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3rd October 2014
What Home Improvements Can I Make for My House Extensions?

If you're researching house extensions, keep reading for essential guidance on the planning permission process.

12th September 2014
Ten Uses for Super Insulated Columns, A Different House Extension

Incorporate Ultraframe super insulated columns into the design of your house extension to open up a world of possibilities.

5th September 2014
Double Glazing: Keeping You Warm and Saving You Money

Choosing the right double glazing and combining it with a high-performing conservatory from Ultraframe will keep you warm.

8th August 2014
How to Measure a Conservatory Roof

Make sure your new conservatory roof is a perfect fit by planning ahead.

18th July 2014
Benefits of a Quantal Aluminium Conservatory

The Quantal aluminium conservatory stands as a cutting-edge, high performance home improvement solution.

11th July 2014
What Conservatory Colours Can I Choose?

Whether you're looking for something subtle or eye-catching, we'll have the right thing for you.

4th July 2014
Why Are House Extensions a Great Investment?

House extensions enable you to bring more space, style and comfort to your home.

20th June 2014
How is a Livinroof constructed?

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