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Garden Room Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

8th May 2018

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It's About the Inside and the Outside

If you’re looking for garden room extensions ideas, bear in mind that your spaces are connected. Your new room space will need to connect your home to your garden seamlessly, and vice versa.

Designing a garden room extension is easier than you’d first thought. Start with this simple question: ‘What am I going to use my new room for?’ From there you’ll be able to start creating some useful ideas.

Think Outside the Box

A glass box that is. Our garden room extensions can be designed to suit almost any purpose. Here are just a few ideas to whet your appetite and start you on your creative journey.

Contemporary Orangery Ideas

Open-Plan Kitchen

Garden room extensions work well as places to relax in. But they can also work very effectively when used as a linking point to connect your kitchen to your garden.

Divide Your Spaces

Use a kitchen counter, a table or sofa to separate your kitchen from your extension – but allow a wide enough gap for people to pass through so that access is easy.

Accessibility Matters

When selecting from our range of garden room extensions, look for a design that is compatible with bi-fold doors. That way you’ll further optimise access and create great views.

You could also:

  • Add a central lighting panel to create a stunning feature, then add spotlights and speakers - so you can cook or entertain with the right music playing in the background.
  • Link the outside and inside by using tiles and paving of the same colour.
  • Use potted plants outside to mark our your external entertaining area.
  • Paint your internal ceiling pelmet to match your existing schemes.

You could start by looking at:

A Contemporary Orangery like the one pictured above and which includes a lazed Ultrasky roof and is compatible with glass doors up to 6m in width. Add super-insulated columns to create a modern design and improve thermal efficiency.

Conservatory Prices

Extension with Courtyard

Fit a Quantal Aluminium Roof

Garden room extensions work just as well when space is limited. Create an impression of scale in your new room by fitting a Quantal aluminium roof, which will feature fewer bars and more glass.

Use Masonry and Glass

Traditional garden room extensions continue to be popular. Design yours by furnishing its lower perimeter with a dwarf wall and asking your approved Ultra Installer to fit uPVC double glazed seal units on top of it.

Create Your Courtyard

Directly outside your French doors create a small courtyard area. Use plants – or build a low-level wall – to create a perimeter area and form a boundary for your new outdoor area.

Connect the inside of your garden room extension with your courtyard by using flooring and tiling that are the same colour (or as close a match as possible) to blend your spaces.

You could also:

    • Use lighting externally to turn your courtyard into a space that can be used during the summer for entertaining. Add some wrought iron furniture to complete the traditional appearance of your new room.
    • Add super-insulated columns instead of brick, meaning you’d still retain that all-important traditional aesthetic, but benefit from thermal efficiency levels five times higher than a brick pier of the same dimensions.
    • Our garden room extensions can be built to your specification, and your Ultra Installer will be able to help you create your dream design.

You could start by looking at:

Our Classic Conservatory, pictured above, can can be built in a range of styles, including Georgian, Lean-to and Gable. Find out more about our conservatory garden room extensions by contacting us.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Reviews

Shape Your Glazing: Choose Livinroof

Garden room extensions don’t have to be fully glazed. Seclusion is achievable if you install our Livinroof because you can shape the glass however you like and place it anywhere in the roof’s structure.

Build French Doors into Your Design

Garden room extensions are appealing because they’re perfect for relaxing in when you want to shut out the world. At all other times, they can be used to connect your home to your garden.

French doors that fully open will give you the design flexibility needed to create a space that can be both private and public.

Stay Warm with Super-Insulated Columns

Our super-insulated columns look authoritative and create stunning sightlines. They’ll also reward you with a warmer room, because of their insulating properties – which are much higher than brick.

Complete your cinema room by:

  • Placing your widescreen TV in a prominent place – so that it becomes an integral feature
  • Making the most of your internally plastered ceiling by adding spotlights and speakers
  • Use curtains or blinds, so that you can make your new room private when required
  • Using a mixture of dark and light colours, so that your cinema is cosy but never too dark

You could start by looking at:

Our Livinroof extension (pictured above). But we offer other garden room extensions too. If you want to choose between full-height glazing or Velux windows, take a closer look at our Ultraroof. The Livinroof and Ultraroof are a popular choice for homeowners researching garden room extensions because they are also replacement systems. Why not take a look now?

Garden Room Extensions: FAQs

How Much Do Garden Room Extensions Cost?

Garden room extensions vary in cost. The more glazing you use, the less expensive your new room will be to build. If you are on a budget, glass garden room extensions might be the best place to start your research.

Can I Get Planning Permission for My Extension?

Getting planning permission for an extension, conservatory or orangery isn’t normally a problem, as structures like these are seen as permissible developments.

If you want to build an open-plan extension – in other words, you don’t want connecting doors – your design will need to meet the requirements of Building Regulations.

Your approved Ultra Installer will be able to answer any regulatory queries you have about garden room extensions.

Do Ultraframe Garden Room Extensions Come with a Warranty?

Our garden room extensions come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please check the level of cover that comes with your purchase by speaking to your chosen Ultra Installer.

Your Next Step

When you choose Ultraframe as your manufacturer, you’ll be able to choose from a range of market-leading garden room extensions. Our orangery and conservatory range can be fully-customised to suit your requirements entirely.

Feeling inspired? Use our Scrapbook to save images of designs you like and return to them later. You can also use our VR tool to look at our products without leaving your home.

Find Your Nearest Garden Room Extensions Installer

Our nationwide network of approved fitters has been assessed to ensure the quality of their work meets our high standards.

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