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5th January 2018

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Making the Most of your Veranda

Recognising the trend to 'cross-over' conservatories, Ultraframe has introduced a new lifestyle room that will definitely capture consumers’ imaginations.

Conservatories have always been an excellent way for homeowners to blur the margin between home and garden, but Ultraframe is taking the idea to a new level with its Veranda conservatory. The glazing bars in the roof oversail and carry the glass with it, to form a protected pocket where the consumer can sit in the garden but be protected from the worst of the elements.

The Veranda conservatory looks stunning when foiled in one of a series of standard colours, in this case, Sage Green. Colour options can be selected internally or externally, which again helps with the positioning of Veranda as something altogether new. On a warm day - by using large in-line sliders or bi-folds - the consumer then has a much bigger space to enjoy, perfect for families!

Externally, the aluminium powder coated half round beam provides structural support to the oversailing glazing and glazing bars - but it also acts as an integral gutter. This beam/integral gutter then features stop end spigots that seal the gutter at one end and are then 'spliced' onto an oak post to support the open side of the Veranda conservatory.

The Veranda conservatory is compatible with Ultraframe’s standard Classic roof or Classic roof plus. The latter includes built-in tracks, into which are fitted fabric panelled devices that are made by Ultraframe and are called Shades. These will be made out of a fabric that will tie in with the design schemes of your home to ensure aesthetic continuity.

The Managing Director of Conservatory Outlet had this to say about our product:

"The existing foiled conservatory I had on my home looked tired and I had already changed my windows for cream PVC ones which looked stunning. The addition of the full width doors improves access to the garden and at the same time integrates it more into the home".

What to Look for When Buying a Conservatory

The Veranda conservatory is like no other design available on the market. You may want to find out more about this extremely adaptable – and aesthetically outstanding – product or continue to pursue other avenues of research.

Whichever type of conservatory you settle on, you’ll need to make some important decisions concerning its design. That’s why we thought we’d answer a few of the questions you’re likely to ask when completing your investigations.

Which Conservatory Roof is Best?   

Our replacement conservatory roof systems can be designed and installed to meet the architectural demands of your home. Find out more by reading about our two solid conservatory roof systems, which continue to be a popular choice for our customers.


Instead of choosing between a solid or glazed roof, you’ll be able to enjoy the practical benefits of both. The Livinroof will allow you to specify where you want the glazed panels to be positioned, which means you can achieve an optimum light effect.

Keeping your conservatory warm won’t be a problem with the Livinroof system. Because it's built using Kingspan slab insulation – and externally insulated composite panels – your new room will feel warm always and will work as a functional space all year round.

The Livinroof is pre-fabricated before delivery. This means you won’t need to worry about noise disruption or mess. By following this process, we also make our installers lives easier – as they’ll be able to fit your conservatory roof within a matter of hours.


Although tiled, the Ultraroof is extremely flexible and can incorporate fully glazed panels or Velux windows that will introduce plenty of light into your conservatory, while seamlessly connecting it to any adjoining rooms.

The Ultraroof can be tailored to suit your aesthetic preferences. You can bring your new conservatory roof to life with traditional or contemporary aluminium ridge and hip capping, either of which will look stunning.

To ensure continuity of design, you’ll also be able to choose from a stunning selection of external fascia boards that can be coloured to match your existing window frames, including white, black, rosewood and oak.

Other Considerations


Ultraframe has been using Conservaglass since 2002 – a high-performing and respect glazing product manufactured by Pilkington. It blocks out 60% of the sun’s rays, which means your conservatory will be comfortable 24/7.

Not only will your conservatory be the perfect temperature all year round, but it will also be easy to maintain. Conservaglass is self-cleaning, which means it uses the solar rays to burn off the grime that’s then washed away with the rain.


Roof vents can be incorporated into your conservatory roof and can be operated manually using a dedicated pole or automatic systems that use rain sensors and a thermostat to open or close and provide sufficient ventilation.

Locate Your Nearest Ultraframe Installer

For more information about the Veranda conservatory featured in this article, or any other product in the Ultraframe range, use our search tool to connect with a local company with the right expertise.

Fill out our contact form to send a message to the Ultraframe team. We would be happy to call with you details about our conservatories, orangeries and replacement conservatory roofs and can even come to see you.

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