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Velux House Extensions: Ultraframe Takes a Closer Look

29th May 2018

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Velux Versus Ultraframe: We Compare

Velux Extensions recently hit the market. We thought we’d dig a little deeper for our customers, so we can help them understand how our house extension roof systems go one step further – making them a better long-term investment.

To provide you with some background, Velux Extensions are compatible with flat and pitched roofs. Depending on which product you choose, you could benefit from the following:

    • Choosing how many windows you want and in different sizes
    • Opt for the edge-to-edge glass to let in more light
    • Select a curved glass rooflight that burns off dirt

The above features aren’t limitless. But we thought it might be useful to show our installers – and the homeowners who buy our products – how we’ve developed systems that are more flexible than Velux Extensions and better optimised to let in more light.

The Importance of Light in an Extension

Our Livinroof is a solid conservatory roof system that combines panelling and glass. Homeowners can choose the shape of their glass and place it wherever they want, which means it can be used to create an interesting focal point.

Equally, our Livinroof presents a more flexible alternative to a Velux Extension. This solid roof system can accept full-height glazing to let in more light – and, if you have your heart set on a Velux window, these can also be fitted.

Alternatively, you can choose our:

  • Ultrasky Lantern. If you need a house extension with a flat roof, the Ultrasky Lantern will let in more light than a Velux Extension. It uses fewer bars to illuminate the space below it fully.
  • Ultrasky Roof. This tiled system uses a strong and thermally efficient ridge – so fewer bars are needed to provide support. Better views and more illumination is guaranteed with this roof.

Find out more about the Livinroof by watching our video. Why not contact your nearest Ultra Installer afterwards to find out more.

Multi-Functional Glass That Adds Value

Choose Ultraframe instead of fitting a Velux Extension and you’ll be able to enjoy more light – whichever product you choose. The high-performance glass used in each of our installations delivers a wider range of benefits too. Ask yourself whether a Velux Extension will reward you with:

  • A choice of coloured glass that will limit solar ray penetration by as much as 92% but keep the heat in when it's needed.
  • Reward you with a lower U-value, while contributing toward lower heating costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Why not take a closer look at our ever-popular Classic roof or Quantal aluminium roof, which is often used as the basis for our house extension designs. These extensively glazed roofs will fill your room with light and make them feel incredibly spacious.

The image below shows what can be achieved when you use our Quantal aluminium roof to build your extension. In this case, the French doors open outward to allow improved access and traditional colours have been used to ensure stylistic continuity.

Wider Spans Equates to Even More Light

Although our roof systems use fewer bars and more glass, we’ve designed our products to help homeowners further optimise light entry into their new room.

Our structural goalpost forms part of the Ultrasky Roof. It is concealed within the system and takes pressure on the doors, allowing for spans up to 8.5 x 5.6m.

Unlike a Velux Extension, our structural goalposts allow:

    • Super-insulated columns to be fitted, improving visual appeal and thermal performance
    • Bi-fold or patio doors to be fitted, allowing even more light into the new room

In the below picture, a white Ultrasky roof blends in with brickwork that matches the appearance of the customer's home. Bi-fold doors let in light and improve access into the room to create a space that's perfect for entertaining.

Minimalist Designs for Your House Extension

Ultraframe’s conservatory roofs have been designed to connect extensions to the outside while helping homeowners to make the most of the space they have available.

Our Quantal Roof is made from aluminium, for example, and exhibits slender frames that provide almost unbroken views of the sky and incredible illumination within.

Choose our Ultrasky Lantern if you want to improve on the light allowed by a Velux Extension. This slimline lantern can cope with wider spans to deliver even more light.

Watch our video to find out about our Ultrasky Lantern. For design ideas, or to find out more, contact an approved Ultra Installer in your area by using our search tool

Our Bespoke Approach

Our products allow Ultra Installers to create outstanding designs that respond in full to their customers’ requirements.

A Velux Extension won’t be compatible with our:

  • Super-insulated columns, which can be used to complete traditional and contemporary designs and provide thermal performance five times higher than a brick pier of the same size.
  • Insulated Pelmet, which comes as standard with many of our systems accepts speakers and spotlights – resulting in-house extension that’s like any other room in your home.
  • Decorative Cornice, which will hide guttering from view and produce better external sightlines. Our Cornice also comes in a curved form, and a choice of colours are available.
  • A Velux Extension won’t use NASA satellite data to tailor a roof to account for wind or snow loading in a specific postcode area. With Ultraframe, you get light and so much more.

Modern Conservatory Designs

A Better Way

Choose an Ultraframe product instead of a Velux Extension and:

  • You’ll only ever need to worry about one supplier and price for your house extension project
  • You’ll benefit from a roof system pre-manufactured to allow fast and convenient installation
  • You’ll benefit from market-leading technology designed to let in light and retain warmth Our systems have been built with installers and homeowners in mind.

Find a House Extension Installer Near You

Having discovered the benefits of choosing Ultraframe instead of fitting a Velux Extension, you’ll probably want to find an installer near you that can help. Please use our search tool to find an Ultra Installer in your area or contact us directly.

Use our VR tool to look inside our extensions range and click on hotspots to learn more about the unique features packed into every design. Save images of your favourite designs to an online Scrapbook, so you can return to them later.

Our Ultra Installer scheme has vetted our approved nationwide network of house extension installers. This assessment process has been independently reviewed and approved by Which? Trusted Traders for your peace of mind.

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