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Create the Space You Need with a Glass House Extension

15th January 2018

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An increasing number of homeowners are investing in glass house extensions for their home, keen to create extra living space and to add value to their property. If you’ve been thinking about extending your property, but don’t know where to start, we can help.

Many people assume that house extensions are the same as standard conservatories, but they have a number of distinct differences which make them the premier choice for homeowners looking to create more space. Let’s take a look at differences between the two.

Conservatory or House Extension?

Conservatory: Defining Characteristics

Despite many apparent similarities, extensions and conservatories have distinctive features that set them apart. Firstly, a conservatory is a property extension with glass walls and roof and available in an array of different styles and glazing options.

A conservatory is usually supported by dwarf walls. A structure such as this will often require building regulations approval before work can commence, which can slow down the installation process – this is, of course, frustrating for the customer.

House Extension: Recognisable Traits

How is a house extension different to a conservatory? This will depend on which Ultraframe product you buy and as follows.

Glass Performance Extension

One of the key benefits of this extension is that it can exclude interconnecting doors to deliver an open plan design without falling foul of building regulations. This means your extension will be fully integrated into your home.

In terms of comfort, your glass house extension will feature at least eight super insulated columns. These look stylish of course, but will also deliver levels of thermal efficiency five times higher than brick piers of the same size.

The inclusion of the Ultraframe central lighting panel – which is a central panel installed directly into the ridge of the extension’s roof – allows for the introduction of spotlights and speakers, creating a cosy room like feel everyone can enjoy.

Livinroof House Extension

Not all that long ago, you had to choose between a solid or glazed roof for your extension. This is no longer the case. Ultraframe’s revolutionary Livinroof is of hybridised design, allowing homeowners to combine the benefits of glass and solid systems. The glazed sections can be shaped and placed where needed, which means you’ll be able to direct where the light falls.

The super-insulated columns will guarantee comfort during those colder autumn and winter months, while also creating a wonderful façade that visitors will remark upon when viewing your house extension from the outside. A fluted or plane design is possible, and the columns can be large or small, depending on the design effect that you want to achieve.

Ultraroof House Extension

Like the Livinroof, the Ultraroof is solid and glazed. The key difference is that it’s compatible with Velux windows. You’ll benefit from plenty of light, but will never be too hot – thanks to the performance glass that’ll prevent most solar rays from penetrating.

The extension roof can be capped in traditional tile or aluminium, depending on the effect you want to achieve. A room like feel inside is automatically created by the internal ceiling pelmet, which can include dimmable spotlights and speakers as well.

Making the Right Choice

Conservatories and house extensions don’t just differ in design. They respond to the specific requirements of the customer in question. It would be misleading, therefore, to say that a conservatory is better than an extension (or vice versa).

Whether you choose a conservatory or extension, you’ll immediately create more space. A dining room, lounge or study are just some of the options available when you decide to create more space in your home instead of relocating somewhere bigger.

Throwing a third option into the mix, why not look at our range of orangeries? Although traditionally made from more brick and less glass, contemporary designs are possible too. The choice is yours entirely. Why not get in touch with us directly for advice?

Find Your Nearest Ultra Installer

To locate an Ultra Installer near you, use our free search tool. You’ll be able to contact your preferred fitter directly and ask them questions about Ultraframe’s range of extensions and conservatories for comparison purposes.

Ultraframe is a Which? Trusted Trader, which means we need to demonstrate exceptional levels of service and ensure our products are of the highest quality. It also means you can buy from us in confidence.

You can send a message directly to us if you want guidance first. Our experienced team will be able to run through the benefits of the products you’re interested in – including lantern roofs and replacement conservatory roofs.

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