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15th March 2018

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Before we talk you through our eclectic range of orangery designs, you might want to know more about this style. Specifically, how does it differ from that of a conservatory and what are the advantages of extending this way.

Classic orangery designs exhibit brick piers or columns and have a more enclosed feel that makes them the perfect choice for homeowners concerned about privacy. Orangeries normally feature a flat roof that is crowned by a lantern. Wheras a conservatory is characterised by the extensive use of glass. It will often feature a dwarf wall that is plastered outside and inside, creating an enduring traditional effect. As such, it contrasts with traditional orangery designs.

Orangery designs are changing. As a result, the traditional mould is frequently being broken and replaced by more contemporary designs that feature less masonry and more glass.

Orangery Designs from Ultraframe

Contemporary Orangery

Modern orangery designs are exemplified by this stunning entry in Ultraframe’s portfolio, which delivers style and performance in equal measure.

Our contemporary orangery:

  • Uses super-insulated columns to create a stunning decorative effect. Large columns frame the edge of the structure, while smaller ones break up the areas in between.This stunning feature also provides thermal performance levels five times higher than a brick pier of the same dimensions.
  • Comes complete with the Ultrasky Roof. Orangery designs that use this market-leading system benefit from a product recognised as the strongest glass roof available, thanks in part to its strong ridge, which produces an IXX value of 2,226kmm².

Orangery Designs

Traditional Orangery

Classic orangery designs will be within your reach when you choose this option from our portfolio. The Traditional Orangery replaces super-insulated columns with brick piers that lend an authentic look to its exterior. This feature, when combined with a glass roof and decorative cornice, will complete the classic orangery look you wanted to achieve.

The traditional orangery:

  • Can include an insulated pelmet that is suitable for wider spans, and a central lighting panel, into which can be fixed lights and speakers to create an authentic-feeling room
  • Can be built in a T-shape or Georgian format or come double hipped with a boxgutter
  • Is available in any colour, so you’ll have complete control over the design
  • Will deliver an Energy Efficiency Rating of ‘B’

Orangery Design Ideas

Lantern Orangery

The next in the sequence of our stunning orangery designs, this build is characterised the Ultrasky lantern that sits on a flat or deck roof and which focusses lots of natural light into the space below it. If you like classic orangery designs, this is the perfect choice for your home.

A few reasons to choose our Lantern Orangery:

  • It uses fewer bars, so you’ll be able to enjoy clear views when relaxing inside
  • One or more lanterns can be inserted, depending on your design needs
  • It comes available in a choice of white, grey or black
  • It provides an Energy Efficient Rating of ‘A’

Orangery Roof Designs

Orangery Designs FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Where Can I Find Images of Orangery Designs?

If you’re looking for ideas, you can use our Inspiration page. By using the supplied filters, you can view photos of Ultraframe orangeries that have been successfully installed for our customers. Your Ultra Installer will also be able to help you with the design of your new room.

Can Orangery Designs Include Bi-Folding Doors?

The contemporary orangery can be designed to include bi-folding doors that will help to open out your space and introduce it to your garden, immediately creating an access point that will come into its own during busier times.

Are Orangery Designs Available in Different Styles?

As with a conservatory, orangeries can be built in a range of popular shapes that respond to the differing requirements of homeowners. Depending on the product you choose, your new room can be built in a T-shape, P-shape, gable or Victorian format – to name but a few of the options that’ll be available.

How Can I Get Help Choosing the Best Orangery Designs?

When shopping for your new orangery, use our free search tool to find an Ultra Installer in your local area. They will be able to help you choose the right technology and upgrades to complete the design of your brand new room space.

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