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Livinroof Transforms Family Life

10th January 2018

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Location: Lancashire
System: Livinroof

System: Livinroof
Location:  Lancashire

Father of three young children, Martin Lawson from Lancashire feels his family have now outgrown their tired, old conservatory and are desperately looking for something new and useable. Their conservatory, at present time, was becoming too hot in the summer yet provided very little warmth during the cold winter months.

With this in mind, Martin decided to look into the different ways in which he could transform his old conservatory into a modern insulated living space. Having explored the different options available to him and his family, Martin quickly decided upon Livinroof by Ultraframe – a brand new solution offering the thermally efficient, open family living space that Martin hoped to achieve.

Martin Discusses His Original Conservatory:

“We don’t really use it too much; we definitely need something more thermally efficient because it would make it an all year round room for us, especially with having three children, we need the space.”

Professional Livinroof Installation

Once the conservatory roof installation was started, it was finished in a couple of days. This impressive time is made possible by two determining factors. Firstly, all our Ultraframe specialists are well versed in handling our conservatory roof systems, which means they are always able to accommodate for property size and style. Whether your home is modern or traditional, our installers will be able to give you the perfect option.

Secondly, the Livinroof is designed so the installers can work at maximum pace without compromising quality, ensuring the installation process is as speed-efficient as possible. We understand that enhancing your home can sometimes become a stressful, time consuming and costly affair if not handled properly. This is not something you will have to worry about when you invest in a home improvement solution from Ultraframe.

When Looking at the Installation as a Whole, Martin Explains:

“I went to work, and a few hours later the exterior of the roof was up and water-tight.”

The Ideal Conservatory Roof System for Your Home

Now fully functioning and furnished to suit tastes and preferences, Martin’s new Livinroof has transformed his family life. This market-leading conservatory roof design has been manufactured of bypass any of the outdated problems that older conservatory roofs can suffer from. This includes the problems of being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

Also, due to the meticulously designed interior design, the Livinroof captures a beautifully plastered vaulted ceiling, accompanied with a high quality internal pelmet. This means that it avoids ever feeling like an ‘add-on’ to your home, and instead operates as a completely seamless addition that feels perfectly part of your property.

Martin Explains:

 “The look of the conservatory is massively improved, the previous one was dirty, tired and old, and the new one looks great and is now a room again.”

A Market-Leading Conservatory Roof Design

Their new Livinroof is completely adaptable and its thermal efficiency will enable him and his family to use it during the winter months and stay warm, yet during the heat of summer the room will still be comfortable as the roof will reflect excessive heat. This means this conservatory roof will continue to be a worthwhile investment for any home.

Livinroof has successfully turned Martin’s previous conservatory into an all year round liveable room. This conservatory roof system offers an unrivalled design, operating as the first roofing system that is designed to combine the solid conservatory roof and glazed conservatory roof systems. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a heightened degree of natural light allowance.

Livinroof: An Unrivalled Conservatory Roof

The Livinroof system can be formed into any roof shape or style, allowing you an enhanced degree of flexibility and versatility when choosing the right style for your property. We can also integrate the glazing panels wherever you want, which means you can enjoy all the benefits of a brighter living area in a way that is bespoke to you.

All of our Livinroof conservatory roof system come complete with our intelligently designed internal pelmet perimeter ceiling as standard. This provides the perfect place for spotlights and speakers, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate mood lighting and main lighting. This also allows this conservatory roof to capture a beautiful ‘room-like’ feel for a seamless addition to your home.

Find Your Nearest Livinroof Installer

To offer you the very best for your home, we invest heavily into the research and development of all of our products. This means that they stand at the forefront of performance, appearance and design, offering a standard of quality that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the current market. Don’t settle for anything less.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to guarantee yourself a home improvement installation that excels in professionalism, reliability and efficiency. All of our Ultraframe specialists are vetted and assessed before we approve them, which means you won’t have to worry about an inferior fit or inferior products.

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