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The Conservatory as You Know It is Changing

12th January 2018

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With fashion and tastes changing, we have seen a dramatic shift in the market from standard conservatories, to ‘crossover’ products such as orangeries which bridge the gap between a conservatory and extension, and blur the garden/home interface.

However, as a business we have found that while customers like the look and feel of a full orangery, they sometimes find that their available funds fall somewhat short.

This has sparked the development of innovative, value alternatives, which provide retailers with a systemized, configurable approach to allow them to better grasp the ‘volume’ orangery opportunity.

These ‘mock’ orangeries have been specifically designed to give consumers the feel of an extension, but at the price point of a conservatory, whilst avoiding local authority ‘red tape’ in most instances.

However, there are many elements that need to be taken into consideration by retailers looking to break into, or already in, the volume orangery market. As such, we have put together a buyer’s checklist to make sure that retailers are asking the right questions.

The Essential Conservatory Buyers Guide

• Does the product you are buying feature a glazed conservatory roof with true engineering pedigree?
• Does the conservatory roof and orangery come with one manufacturer’s warranty, 10 years long? No split responsibility?
• How configurable is the system? Does it have the flexibility you need for your conservatory or orangery project?
• When building the conservatory ceiling inside, does it rely on support from brick piers or is it self-supporting?
• Can the conservatory roof accommodate variable pitch – are you left with gaps between the glazing and pelmet?
• Do you have to wait longer than you think is necessary to receive your conservatory? Can you get it as soon as the roof?
• Can your conservatory system, including the roof, accommodate wider openings suitable for bi-fold or patio doors?
• Is the perimeter ceiling additionally insulated as part of the package? Is solar control provided to improve ‘liveability’?
• Can you improve look of your conservatory by including a decorative powder coated aluminium cornice?

Orangeries and Conservatories – What’s the Difference?

There’s a lot to think about if you’re considering extending your home. But one of the questions we get asked most is ‘what’s the difference between an orangery or conservatory?’ You may be surprised to hear that, these days, its getting harder to tell these two systems apart from one another – as the line separating them is becoming increasingly blurred.

Traditionally, a conservatory comprises of 75% glass and is characterised by a dwarf wall that runs around its lower perimeter. It is designed to look distinct from the property it is attached to and is less concerned with privation – although tinted glass can be used to make the conservatory room more secluded if that is preferred.

A classic orangery is the direct opposite of its conservatory equivalent. Masonry is used extensively throughout the construction and pillars are often used to add presence and improve thermal efficiency. A lantern roof is typically used to allow light entry, but the structure is designed for privacy and to blend in with the home.

The traditional conservatory or orangery mould has been frequently challenged over the years as manufacturers seek new ways to respond to the changing industry landscape. Orangeries featuring floor-to-ceiling glass and bi-fold doors are commonplace, while conservatories frequently include lots of masonry and lots less glazing.

Which Conservatory Design Should You Choose?

There’s no need to be confused when designing your Ultraframe product. Move definitions like ‘orangery’ and ‘conservatory’ to one side and focus instead on building a room that will look and perform the way you want it to.

Ultraframe systems can be tailored to suit most home improvement projects and a range of styles are available that you can choose from too. We can also help you build your dream extension if you want something different.

Our replacement roofs help add that vital finishing touch. Take our Livinroof and Ultraroof systems for example, which both combine glazing and solid tiles to deliver light, warmth and comfort in equal measure.

Find Your Nearest Ultra Installer

Once you have a clearer idea about the design of your new structure, use our free Ultra Installer search tool to locate a trustworthy company near you. Your proposed fitter will be able to talk you through all aspects of the installation process and advise on important issues like planning permission and building regulations.

Would you like to talk to Ultraframe directly first? During the installer search process, you will be given the opportunity to send our team a message and request further information about our conservatory and orangery range – as well as other products too, like lantern roofs and house extensions.

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