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20th December 2022
Inspiring Glass Roof Extensions From Ultraframe

Explore Ultraframe's glass roof extensions to discover the perfect home improvement solution for your project!

14th December 2022
The Ultimate Home Gym

Mr & Mrs Crossman had created an at-home gym in their garage but found that it wasn’t the most appealing place to do a workout. Looking for an alternative, the couple realised that they had the perfect spot to put a conservatory on the side of their home.

13th September 2022
Ultraroof Conservatory Transformation

After their existing conservatory suffered storm damage due to heavy hail, the Cowley family needed a new roof and decided to take the opportunity to upgrade their conservatory into a modern new extension.

25th August 2022
Beware of Conservatory Insulation and Cladovers

If you have an old conservatory that needs updating to make it into a room that is comfortable to enjoy, whatever the weather, you will no doubt have been doing research online and may have come across companies offering conservatory insulation.

19th August 2022
Sunroom Extension

Create a bright and comfortable room by choosing a sunroom extension from our range of conservatories, orangeries and house extensions. You're bound to find the inspiration you need.

11th August 2022
The Hassle-Free Route to Compliance

Ultraframe has proudly spoken about the solution to achieve the U-Values required by the new Building Regulations on Ultraroof and Livinroof, both of which meet the new regulations without any additional installation steps or time on site for fitters.

26th June 2022
How to Open Up Your Space At Home

Transform your home with an open plan conservatory. With Ultraframe's range of conservatories, orangeries and extensions, you can start your open plan journey today!

21st June 2022
hup! case study

“Anyone building an extension wants it done as quickly as possible to minimise mess and hassle and so the fact that hup! can be built in days was a massive benefit to us."

23rd May 2022
Do I Need an External Door Between My Home and My Conservatory?

Understanding planning permission and building regulations is important if you're choosing an external door for your new conservatory.

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