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Building roofs is quite technical and so sometimes we use technical language. Sorry about that. However, to keep things simple we've designed a manual to explain and translate many of the commonplace words and terms used in the conservatory industry.

Each reference includes a list of alternative words ("also known as"), a full description of the product/component and, where relevant, a picture to illustrate its relevance.

To find the explanation for your term simply browse alphabetically below.

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Casement Style

Also known as: Push-out. Casement style windows are a particular type of opening window where the window is hung from a hinge either across the top, or down one of the sides and opens outwards; i.e. not a tilt and turn window.

Cavity Tray

Also known as: Lead tray, Plastic tray. The purpose of the cavity tray is to 'deflect' moisture that 'transfers' across the other skin of brickwork, back out, rather than let it 'bridge' across the cavity at lintel level, causing damp inside. In most properties the lintel effectively acts as the 'cavity tray' and deflects this moisture back outwards.

Cavity Wall

Also known as: Twin wall, Double skin wall A wall comprising of two leafs of masonry, tied together with proprietary metal ties. Usually insulated for improved thermal performance.

Certificate Of Authenticity

Also known as: COA. The Certificate of Authenticity is provided to homeowners by Ultraframe, to prove they have an Ultraframe roof on their conservatory. Available for roofs manufactured by Ultraframe or from our fabricators.


Also known as: Twin Wall, Multi Wall. Ultraframe's unique twin wall, double skin, thermal glazing bar top cappings.


A cill can be made from PVC, stone or brick and is designed to 'throw' water flowing down a vertical surface away from masonry below.


Also known as: Victorian system. Classic is the original roofing system from Ultraframe, established over 20 years ago and still the market leader. Virtually any style of conservatory can be created with the Classic system; e.g. gable, Victorian, lean-to etc. Over one million Classic roofs have been installed throughout the UK.


Also known as: Joiner. A cleat is the metal part which is sleeved inside two adjoining parts.


Also known as: Clicklock technology. Ultraframe Clicklock technology refers to the unique boltless method of fixing glazing bars to the ridge and eaves beam. It has been designed and patented by Ultraframe.

Cloak Trim

Also known as: Gable end trim. A cloak trim is a cladding designed to 'cap off' the exposed edges of a lean to roof or gable fronted conservatory.

Co Extruded Gaskets

Also known as: Co-ex gaskets. A uPVC profile with a gasket already applied and attached to the extrusion.

Colour Bonding

Also known as: Colour coating, powder coating. Colour bonding is the process by which a conservatory is coated to produce a coloured finish that is not available with standard woodgrain foils such as red or blue.


Also known as: Versatile, flexible. A roof system is said to be configurable when the roof system can be designed to make the shape required.


Also known as: CONCAD, First Degree Systems (FDS). A configurator is a computer program the produces manufacturing information for bespoke conservatories; e.g. CONCAD, First Degree Systems, etc.


Also known as: Flashing. Unique to Ultraframe, Conservaflash is a pre-engineered PVC flashing system to seal the gap between the host wall and the starter bar. It has been developed as an alternative to lead, which is heavier to work with and more expensive.


Also known as: Performance glass. Conservaglass is the solar control glass product available from Ultraframe. It is especially engineered for use in conservatories in UK weather conditions. Conservaglass keeps heat from the sun out whilst retaining warmth from heating appliances in winter. Available in SB (subtle blue) or NC (neutral clear).


Also known as: Predominantly glass structure. A single storey, ground floor part of a domestic building, which is less than 30 square metres. It has not less than 3 quarters of its roof area and not less than half of its external wall area made from a translucent material.

Conservatory Association

Also known as: CA. The CA is the industry leading body, which is affiliated to the GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation).

Corner Posts

Also known as: Structural mullions. Corner posts are strengthened sections of profile used at the corners of the conservatory to provide lateral support for the roof and to transfer loads from the eaves beam to the base.


Also known as: Brick increments. The spacing between courses of brickwork


Also known as: By laws. Covenants can be imposed by Local Authority Planning Departments to restrict additions to properties, such as conservatories, especially to new houses.


Also known as: Ridge decoration. A cresting is a decorative moulding located on top of the ridge to add character to a conservatory. Ultraframe have a choice of 5 crestings and a 'non-decorative' option.

Cross Brace

Also known as: Tie rod, strut or plate. Cross brace is a structural term for a tie rod or additional support to a conservatory which is designed to prevent 'racking' (a type of movement).

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