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Solid Roof Conservatory Fire Testing

9th January 2020

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Are conservatory roofs fire tested? This is a question that many homeowners don’t think about when choosing their new conservatory, focusing instead on the design, aesthetics and thermal performance. Unfortunately, it’s a question that people often only consider after the event of a fire.

Firstly, yes – conservatory roofs are fire tested – phew. But read on to find out about the different methods of carrying out conservatory roof fire tests and how these can have a real impact on the safety of a conservatory and the adjoining house, should a fire break out.

are solid conservatory roofs fire tested?

So, conservatory roofs are fire tested, but people may still ask the question ‘is my conservatory fire safe?’. This is a crucial question for anyone considering a conservatory, and for those considering a solid roof conservatory or a conservatory upgrade to a solid roof, you might be wondering ‘is my solid roof replacement fire safe?’.

For your complete peace of mind – and especially in light of the recent Grenfell tragedy – we think it’s important to outline how each solid conservatory roof system that we market is tested to ensure your safety, and also to alleviate any worries you may have such as are solid conservatory roofs fire safe?

Other solid roof manufacturers test the different components of the roof (e.g. tiles) in isolation not together as a fully assembled roof. At Ultraframe, we don’t think this quality assurance process goes far enough.

Ensuring that high-quality components are used in your conservatory roof is important. But when combined, these parts – which pass fire safety regulations on their own – can react differently. That’s why our testing process is so thorough.



Ultraframe offers customers two choices when it comes to choosing perfect solid conservatory roofs: Ultraroof and Livinroof. These two systems combine the best features of solid and glazed systems, offering a fully insulated roof with options to add glass panels to let in the light.

are solid conservatory roofs fire tested?

The Ultraroof lightweight tiled roofing system gives you the most advanced tiled conservatory roof available on the market today with a vaulted plastered ceiling on the inside and authentic looking lightweight tiles on the outside. Inserting glazing panels into the roof will flood your room with light and create a stunning feature.

Livinroof is ideal for contemporary spaces and is the most versatile product on the market, with the ability to be built in almost any shape or size with endless design options. Any of the solid panels in the roof can be replaced with glazing, allowing the perfect amount of light to enter the room exactly where you need it.

are solid conservatory roofs fire tested?


When it comes to roofs, there are two specifications that need to be addressed to ensure rigorous fire performance - the penetration of flame and the spread of flame. Combined fire safety tests should give the roof an overall rating of two letters in accordance with BS476-3:2004.

The first letter relates to the penetration and dictates that roofs within 6m of any boundary must be classified as ‘A’. The second letter relates to the spread of flame and roofs within 6m of any boundary must be classified as ‘A, B or C’.  Therefore, if the roof being installed is within 6m of the boundary a test certificate confirming the AC rating should be available for the roof to be compliant with Building Regulations.

Ask to see the test certificate for both A and C to confirm compliance and ensure that the entire roof structure has been tested, not the individual components. B-roof is the European equivalent of the AC rating that is required for UK Building Regulations.

Both Ultraroof and Livinroof have been tested to British and European fire performance standards - which measure the penetration of flame and the spread of flame. In the wake of Grenfell, it is imperative that component parts that make up roofs are tested together.

Fire testing for solid roofs

(Above: Warrington Fire Heat Panels Used to Mimic a Fire When Testing Roofing Systems)

Ultraframe has adopted the following mantra when it comes to the testing of each solid roof system it sells: “Components that are assembled together should be tested together.” This means that when thinking about questions such as ‘is my roof panel fire tested?’ or ‘is my roof panel fire safe?’, you know with an Ultraframe roof that the answer is yes for this and all of the other components, but that most importantly, they have been tested together as a complete structure.

To ensure that the fire assessment process is as thorough as possible, we’ve used two leading testing companies to inspect and certify the materials used and the construction of each solid conservatory roof we sell.

Our partners for this testing exercise are Exova and Warringtonfire. These independent and recognised companies can qualify that each solid conservatory roof we sell is compliant and of market-leading quality.

Livinroof is fire rated as B-roof according to EN 13501-5: 2016

Livinroof is fire rated as AA according to BS476-3:2004

Ultraroof is fire rated as B-roof according to EN 13501-5: 2016

Ultraroof is fire rated as AC according to BS476-3:2004      

are solid conservatory roofs fire tested?


When you choose Ultraframe as your solid conservatory roof manufacturer of choice, you’ll be able to buy with confidence – knowing that the entire roof structure meets the required safety standards that relate to both the spread and penetration of fire. No longer will you need to worry about are solid roofs fire safe, or is my roof panel fire tested. Our systems offer you complete peace of mind.

Your chosen Ultra Installer will be able to outline how your solid conservatory roof is compliant and provide you with the certification you’ll want to see as proof, before the installation of your project begins.

Every installer that is added to our nationwide database must meet a minimum required standard of knowledge and service, so you can rest assured that your roof and installer will be compliant.

Use our free search tool to find an Ultra Installer, that way you can be sure the company you’re dealing with is providing a genuine Ultraframe roof.

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