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What are the best conservatory styles for bungalows?

20th August 2020

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The best conservatory styles for bungalows

More so than ever following lockdown, many homeowners are wanting to add extra living space to their homes. Adding a conservatory is a simple and cost-effective way to do this and there are a huge number of style and roof options available.

However, adding conservatories to bungalows is something that many homeowners are unsure about. Can you add conservatories to bungalows? What style options are available when adding a conservatory to a bungalow? Do I need a specialist builder or installer when adding a conservatory to a bungalow? These are just some of the questions that bungalow owners typically have about adding a conservatory to their home.

If you too are wondering about what is available and possible for conservatories for bungalows, this handy guide should be a great help.

Conservatories for bungalows

Conservatories for bungalows – how does it work?

When thinking about conservatories, many homeowners picture them adjoining a house wall, quite high up. This makes many people think that conservatories for bungalows just are not possible, but this is not true.

There are two main options for conservatories on bungalows.

  • Adding the conservatory to the gable end of the bungalow. Doing this would usually mean that you have a wall which is high enough to allow for a conservatory no different than on any other type of home. This would mean you could have a conservatory where all of the roof is at the same full height.
  • If the elevation where you want to add a conservatory to your bungalow is not a gable end and you have a roof which comes down to just above window height this is not a problem. Conservatories on bungalows of this nature can still be added. This is done using a component known as a box gutter. The conservatory roof would then slope backwards and downwards towards the bungalow guttering and the box gutter would join the two together.

Conservatories for bungalows – style options

As you can see, it is not an issue adding conservatories to bungalows with the right know-how and the most advanced conservatory roofing system on the market – Ultraframe.

Using the Ultraframe system and a box gutter, the style options for conservatories on bungalows are almost as varied as those for two-storey homes.

Bungalow conservatory

Here are the top three styles for conservatories on bungalows:

Gable conservatories on bungalows.

A gable conservatory is distinguished by a high open ceiling which is flat on the front elevation, just like the gable end of a house. This is a great choice for a conservatory on a bungalow as while the back of the conservatory will slop down to the box gutter, the high, open aspect of the front area will give a real feeling of height and space.

Georgian conservatories on bungalows.

A Georgian is often considered the best style choice for conservatories on bungalows because many two storey homes will also choose to have their Georgian conservatory attached to their home with a box gutter so that it slopes on all four sides. This means that Georgian conservatories on bungalows are not specially adapted or compromised in any way in terms of aesthetics. As with a gable conservatory, a Georgian offers an angular floor space which allows for the optimum use of floor space. This is because furniture can be set along all elevations without any wasted space. The angular floor space and overall shape of a gable or Georgian conservatory also mean that they are considered modern style options for conservatories on bungalows.

Victorian conservatories on bungalows.

A Victorian conservatory is distinguished by its curved front elevation, which may be made up of either three or five facets. Just with the other two styles detailed above, a Victorian conservatory would be attached to a bungalow by using a box gutter, meaning that the part of the roof nearest to the house would slope backwards and downwards to meet the bungalow roof.

Conservatories for bungalows

Gables, Georgians and Victorians are all great style choices for conservatories on bungalows. If you want to build a conservatory on the gable end of a conservatory then you will usually be able to add a conservatory that is no different in style to one that would work on a two-storey home. If you want to add a conservatory to an elevation of a bungalow with a gutter, then using an Ultraframe roof and a box gutter, this is not an issue.

Contrary to what many people think, it IS possible to add conservatories to bungalows and for them to look beautiful. Bungalows often have a smaller footprint and overall square footage than a two storey home and so can be a highly valuable addition – both in terms of adding much needed extra space and also increasing the value of the property.

If you have a bungalow and would like to find out further information about conservatories on bungalows, contact your local Ultra Installer today. They will be able to offer their advice on the best type of conservatory to suit your bungalow and help you to add a beautiful new living space to your home.


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