Tiled conservatory roof prices

20th November 2019

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Tiled conservatory roof prices

If your conservatory has seen better days or you’re wanting to transform it into a living space that is more like a home extension, then you might be considering a tiled conservatory roof and wondering about tiled conservatory roof prices and options.

The first thing that many people wonder about this kind of home improvement project is how much are tiled conservatory roofs?

With any home improvement project, there are many factors to take into account such as location, the quality of the products used, the quality of the workmanship and the specification of the products you choose. While this often makes it difficult to give a guideline tiled conservatory roof price, this article should help to give you an idea of what you can expect to be quoted.

As a rough guide, the cost could be anything between £6,000 and £20,000. There is quite a difference in these two prices and so read on to find out more. Learn why a tiled conservatory roof price that is too cheap may not be quite what it seems….

Tiled conservatory roof prices

Tiled conservatory roof options

So what are the facators that would affect the price of your roof? Let’s explore the top 3 reasons that affect tiled conservatory roof prices:

  1. Location. The North/South divide is alive and well when it comes to home improvement projects, with homeowners in the South often paying considerably more. This is true of tiled conservatory roof prices too and so is one of the reasons why the guide price of £6000 - £20,000 is such a large price range.
  2. Products used. As with many things, there are varying degrees of quality when it comes to tiled conservatory roofs and so this is something that would have an impact on tiled conservatory roof prices. It’s important to remember that replacing a conservatory roof with a tiled design has structural implications as well as thermal implications. Put simply, it’s vital to choose the best quality option to suit your budget to ensure that it is safe and that it gives you a new living space that is as warm as any other room in your home. If you are quoted a tiled conservatory roof price that is very low, it is likely to be an inferior quality product. This may mean that the tiled conservatory roof price is higher, but this is an investment into your home and the safety of your family.
  3. Cladover roofs. Often, when homeowners are quoted a very low tiled conservatory roof price, it’s because the installer has quoted for what is known as a cladover roof. This is a process of attaching insulation to your existing conservatory roof and then covering this up with panelling on the inside. While it may appear to be a solid roof from the inside, this is a process that can result in the roof becoming structurally unsound. It can also result in a room that is extremely hot during the warmer months of the year. Ultraframe would advise homeowners to avoid conservatory roof insulation companies and the cladover roofs they produce at all costs. Remember to enquire about what you have been quoted for if your tiled conservatory roof price seems too good to be true – because it probably is! To find out more about why you should avoid cladover roofs, click here. A useful rule to remember is that low conservatory roof prices are often too good to be true.

prices for tiled conservatory roofs

Tiled conservatory roof costs

With tiled conservatory roofs, there are various options available to personalise the roof and some of these will have an impact on the overall tiled conservatory roof price.

Here are the main options available when choosing a tiled conservatory roof:

  • Tile colours. With the Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof system from Ultraframe, there is a choice of 3 tile colours: Carbon Grey, Terra Brick and Harvest Brown. There is also a 4th option which is the Ultraroof All Tile. This option lets you use the exact tiles that are on the rest of your home for a perfect match. As this means that your tiled conservatory roof would be delivered without tiles, this would certainly have an impact on the overall tiled conservatory roof price.
  • Glazing. Many homeowners don’t realise that you can still add glazing to a tiled conservatory roof to ensure that the room below benefits from plenty of natural light. With the Ultraroof system, you can add Velux windows, or go for magnificent full-length glazed panels which look amazing from both the inside and the outside and bring a huge amount of light into the room. Depending on whether you choose no glazing, full-length glazing panels or Velux windows will affect your tiled conservatory roof price.
  • Built-in strength. Bi-fold doors or large sliding doors are becoming more and more popular in home improvement projects and many people choose to add these doors at the same time as upgrading their old conservatory roof to a tiled conservatory roof. With the Ultraroof system from Ultraframe, you can add spans of bi-fold or other doors that are up to 4m wide without the need for additional support such as steel lintels. This means that if you choose a tiled conservatory roof other than Ultraroof and you want doors that are over 4m wide, this would affect the tiled conservatory roof price as additional support would be required to make this possible.

best prices for tiled conservatory roofs

Tiled conservatory roof price summary

As you can see, there are many factors that can affect what you are quoted for a tiled conservatory roof price. While the guide of £6000 - £20,000 for a tiled conservatory roof price is broad, you may hopefully understand more about the quote you are given after reading this guide. The key thing is to make sure that if you have been given a very low tiled roof cost, that you have not been quoted for a clad over/insulated roof which could potentially be dangerous and also too warm. As with any home improvement project, get several quotes for a tiled conservatory roof price and make sure you fully explore the products used in each quote before committing to anything. Your home is your most valuable possession and so it’s important to enhance it with a new tiled conservatory roof, rather than adding something that could look unsightly and be unsafe.

Ultraframe are the experts in tiled conservatory roofs and so if you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us or one of our installers with your questions.

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