house than a conservatory

If you want the best of both worlds, why not create a wider opening and add a set of bi-folds between the conservatory and the house to build a flexible space.

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