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Benefits of a Quantal Aluminium Conservatory

18th July 2014

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If you want to enjoy your garden well beyond summer into the cooler months, a conservatory, of course, is the ideal way of doing that, while giving your home more value and living space at the same time. Due to modern innovations, our conservatories offer you an option for your home that excel across the board.

As a first-time conservatory buyer, one of the main things you will have to decide is what material this extension to your home should be made from. With timber, uPVC and aluminium as your choice, what makes them different? Are any of the outdated? Or do they all offer their own unique charm when it comes to home improvement solutions.

If you thought aluminium would make your home improvement look like a 1970s greenhouse, think again! Extensive technological and design advances since then have made this metal a genuinely viable option. Now standing as a cutting-edge option, aluminium offers exceptional standards of performance in a stylish and high performance way.

What Makes Aluminium Special?

If you hadn’t previously considered aluminium, it has a number of different benefits, including the facts that:

• Aluminium is completely recyclable, and has up to 60% more strength than other materials.

• You can get this material in potentially hundreds of different colours.

• It is scratch and chip resistant, doesn’t attract dirt and is and so low maintenance that essentially all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your conservatory.

• If you have deep drop rafters, they will look just like real hardwood.

• There is reduced risk of leaking, drafts, and just as warm in winter as wooden versions, if not more so.

• It’s safe – if someone wanted to break in, they couldn’t melt the aluminium with a blow torch.

• There is no warping, twisting or rusting and aluminium doesn’t need to be reinforced.

• Structural stability is very good, because there is very little expansion and contraction.

• Panels can be couple together for even more strength.

Impressive Structural Integrity

The strength of this metal means that aluminium conservatories can withstand just about anything the British winter throws at it. All of our conservatory designs are designed to handle the wind and snow loads in your postcode, which means you get a standard of weather protection that is perfectly tailored to you.

Plus, you will usually find that a 10-year guarantee comes as standard, ensuring the longevity of your structure. Ultraframe Conservatories was set up more than three decades ago, and remains at the cutting edge of design and technology. This means that they are sure to be a worthwhile addition to your home that continues to deliver exceptional standards.

Its Quantal aluminium conservatory roof systems provide an engineered solution with tailor-made roofs for superb quality conservatories whose designs have been perfected over 15 years, and which combine elegant appearance with tough construction. We combine function and form across our aluminium conservatories to simply offer you more.

A Beautiful Conservatory Option

Our aluminium conservatories are designed to capture a beautiful attention to detail, features and colour. You’ll be able to bring a new addition to your home that not only complements your home, it serves as an extension of your character. Tailored to your specifications and available in a large range of high quality colours, you won’t have to settle for less.

Due to their timeless aesthetic, the Quantal conservatory design can be installed as a beautiful addition to any home. Whether your property is modern, traditional, period or heritage, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits that this design has to offer. You won’t have to miss out on the leading standards from Ultraframe.

Super Insulated Columns

Our Quantal aluminium conservatories are fully compliant with our high performance super insulated columns, allowing you to enjoy exceptional standards of thermal efficiency with a period charm. Due to their modern design, these columns are able to achieve a standard of thermal performance that is five times that of a traditional brick pier.

These columns draw their aesthetic inspiration from the traditional architecture of the Italian Renaissance. This means that they exude a certain sense of style and class that isn’t often seen on the current market, allowing you to bring a new addition to your home that offers a unique standard of quality.

Find Your Nearest Approved Aluminium Conservatory Installer

Much like the rest of our conservatory range, our aluminium conservatories benefit from our investment in researching and developing performance and aesthetic. They offer an unrivalled home improvement solution that continues to perform across the year, no matter the weather or how much you use it.

We understand that a conservatory installation can sometimes be a stressful and time consuming venture, which is why we are proud of our network of approved Ultra Installers. We assess and test all of our Ultraframe specialists to ensure they handle our products in a professional and prompt manner.

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