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Conservatory Roofing Systems

Conservatory roof systems, whatever the supplier, often originate from one company. That's certainly true of Ultraframe conservatory roof systems. We're the UK market leader in conservatory roof systems and a lot of conservatory companies use our roof product.

There are two main reasons. At Ultraframe, our conservatory roof systems are an excellent standard and very well thought-out. This means offering many options for tackling difficult sites, where box gutters and other features are required. We also consistently come up with innovative solutions to design problems.

We were also one of the first to recognise the need for a proper conservatory roof system, especially for the PVCu market. So, as you shop around, you'll probably find at least one potential supplier using the Ultraframe roof system.


So what are the features that make Ultraframe conservatory roof systems so good?
The Victorian/hipped roof design incorporates 'trickle ventilation', a low-pitched roof system for lean-to roofs that works at 2.5 degrees, plus we have many box-gutter adapters. These allow our conservatory roof systems to be used on difficult sites.

You'll find our conservatory roof systems feature a wide range of different-styled finials, ridge-cresting and tie bars, too, so you can personalise your conservatory. There's also very detailed support material for conservatory installers and customers, such as an owner's manual for the conservatory roof.

We've developed a special 'mini-portal' system, too, allowing large-span conservatories to be built, and we have a specialist division for large enclosures such as pool enclosures.

When buying conservatory roof systems, you should ask if the roof system can accommodate 25mm polycarbonate and glass roofs, and ask about thermal insulation treatments, which retain warmth and reduce condensation. At Ultraframe, our conservatory roof systems do so.

We also recommend you don't opt for conservatory roof systems built from standard PVCu windowframe materials. That's because it's best to use a purpose-built roof system rather than windowframe system that might leak as your conservatory ages. We find that thermally clad aluminium is still the best choice for conservatory roof systems.

Other questions you might want to ask about conservatory roof systems are: do you supply guttering to complement the roof? And does the guarantee on the roof run for the same time as the rest of the conservatory?


Quote BeginThis is the reason why I replaced
the old conservatory...
...and here’s the corresponding picture
of the new one. Note that it grew!
I wanted a room which was as much as possible like an extension but fell within the conservatory planning regulations. The planners forced me to apply for new planning consent so I took advantage of this and increased the size of my conservatory. Building work was carried out by direct labour. The slab, footings and walls all comply with building regulations. The roof, doors and windows were supplied and fitted by Sure Systems of Norwich who partially sub-contracted to Taverham Conservatories. The internal space is extremely pleasant and I'm very pleased with it. Overall the project is a complete success and cost less than £8,000.    Testimonial End Anonymous