Ultraroof380 Replacement

Ultraroof380 Replacement Roof


Ultraroof380’s lightweight tiled roofing system gives you the most advanced replacement roof available on the market today.

Ultraroof380 overcomes the twin issues of your conservatory being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Moreover, it creates a beautiful vaulted plastered ceiling inside - and on the outside a stunning lightweight tiled finish.



Features & Benefits



  • Choose from three tile colours to match or contrast those on your property – Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown or Terra Brick.
  • For those who want a solid roof but still want to retain an element of light within the room, the clever configurable technology in the UltraRoof380 allows the installation of multiple glass panels
  • Internally theUltraRoof380is second to none. Around the perimeter of the ceiling sits an internalpelmetwhich can be used to insert spotlights or speakers and at the apex of the roof you can choose to add a flat panel enabling you to insert down lights or hang pendant lights for main or mood lighting.



Hip Back Georgian


Roof Glazing and tile Upgrades

Tile Options - Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown or Terra Brick

Performance Glass – self cleaning / solar control

Ultra83B High Performance – the best UK roof glass