Why Should I Replace the Roof on my Conservatory?

28th November 2014

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A conservatory is a superb way of adding extra room to any style of home, will let lots of natural light into your property and create a halfway space between. By adding a conservatory, you will also significantly enhance the value of your property.

If you have an older conservatory, it could be time for an upgrade to a modern system. If your conservatory roof is leaking, you are probably not feeling comfortable enough and are getting too hot in summer or too cold in the winter months.

You could try heaters or even air conditioning units, but these can be expensive and are hardly kind to the environment. Equally, you may find that your current conservatory roof has some structural faults – these, of course, will not go away.

Have You Looked at Ultraframe’s Livinroof?

If you update your conservatory roof to a product like Ultraframe’s Livinroof, you can look forward to many benefits, including:

• A more comfortable environment, thanks to Livinroof’s thermal properties;
• A quieter and more peaceful room, due to your roof’s superb acoustic ability ;
• Improved privacy, which means you’ll be able to relax without being overlooked;
• Enhanced temperature regulation that will reduce your reliance on heating;
• Greater confidence in its reliability, as it comes fully backed with a guarantee;
• A much smarter appearance – meaning your new conservatory roof will stand out.

Livinroof is a pioneering conservatory roof system and has been designed to give customers a seamless combination of solid and glazed roofing. You will be able to extend your living space and enjoy enhanced thermal performance all year round.

The Livinroof system is built from insulated composite external panels and Kingspan slab insulation, which return a high level of thermal efficiency and are hardwearing. Your new conservatory roof will keep you warm during the coldest winter months.

Structurally, this conservatory roof makes use of our market-leading Classic roof system to give added strength. Your new roof system will be able to handle anything the British weather throws at it this winter when you choose the Livinroof system.

Other Benefits of Choosing Livinroof

There are so many reasons to choose Livinroof as your conservatory roof system of choice. Here are just a few of them for you to consider:

More Room

If you replace your existing conservatory roof with a high-performing one that draws on the benefits of modern industry technology, you’ll benefit from more space. If your existing roof is no longer locking in the heat but allowing in cold air, your conservatory has probably been relegated to a glorified storeroom.

Replacing your existing system with Livinroof will transform your conservatory into a room that can, once again, be used as an all-year-round space. During warmer weather, it will never get too hot – and, throughout autumn and winter, it will expertly lock in the heat where it’s needed so that you can relax in complete comfort.

Lower Bills

A pleasant side-effect of having a thermally efficient conservatory roof is that your new room will rely less on your home’s heating systems to generate warmth. The high-performing glass in your Livinroof will block out most solar rays during summer and prevent heat loss at all other times.

Instead of cranking up your home’s thermostat to stay warm, you’ll be able to rely on organic heat generated by the sun during warmer months and keep your heating system on a lower setting when the colder weather sets in. Your utility bills will noticeably drop, thanks to your Livinroof.

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Improved Value

The Livinroof looks stylish, thanks to its ability to seamlessly blend the best attributes of a solid and glazed roof. It will invite in lots of light that will create a sense of space and connect your conservatory to the rest of your home.

When the time comes to sell your home, buyers will be attracted to your conservatory, which will provide them with an additional room that looks stunning – and, just as importantly, can be used throughout the entire year.

Ecologically Friendly

The Livinroof won’t just reduce your heating costs. It will drive down your carbon footprint. The materials used to create your new conservatory roof are, in most cases recyclable, so your purchase will have an environmental impact.

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Fill out the enquiry form generated during the search process to request contact from Ultraframe directly, in which case an experienced member of our team will call with a more detailed response to your product enquiry.

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