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1st July 2018

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A Tiled Conservatory Roof Like No Other

A traditional tiled conservatory roof will provide you with the privacy that you need. At the same time, the limited entry of natural light into your new room space could make your conservatory feel small and enclosed. Because of this, you may have looked at a glass-based system as an alternative to a tiled conservatory roof, in which case you risk being overlooked by your neighbours.

The Ultraroof is also the perfect choice if you’re looking for a tiled conservatory roof to replace your existing system. Because it is light in weight – it weighs only 38kg/m² - it won’t exert undue pressure on the frames or foundations of your conservatory. Because of this, the Ultraroof can surmount issues commonly encountered with building regulations.

In an ideal world, you’d prefer not to have to choose between a tiled conservatory roof or a glazed system. Fortunately, we can offer our customers the choice of two hybrid conservatory roof systems that effortlessly combine the benefits of both worlds. Find out more by looking at our Ultraroof or by asking your nearest approved Ultra Installer for further information.

Ultraroof Tiled Conservatory Roof

The Ultraroof: A Tiled Conservatory Roof with Many Benefits

There are many reasons to choose the Ultraroof as your preferred system. Here are just a few reasons to choose this market-leading tiled conservatory roof over other designs available on the market.

A Choice of Glazing Options

The Ultraroof comes fitted with fully-integrated glazing panels designed to maximise light penetration into your conservatory room. The Ultraroof can cope with any specification of glazing and, if you prefer, you can use Velux windows instead of panels – so you’ll have complete control over the appearance and performance of your tiled conservatory roof.

Fire Tested for Your Safety

Ultraframe has tested the design of its Ultraroof to ensure it will provide adequate protection in the event of a fire. This is a tiled conservatory roof that has undergone exhaustive assessments to ensure that the entire assembled structure is safe.

The Ultraroof was fire tested by Warrington in 2017 and has achieved the following fire ratings for your peace-of-mind:

  • B-roof, according to EN 13501-5:2016;
  • AC, according to BS476-3:2004.
  • A Strong Tiled Conservatory Roof

Your new tiled conservatory roof will be manufactured so that it can cope with local environmental conditions. Using NASA satellite data, we can anticipate potential adverse snow and wind loading in your area. The structural strength of your new installation also means it’ll be able to accept bi-fold doors up to 4m in width and without the need for additional support. Plus it’s so strong that unlike other tiled roofing systems Ultraroof never needs a tie bar – ever.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Tiled Conservatory Roof Questions and Answers

In anticipation of any queries you might have about our Ultraroof, we thought we’d provide some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

How Quickly Can My Tiled Conservatory Roof Be Installed?

We understand that you want your new roof fitted quickly and with the minimum of disruption. The Ultra Roof is pre-manufactured at our factory so that it can be fitted without the need for any messy cutting or noisy disruptions. In some cases, an Ultra Installer can fit this type of tiled conservatory roof and make it watertight within as little as six hours.

How Warm Will My New Tiled Conservatory Roof Be?

The Ultraroof offers market-leading levels of thermal performance that will make your new conservatory room a comfortable space to spend time in year-round. Depending on the design options you choose, your tiled conservatory roof could achieve a U-value as low as 0.13, which means it will exceed recommendations made by Passivhaus.

How Much Does a Tiled Conservatory Roof Cost?

Your chosen Ultra Installer will work with you to find out your requirements. Once the overall design has been agreed, they will be able to provide you with a tiled conservatory quote for your consideration. They may also be able to give you some guideline prices when you contact them by using our free Ultra Installer search tool.

Will My Tiled Conservatory Roof Come with a Guarantee?

All Ultraframe products include a manufacturer’s guarantee that will protect you if anything goes wrong. You will need to speak to your chosen Ultra Installer to determine what level of cover comes with your purchase.

Find a Tiled Conservatory Roof Installer Near You

Access our network of nationwide approved Ultra Installers by using our search tool. Your chosen fitter will be able to advise you about our complete range of products, not just our Ultraroof. Why not ask about our conservatories, orangeries and house extensions when you make contact?

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