What Is An Ultrasky Roof?

27th February 2015

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Looking for a Lantern Roof? Look No Further Than Ultrasky

Whether a homeowner is looking to build a house extension or orangery, creating more light is going to be one of their top priorities. Letting in as much sunshine as possible into a room helps create a sense of space and – regardless of whether it’s an orangery or house extension – makes converts it to an area that can be used once again.

A lantern roof is a great way to convert a dark and unused space into a fully usable space. Ultrasky is a stylish and innovatively designed lantern roof built by Ultraframe, which can be adapted to suit any orangery or extension and will transform it into a space that can be redeployed as a dining room, lounge or any room of choice.

The Ultrasky lantern roof light is a stunning new roof light allows maximum light into your home, house extension or orangery, while adding a stylish extra design feature to your space. Available in a range of colours and sizes, it’s easy to find a unit that matches your home and your décor perfectly.

Key Features of an Ultrasky Roof

Reducing the need for unsightly and chunky roof ridges, the Ultrasky lantern roof design maximises the available glass surface area and, therefore, the amount of light flooding into your home’s interior to great effect.

As well as bringing more natural light into your home orangery, or house extension, the unit’s elegant contours and stylish colours will help to create a fantastic feature both internally and externally that will stand out.

The thermally efficient glass in your new lantern roof will help to minimise heat loss and noise pollution while still allowing plenty of light to enter your property, orangery or house extension at the same time.

If your property receives a lot of direct sunlight, opt for an Ultrasky with a built-in roof vent; that way you can regulate the temperature of your home and ensure it’s a fantastic place to spend time in throughout the year.

Ultrasky: A Lantern Roof Like No Other

Ultrasky is a lantern roof with a difference. It comes complete with a range of practical and visual benefits that will convert your purchase into an investment. Here we explore some of the strengths of this high-performing product, which is bound to transform your house extension or orangery into a space you’ll want to spend time in.

Add Style to Your Orangery or House Extension

Ultrasky does not rely on multiple bars and instead draws most of its strength from its ridge. This means your lantern roof will benefit from an expansive glazed area designed to optimise light. Your orangery or house extension will feel light and spacious as a result, while also benefitting from an elegantly designed lantern roof that looks stunning from the inside and the outside.

Individualise Your Lantern Roof

Every home is different, so why settle for a lantern roof that looks like any other? You’ll be able to tailor the design of your Ultrasky to tie-in with the windows and doors of your new orangery or house extension by choosing from a range of colours. The internal area of your new room can be clad in anthracite grey, White uPVC or Satin black.

Acoustically and Thermally Optimised

A lantern roof needs to offer more than superb aesthetics if it is to add lasting value to house extension or orangery. It also needs to provide practical benefits that will make the room in question a comfortable place to spend time in. The high performing glazing in the Ultraroof will block out unwanted noise and lock in the heat where it’s needed.

A Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Roof

Because the Ultraroof is so thermally efficient, it reduces reliance on internal heating systems to stay warm during winter and prevents too much light from penetrating in summer. This means your orangery or house extension will be the perfect temperature all year round and benefit from lower heating bills and a much-reduced carbon footprint.

By adding roof vents to your Ultrasky lantern roof, you’ll be able to control the internal climate of your house extension or orangery. Available in a manual format that’s spindle-operated, or an automatic design – which uses rain and temperature sensors to intelligently open or close – they’ll help prevent the build-up of moisture, which can lead to mould.

Find Your Nearest Ultra Installer

Use our free search tool to find an Ultra Installer in your area. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have about Ultrasky, orangery and house extensions range, or any other products listed on our website.

You can also send an enquiry form to us during the search process, in which case we’ll call you for a more detailed conversation about our products. We can also visit you at your home where appropriate.

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