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Three Design Options for Your Bungalow Extension

8th May 2018

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Homeowners often think their bungalow extension design options are limited. In fact, when you choose Ultraframe, you’ll be able to build a room that meets your specifications in every way.

A bungalow extension will give you the extra space you need, while also improving the market appeal of your one storey home. It will also stop you incurring costs normally associated with moving.

Bungalow Extension Design Ideas

Find the inspiration you need for your home improvement project. Whether you want a conservatory, orangery or conventional house extension, we’ll be able to find a product that suits your design needs.

Glass Extension Ideas

Performance Glass Bungalow Extension

Our Performance Glass Extension can work with our Classic Roof – a system that is compatible with lean-to designs, meaning its pitch can be adjusted to suit one-storey dwellings. If you want to maximise thermal efficiency, our super-insulated columns are five times more effective at retaining heat than brick columns built to the same specifications.

Design Options

Fill Your Room with Light

Brightening your new room space is important because light creates a sense of space. The Classic Roof above will fully illuminate the space below it. Choose full height glazing if you want to further optimise light entry into your bungalow extension.

Classic or Contemporary

Your design choices won’t be restricted with our Performance Glass Extension. For a more traditional look, use masonry piers. If you want your bungalow extension to communicate contemporary appeal, choose super-insulated columns.

Renovate Your Roofline

Create outstanding sightlines that will bring your bungalow extension to life by using a decorative cornice to hide your guttering. The uninterrupted exterior of your new room will be a joy to look at and improve its market appeal.

Unclutter Your Interior

Make the most of your bungalow extension by limiting how much furniture you bring into your new space. By using chairs and tables around the periphery of your room, you’ll improve access – which is especially important if your design is to be open-plan.

Outdoor Entertaining

Our Performance Glass Extension supports the inclusion of bi-fold doors. These open fully to allow a wide entry point that will come into its own when you’re busy entertaining friends or family on a warm summer’s night.

Bi-fold doors will connect your bungalow extension to your garden. Make the most of this link by turning your patio into an outside dining area. Use pots and herbage to define the area and add some outdoor furniture.

Use a mixture of warm and bright colours inside, so that you can relax in comfort when it becomes too cold to eat outside. Include lighting outside to provide guests with a focal point when relaxing indoors.

Alternative Option:

Our Performance Glass Extension is also compatible with the Quantal Roof. This is made from aluminium and uses minimal bars to create even better sightlines.

Replacement Conservatory Roof

Ultraroof Extension

Create a bungalow extension like no other when you build your new room using this incredibly versatile roof system. Choose how light will enter your new room space by opting for Velux windows or full-height glazing.

The Ultraroof is a hybrid system that perfectly fuses the benefits of lightweight tiled conservatory and glass roofs to deliver a bright room space that never feels too enclosed and is always the perfect temperature.

Design Options

Open-Plan Bungalow Extension with Bi-Fold Doors

If you want to create a true extension – which means your home and room won’t be separated by doors – you’ll want to make the most of your open-plan design.

Bi-fold doors open to near threshold length. They create wide access points that work well with open-plan bungalow extensions where fluid threshold access is essential.

Traditional and Modern Exterior Design Options

The outside of your bungalow extension could feature brick piers or super-insulated columns, depending on the type of look you want to communicate. Bear in mind that the latter of the two options will reward you with thermal efficiency levels five times higher than a masonry column of the same dimensions.

Use Furniture Internally and Externally

Create two distinct spaces that work together at the same time. Use a contrast of bright and dark colours inside with soft furnishings. Outside, wrought iron tables and chairs could be used to create an area for entertaining.

Designate your new entertaining area by building a short wall around its perimeter, or by using pots or herbage to suggest a boundary. Match the colour of your paving with the flooring in your extension to suggest unity.

When it's too cold to stay outside, guests will be able to retreat inside your bungalow extension for drinks and conversation.

Use Outdoor Lighting

Once you’ve retired inside and the sun has gone down, your garden will be barely visible. By including spotlights or other forms of illumination outside, you’ll be able to create beautiful views – whatever time of day it might be.

Alternative Option:

Our Livinroof is also a hybrid conservatory roof system. Glazing can be placed anywhere in its structure to direct light. Its glass can also be shaped according to individual specification.

Veranda Conservatory Ideas

Veranda Bungalow Extension

The Veranda uses the flexible framework of our Classic Roof as the basis for its design. Ideal for lean-to extensions, this system will give you an incredible amount of control regarding how you organise your space.

The Veranda system works with larger structures too. If you need to build a large bungalow extension, the structural goal post in your roof can work with spans up to 8.5m by 5.6m in width.

Create a Middle Space

The Veranda roof includes over sails that create a pocketed section sheltered from the weather. Turn this outside space into a relaxation area by adding wooden decking, chairs and a table. Use plants or decorative outdoor ornaments at the edges to frame the exterior of your bungalow extension.

Install Bi-Fold Doors

The pocketed space that sits under your Veranda’s over sails will act as a continuation of your bungalow extension if you add bi-fold doors into the design mix.

Your room could act as a lounge space, characterised by pale furnishings that contrasted with wooden flooring, not unlike your decking – instantly uniting the two spaces. Guests could collect food from your kitchen and eat it while enjoying unbroken views of the outside. Afterwards, they could mingle on the decking or in your garden.

Use Outside Lighting

Use spotlighting or lamps to turn your garden into an illuminated space that’s perfect for entertaining guests during warm summer evenings. During colder weather - or when you’ve retired indoors for drinks – your outside area will act as a wonderful focal point.

Use Our Scrapbook and VR Tool

As you find ideas for your bungalow extension, save them to your Scrapbook. You can then review them later or share the pictures with your approved Ultra Installer.

Our VR Tool enables visitors to our website to take an online tour of our conservatories, orangeries and extensions and explore the features of each in more detail.

Bungalow Extension FAQs

What Size Is a Bungalow Extension?

The size of a bungalow extension will vary. It depends on your specification. Roof systems like our Veranda can cope with wide spans, so your room can be large. Your dwelling must not take up more than 50% of the land surrounding your home - and you will need to consider any existing buildings (like greenhouses) when planning your design.

How Much Does a Bungalow Extension Cost?

The cost of your new room can be controlled by choosing an appropriate design specification. Glass is less expensive than brick, for example, so use more glazing in your design to keep costs down. Your approved Ultra Installer will be able to advise you further.

Do I Have to Replace My Entire Bungalow Extension?

It’s not always necessary to start again. It could be that your roof is failing, while your foundation and frames are sound. In such cases, we can offer a series of replacement systems to remedy the issue and reduce the cost of your home improvement project.

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