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What Roof Goes on an Orangery?

22nd January 2020

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What roof goes on an orangery?

Planning your new orangery is an exciting process and there are many decisions to make along the way about how it will look. It’s important to research your options carefully to make sure that you create the orangery that is perfect for you and your home.

One of the key things to explore is what roof goes on an orangery? Many people aren’t aware when they start planning their orangery that there are many options for what roofs are on orangeries and so by reading this simple to understand guide, we hope that you will be able to understand:

· What roof goes on an orangery?

· What kind of roof is an orangery roof?

· What are your options for an orangery roof.

what roof goes on an orangery

What kind of roof is an orangery roof?

First of all, let’s explore what kind of roof is an orangery roof? People have different perceptions of what an orangery is and there are many variations that can result in a modern or traditional looking structure. The key thing though that distinguishes an orangery, is that it is a building with a flat roof and some kind of glazed areas that form part of that roof. Other things may vary such as parapets and full-length vs smaller windows, different types of doors and more, but the defining characteristic is the flat roof with some kind of glazed roof windows.

Ultrasky Lantern orangery

What roofs are on orangeries?

In terms of the flat roof part of the orangery, this can be constructed by a builder using timber and membranes or can be created using a flat roof system which can make the orangery build process much quicker. There is also a product that is unique to Ultraframe called the Insulated Internal Pelmet which allows your builder to install a conservatory roof but give it the look of an orangery. This is a fantastic option to consider when you are looking at what roofs are on orangeries as it will make the build of your orangery much faster and cheaper than the ‘traditional’ orangery build method.

In terms of the glazed areas, this is where many people are unsure of their options when it comes to what roofs are on orangeries, as there are many choices. Let’s take a look at the 4 main options for what roof goes on an orangery:

1. A flat roof with an Ultrasky roof. This is a fantastic choice for what roof goes an on orangery if you are building a large orangery and want the glazed area in the roof to also be very large. This roof can be used for builds up to 8m x 5m. The Ultrasky roof can sit atop the flat roof and is a pitched roof system. This means that there is a high central ridge with bars coming off it and different panes of glass in between the bars.

The Ultrasky roof has the UK’s strongest ridge, which means that it has 25% fewer bars than similar systems as a result. Having fewer bars means that it gives a modern look which is what most homeowners are looking for when choosing what roof goes on an orangery.

The Ultrasky roof is also a fantastic choice for what roof goes on an orangery as its immense strength means that underneath the roof, spans of bi-folds or other doors up to 6.5m wide are possible, without the need for any extra, costly support. If your orangery is on a large scale, then the Ultrasky Roof is a fantastic choice for what roof goes on an orangery.

Ultrasky roof orangery

2. Flat roof with a lantern. A flat roof with an Ultrasky Lantern is another great option for what roof goes on an orangery. A lantern looks like a small conservatory roof – so a smaller version of the Ultrasky Roof. The bars of the Ultrasky Lantern are also very neat and slimline and are available in a choice of PVC or aluminium in a range of colours including grey, black and white. The maximum size for an Ultrasky Lantern is 4m x 2m. 

Ultrasky roof orangery

3. Flat roof with a flat skylight. Another option for what roof goes on an orangery that is becoming more popular is a flat roof with flat skylights. In contrast to a pitched lantern roof, flat skylights are simply one pane of glass in a frame that cannot be seen.

This frameless edge-to-edge technology is unique to the Ultrasky Flat Skylight from Ultraframe. This means that when you look up into the roof of your orangery, instead of seeing a glass roof made of various pieces of glass and fixed up to a central ridge with bars, you will simply see a sheet of glass.

Flat skylights are a popular choice for what roofs are on orangeries if you are looking for a modern option. They can be set on a kerb so that they do not sit flush with the flat roof but are raised up on a platform. This means that flat skylights still add a sense of drama and height/space, just like a lantern roof would, and they are another great choice for what roof goes on an orangery. 

Ultrasky roof orangery

4. Ultraframe Classic roof with Insulated Internal Pelmet. The final options for what roof goes on an orangery is slightly different from the others. Whereas the first 3 options for what roofs are on orangeries take a flat roof and then add a glazed roof onto it, this final option starts off with a glass conservatory roof, and then by adding a pelmet to the interior, this gives the appearance of an orangery.

The pelmet is unique to Ultraframe and is called the Insulated Internal Pelmet. It is available in various widths from 300mm to 1200mm, so that you can change the ratio between the plastered ceiling and the glass roof that can be seen from the inside. As its name suggests, the Insulated Internal Pelmet also offers thermal efficiency benefits, making the orangery warmer.

This is a great product that is something to really consider when thinking about what roof goes on an orangery. It is also a product that can be retrofitted, so if you have an existing Ultraframe conservatory with a glass roof, adding the Insulated Internal Pelmet will quickly give your conservatory the appearance of an orangery from the inside, as well as making it much warmer.

Classic roof orangery

So, there you have the main options for what roof goes on an orangery. Your orangery builder will be able to explain these options in more detail and help you to decide what roof goes on an orangery for your project.

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